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It's good to think about where we invest our money

Financial nervousness in uncertain times: Where to invest money and get profit

David Budai
25.Aug 2020
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The second wave of the pandemic lurks around the corner, politics is full of explosive affairs, central banks are responding with their own measures and nature is showing us its strength. These are indeed uncertain times for anyone investing in the financial markets; not just stocks are constantly "bouncing" up and down. Let's think about where to invest and gain profit now.

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These times favor profiteers, but it can also bury them. The values ​​of stocks and commodities are unstable and everybody who has money in them needs a lots of guts. However, uncertain times also open up new investment opportunities that many of us otherwise wouldn't have thought about. So where to invest a few million?

1. Gold

A pandemic, the situation in Beirut or the current events in Belarus... Nothing impacted gold. Gold's proving to be an investment that pays off as a so-called cast-iron guarantee. When financial markets fall, gold usually rises. In the context of historical development, it is likely to keep rising in the coming months and years, the only question is how significantly. However, this investment should guarantee profit.

For predators: If you've got enough balls, you can try to invest in the so-called gold drop. Some investors already have, and are now waiting to see if it makes them rich, or sends them to financial hell.

2. Real estate in Prague

Prices of flats, houses and land in the Czech Republic continue to rise, despite the pandemic situation and various prognosis promising that the market and prices will fall. According to an international comparison by Eurostat, the Czech Republic is even one of the European countries, where prices are rising the fastest, and have beem doing so continuously for several years. Real estate prices in Prague are doing particularly well in this respect, and we can assume that the second wave of the pandemic won't change that. On the contrary, one can earn a decent amount of money on this in the long run.

For predators: Buying a couple of properties in the center of Prague can be a hit. Although the situation may be complicated by the coronavirus (mainly due to tourism restrictions), taking a risk can pay off here more than anywhere else.

3. Islands

The times we live in are strange indeed, seeing as there is a growing interest in private islands and various secluded properties. The current pandemic situation may improve, but it cannot be ruled out that we will be impacted by other diseases in the future, even more aggressive ones. After all, not only Bill Gates or the world-famous historian Juval Noach Harari predict that a global pandemic can bring humanity to the brink of extinction. Obviously, as the situation deteriorates, more and more people will be interested in places where they can self isolate. And you could make money on that.

For predators: The so-called energy islands, which should produce ecological energy - for example in wind farms - might become a new trend. Denmark is one of the countries where similar projects are already in the works. Any investment in islands in the North (or in building them), may prove very far-sighted.

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