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I visited the festival Veggie Christmas where I have absorbed some creative inspiration for presents, bought healthy Christmas cookies and found out more about the way how to liven up the quality of life and be so-called zero waste.

First-hand experience of Veggie Christmas! With raw, eco and zero waste in the leading roles.

Mgr. Jana Höger
18.Dec 2018
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Veggie Christmas

There was a Veggie Festival held in Galerie Mánes on 8th December. My expectations were simple: to find beautiful presents for my loved ones in the style of veggie, raw or eco, and of course to taste the best from the vegan gastronomy that has been developing amazingly fast. Everything in one place. I’m bringing you luxurious tips that caught my interest.

1. “We don’t eat animals“

That’s the slogan, project and brand of the two young enthusiasts for vegan eating. Michaela and Lukáš Vincour are active fighters for animal rights, try to protect animals and save the natural world. You can buy chic T-shirts, tote bags, books, mugs, badges and much more with the logo, hashtag or a funny picture. You will definitely like them!

2. Piňatex or what everything can be used for creating a product. Does it have anything to do with pineapple?

The name Piňatex caught my attention when I was walking past a stall with vegan mineral water in my hand, wishing I was holding a Piña Colada instead. Because of the name, I immediately got incredible cravings for it. “Does Piňatex have anything to do with pineapple?” I asked the woman urgently. After a while of explaining, I found out it was a specially manufactured natural material made out of pineapple leaves, which designers fell in love with. At the stall, there were sold products for dogs made out of Piňatex under the brand of FunkyDog. You could choose from an infinite amount of leashes, collars and other dog products. I was totally charmed by a bow tie for dogs!

3. A luxurious natural toothbrush Siwak, used also by Lucie Bílá

When you hear the brand name Siwak, imagine 100% natural toothbrush full of vitamins and minerals. It should whiten, protect the teeth and gums. You can practically take it out anywhere and start brushing your teeth.  It is an interesting-looking piece of wood and it is a root of the Salvadora persica tree. How does it work? Simply said, you bite off a piece and then you just chew it and that’s it, done. Our Slavík winner loves it. Is it a miracle? I’ll leave that up to you and your experience. 

4. When you don’t know, what to make someone happy with - a soap is always a good choice.

Soaps are an amazing choice for a gift, especially when it comes to vegan soaps Savon de Lisoleil (soaps from Lisoleil), which are unique for their design and luxurious ingredients. They have original packaging and are manufactured only in small limited series. The soaps are coloured with mineral pigments and oxides.

Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město
Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město, Praha 1

5. Purely female matters - Biosophy

It made me happy to see some organic-vegan cosmetics. You will love it here, they offer broad range of products for skin care, body, hair, and decorative cosmetics.

6. Erebos will properly excite not only men

Luxurious Erebos is a purely herbal stimulating drink. It is made by infusing 19 herbs and spices. It is beneficial to the brain and muscles, provides immediate energy. Are you curious whether I had tasted it? Unfortunately, I’ll have to disappoint you; I’ve held too much respect for it. I was energized more than enough…

7. If you taste Bio dishes, you won’t want anything else

And now seriously, you will really be able to take a bite. The creators of the Bio dishes brand actually wish you to eat it after you use them. Here the proverb “What you cook, you will eat.” is definitely true. Literally. Single-use dishes are made out of wheat middlings, but here’s a little warning: the forks from the Bio dishes are not edible!

8. A little treat before the end - heavenly cakes

Vegan cakes, luxuriously decorated, really do melt on the tongue and are heavenly. You have to try them!

There is no one globally guaranteed recipe for perfection in connection to Christmas. Everyone likes something else. However, believe me that this healthy lifestyle can be a pleasant challenge and a nice change, even if you were to take on just a little part of it.

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