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Flower farm Louky květ: „Forget about template made bouquets!“

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01.May 2019
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Louky květ

Just a little outside Prague, you will find a luxurious flower farm called Louky květ, which belongs to Karolína and František Háb, who grow all the flowers from seeds. Here, the loving care of the "garden artists" gives life to long-forgotten species as well as rare flowers that cannot be found at a regular florist’s. Louky květ is symbolized by the never-dying charm of the ancient horticultural craft, which couldn't exist without a fair amount of sweat and hard physical work.

We succumbed to their floral magic and interviewed one of the growers, Tereza, in connection with May Day.

Are there any plants that begin to bloom directly on May 1?

Nature is unpredictable and everything depends on the weather. What bloomed one year at the beginning of May can be completely different the next year. At our farm we can look forward to buttercups, which are now very popular because of their abundant blossom that resembles a peony.

What do you connect May Day with?

For us, May Day has a major connection with the beginning of the season at our farm. It is a time when we’re all impatient for the cycle to start again. Otherwise we naturally like the whole May 1 cliché - cherry blossoms, kissing and, of course, historically the Labor Day."

Which spring flowers or luxury decorations do you recommend for interior?

“We can definitely vouch for buttercups, tulips and various budding branches of (not only) fruit trees - we love those! But our main tip is: forget about template made bouquets. "

Byt s výhledem na Prahu - Karlín - 308m
Byt s výhledem na Prahu - Karlín - 308m, Praha 8

If we couldn’t find a cherry tree, which blossoming tree would you recommend to kiss under?

“Lilac, which we also grow, by the way. Most of all, the scent is intoxicating! We can't get enough of it... "

What is the most luxurious flower that can be found on your “meadow”?

“Definitely peonies and later, in the summer, dahlias (specifically Café Au Lait). When you take a look at the fields and see the blooming splendour, the only thing you’ll have to say is "wow”."

Fill your interior with the fresh scent of spring flowers! You can find a few specimen from the Louky květ flower farm in our gallery.

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Louky květ
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