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It cannot be denied: Ads at that time had taste, a great deal of humour, and an attempt at originality, but often naive subtext. We bring you some of the First Republic premium ads, which mottos had been very popular.

First Republic Ads for Ladies. Would You Still Be Impressed Today?

Mgr. Jana Höger
26.Oct 2018
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First republik ads - Elida

What ads found rich ladies attractive?

You might be surprised that women of the time were striving for a slim figure and were able to do everything for it. Anobesin, promising losing weight without a diet using hormonal preparations, should have the wanted effect. Weight loss without dieting was the dream of the female population at that time. It was enough to read: "Poor Ann, she has gained weight again!" and the crowd in pharmacies had to be considerable.

Are you expecting guests? You can rely on us!

Your preparation will be a joy with our linen table cloth. It is a testimony of a well-guided household and decorates your desk, there is no doubt!

A classy shampoo for true ladies

If you wanted to have beautiful hair, you simply had to buy Elida shampoo, as could be seen in a printed ad. The ad was proudly built on the fact that not only a working woman, but woman in household, with all the spills of food, dust, dirt, home duties, should have perfect hair. This shampoo was in two versions, both for light hair and for dark hair.

Baking is a pleasure with Sana

A beautiful slogan has been used to promote Sana's margarine. As soon as we got out of the egg, this was what hen told us: "We do not know a bigger delicacy than bun with the yolks and Sana ". Baking with Sana must have been a pleasure.

Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2
Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2, Okolí Prahy

Ads adding luxury to places

Ads back then, just like today, were really ubiquitous. Some of them were created by hand, by drawing, printing, but the use of photography, photomontage, or a combination of artwork and photographs was not an exception. The ads were well-founded. Not only were they to attract to the product but it was a kind of culture, of presentation of the company.

Whether it was advertisements or periodicals, or posters in public places, they always had their luxury level. It is obvious that posters, billboards, shop windows, house shields, or showcases were connected with urban architecture, and advertising belonged to this architecture. They almost always matched the facades of houses, buildings, or places they were in, which cannot be said of today's ads.

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