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The first Czech house from a 3D printer has been erected in Prague

The first Czech house from a 3D printer has been erected in Prague! We invite you for a tour

Karolína Lišková
18.Aug 2020
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The Protozoa looks like an organic cell and is currently "anchored" at Střelecký Island. It is the first Czech house printed using 3D printing technology. Its author is the artist Michal Trpák, who likes to call the house a residential sculpture. He seriously pimped up his first work, adding a variety of the most luxurious and modern elements of today's living. The estimated price of the forty-three-square meter residence is about five million crowns.

The house is decomposable, transportable, collapsible and capable of floating. It weighs 30 tons and measures 13 meters in length. It took 32 hours to print and 15 tons of material went into making it. The building was transported to Střelecký ostrov all the way from České Budějovice, where it had been made.

The shelves are made of ancient oak

The Protozoa is very interesting from the outside as well as from the inside. In addition to printed concrete walls, it also boasts a unique interior. The modern furniture has made to measure from quality materials, and the house is literally loaded with smart technologies. You can control the whole home system through your phone.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 176m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 176m, Praha 9

Those who love all things beautiful will certainly admire details such as the shelves above the kitchen counter. They are made of six thousand years old oak wood from Moravia.

"The house is full of various perks, we paid attention to the smallest details. For me as an artist, it's a work of art,"

the sculptor and author of the Protozoan design Michal Trpák says with pride in his voice.

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Kuchyňský kout.
Kuchyňský kout.Source: archivína Lišková

The bathroom features a titanium powder faucet, which was also printed on a 3D printer. There is a recirculating shower, too, which saves up to 90 percent water. It's even able to recognize when you happen to pee in the shower and instead of automatically recycling the water, it sends it down the drain. Waste water from the bathroom is used for watering. The glass screen is made of recycled shards.

In the central part there is a solid table made of tropical wood. Underfloor heating keeps the entire house warm.

According to the author, this house was expensive because it's packed with all available luxury. In the future, the authors would like to set the price at around four to five million apiece.

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Prvok pluje na Vltavě.
Prvok pluje na Vltavě.Source: archivína Lišková

The house was printed by a robot

“It is unique not only in technology and form, but especially in the materials used and in its green roof. The principles of upcycling have led us to using recycled wood. We are also testing a special recycled concrete,"

said Trpák. The house is designed to last at least a hundred years in any environment.

The building was printed with a robotic arm, through which special material flowed directly to the place of destination. The robot was printing at a speed of 15 centimeters per second, which is 2% of maximum power; higher power was limited by the speed of delivery of the mixture. The robot itself is a new Czech invention from the workshop of Trpák's initiative Scoolpt. The thermal insulation of the house is ensured through the construction of the walls. These are double; a concrete shell protects both the outside and the inside of the house. The space between these walls is filled with thermal insulation.

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Tisk trval 32 hodin.
Tisk trval 32 hodin. Source: archiv Prvok od Buřinky/Kateřina Nováková

You can come to see the Protozoa at Prague's Střelecký Island, where it will be on display for about two months. After that, it should be available for rent.

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