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Luxury buildings with gigantic budgets

The five most expensive buildings in the world: Get dazzled by their splendor!

11.Aug 2019
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Resorts World Sentosa

Budgets usually do not play a big role in the construction of the world's most expensive buildings; their main aim is to impress. Most of them are luxury hotels whose design and construction cost tens of billions. In 2017, however, Apple's new headquarters was completed and it immediately ranked third.

1. Abraj Al Bait, Mekka Mecca

The mega-complex of several skyscrapers is located right in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Its tallest tower measures 601 meters, making it the third tallest building in the world. It is a giant hotel with an area of ​​over 1.5 million square meters and a capacity of over 100 thousand people. Its construction was underway for five years and reached completion in 2012, having cost a total of 345 billion crowns.

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Komplex Abraj Al Bait
Komplex Abraj Al BaitSource: Makkah Clock Royal Tower, A Fairmont Hotel

2. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

For $ 126 billion, a luxury hotel with a breathtaking rooftop pool overlooking the city was built in Singapore. The hotel has 2561 rooms and is home to several fashion boutiques, such as Louis Vuitton. The building was designed by Israeli architect Moshe Safdie, who, according to his words, was inspired by playing cards and invited Feng Shui consultants to Chinese teaching.

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Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay SandsSource: Marina Bay Sands

Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2
Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2, Okolí Prahy

3. Apple Park, San Francisco

It can accommodate 12,000 people, its roofs are covered with solar panels and it looks like a flying saucer or a stadium shrouded in greenery from above. We are talking about Apple's new headquarters, which were completed in 2017 and spread over an area of ​​260,000 square meters. Apple paid almost 115 billion crowns for the construction of the complex.

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Sídlo společnosti Apple
Sídlo společnosti AppleSource: Reprofoto: Youtube Drone World

4. Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

Another megalomaniac building from Singapore, this time a complex with a hotel, a casino and an amusement park. Included is also the world's largest oceanarium with more than 100 thousand animals. The construction was completed in 2009 and cost more than 113 billion crowns.

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Resorts World Sentosa
Resorts World SentosaSource: Resorts World Sentosa

5. Wynn Palace, Las Vegas

This 2016 hotel located Las Vegas was koncked off the top rank by the famous Emirates Palace hotel complex in Abu Dhabi. Its construction cost 96 billion crowns, which is quite stunning for the US standards, with about a third having gone into equipment. The hotel has won countless awards for luxury and hospitality, which is also reflected in the prices - for a night in a standard room, you'll spend at least CZK 5,000.

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Luxusní hotel Wynn
Luxusní hotel WynnSource: The Wynn

Bonus: Experimental reactor, Cadarache

It is also interesting to mention the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), which is currently being built in Cadarache, France. It is the most expensive international scientific project worth 463 billion crowns, supported by the EU, the US and other countries. The construction should be completed in 2025.

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Chystaný mezinárodní reaktor
Chystaný mezinárodní reaktorSource: ITER

The values ​​of buildings have been converted according to the current CNB exchange rate.

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