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How would you like to live upside down?

Five bizarre houses around the world: A pineapple, a shoe or an upside-down building - pretty crazy, right?

Mgr. Jana Höger
19.Jul 2020
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Stavba otočená vzhůru

Looking at an architectural structure, one often feels dizzy and begins to wonder whether the author was entirely serious or whether his intention was to play with our imagination. We will present you five incredible buildings you won't be able to wrap your brain around. Will you shake your head in disbelief upon seeing these buildings, or will you give their authors a thumbs up for creativity?

1. Fruit lovers, look here!

You probably haven't even dreamt of building or purchasing a dream house in the shape of your favorite fruit, have you? Bathurst in South Africa is home to the world's largest habitable pineapple. It reaches a height of 17 meters, has three floors and is made of metal and laminate. When standing at the highest point of the building, a breathtaking view of the landscape stretches in front of you.

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Dům ve tvaru ananasu v Africe
Dům ve tvaru ananasu v AfriceSource:

Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4

2. Sea cliff as a cozy refuge

Another remarkable rarity is a house that looks like it was created by the sea itself. The unique apartment building, nicknamed "stone quarry" ("La Pedrera" in Catalan), is located in Barcelona. It was created by the renowned architect Antonio Gaudí, who is also the man behind the construction of the world-famous tabernacle Sagrada Família. On the roof, you can see giant statues of knights. You may not want to believe us, but you won't find a single straight line in the house.

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Casa Mila od Antonia Gaudího
Casa Mila od Antonia GaudíhoSource:

3. A boat in the middle of the street

Nothing is impossible in Asia - specifically in Hong Kong. One might expect to find a multitude of things on a street, but a boat? Definitely not! This curiosity that is part of the Whampoa shopping center goes beyond a logical explanation. Yes, it really is a life-sized, realistic boat. The building in the shape of a luxury cruise ship spans over a length of 360 meters and houses more than 300 shops. Shopping here must be an awesome experience!

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Loď v Hongkongu ukrývá nákupní centrum
Loď v Hongkongu ukrývá nákupní centrumSource:

4. Wild wild west, or living in a cowboy boot

Did you know one can live in a shoe? This bizzare living can be found in Texas. It has an area of ​​66 square meters and offers all the things necessary for life. Two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, even a terrace on top of the shoe, where you can enjoy amazing relax. The interior will surprise you with specially designed mosaic granite floors and an atypically shaped red staircase. Anyone, including you, can rent this very unusual house for 1,200 USD (28,000 crowns) per month.

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Dům, který vypadá jako kovbojská bota
Dům, který vypadá jako kovbojská botaSource:

5. A house that denies the laws of physics

Everything is turned upside down here. This quirky house is located near our borders, more specifically in a German village called Wertheim. Just try to imagine: the furniture and other equipment is hanging above your head, while the ceiling is actually the floor. It's quite likely you might have to fight off dizziness. The house serves as an attraction and you can visit it for 170 crowns. The family ticket costs a little under 400 crowns.

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Dům vzhůru nohama
Dům vzhůru nohamaSource:

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