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Ready-to-wear collection Resort 2021

Finally something wearable! Carolina Herrera will fulfill all your dreams

Marie Ševčíková
19.Aug 2020
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Žena v květovaných šatech na louce

Everything you expect from an elegant collection with a fair dose of temperament is combined in the Carolina Herrera Resort 2021 collection. Whether you've spent ages looking for something that would fit the bill of this style, or it already belongs to your favorites, you should take a moment to check out the gems from the New York studio.

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Marie Ševčíková
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Anděla Vostrá
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Názor PROTI PROUDU: Marie Ševčíková


I know, you probably expected me to write more. But this was the only thing that that popped up on my mind when I looked at the new Resort 2021 collection by Carolina Herrera for the first time. Okay, let me start again.

Carolina Herrera and her fashion career reflect a lifestyle that fits New York's Upper East Side full of luxury and refined elegance. Simple cuts, distinctive waist, emphasis on feminine beauty, but always in line with the pontoon. No wonder many American first ladies wore her collections, including Laura Bush and Michelle Obama. The distinguished Venezuelan used the combination of basic elements (such as white shirts), vibrant colors and interesting patterns to create intriguing models. At the same time, Carolina Herrera never forget to highlight the charm of the female figure. Women look really great in her models.

Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

Wes Gordon, the brand's creative director since 2018, who designed the Resort 2021 pre-season collection, returns to this legacy. At the same time, however, he transfers elegance and charm to everyday clothes, not reserved only for privileged New Yorkers. And he did an amazing job. Come and see for yourselves:

Dresses that underline the elegant silhouette

If we should name one feature that's characteristic for Herrera, it would be an emphasis on femininity and graceful female curves. This collection is no exception. I can't forget to mention the interesting cuts of the dresses, skirts and jumpsuits in navy blue, which can easily be combined with many different types of accessories. Personally, I really love universal pieces. However, the absolute TOP in this category, at least in my opinion, is a little black dress in the style of Audrey Hepburn. Its attributes meet good decorum, but the sensual neckline shows that even midi dresses with long sleeves can be very sexy. And how else to celebrate the beauty of the female figure? For a special occasion, definitely by wearing one of these gorgeous long dresses. Remember when Cinderella entered the hall where the ball was held? That's exactly how it must feel like to wear one of these luxury dresses...

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Žena v modrých šatech s knoflíky
Žena v modrých šatech s knoflíkySource:

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Žena v modrém overalu
Žena v modrém overaluSource:

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Oranžový oversize svetr a modrá sukně
Oranžový oversize svetr a modrá sukněSource:

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Žena v černých midi šatech
Žena v černých midi šatechSource:

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Žena v dlouhých květovaných šatech
Žena v dlouhých květovaných šatechSource:

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Žena v oranžových tylových šatech
Žena v oranžových tylových šatechSource:

You can't have too many polka dots

Do you like polka dots? If you do, you'll be thrilled about these models. Again, the black and white color combination leaves space for interesting accessories of different colors, which can be alternated according to your mood. What's more, the waste range of cuts guarantees that women of all shapes and sizes can choose their dream outfit. Polka dots are also a good choice if you want to cover up some of your apparent imperfections. So which model do you like the most? I give my vote right to the first one, the short ruffled cocktail dress!

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Žena v puntíkovaných šatech s volány
Žena v puntíkovaných šatech s volánySource:

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Žena v puntíkovaných šatech
Žena v puntíkovaných šatechSource:

Don't be afraid of combining colors and patterns

The orange jumpsuit with distinctive flowers will definitely attract the attention of every passer-by! No need to be afraid. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, this combination of patterns and vibrant colors is a must! Also worth noting is the canary-yellow midi dress with bare shoulders, which totally pops. And you know what, why not pair it with orange pumps? But if you think combining orange and yellow is a little too much, check out the combination of luxurious jacquard with timeless royal blue. So? Is this what you were looking for?

Bottom Line? Carolina Herrera is a synonym of elegance and sophistication. And this collection unequivocally and confidently proved it. Don't forget to look at other combinations in the gallery at the bottom of this article.

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Žena v oranžovém květovaném overalu
Žena v oranžovém květovaném overaluSource:

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Žena ve žlutých midi šatech
Žena ve žlutých midi šatechSource:

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Žena v modré květované sukni a halence
Žena v modré květované sukni a halenceSource:

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Žena v modrých květovaných šatech
Žena v modrých květovaných šatechSource:

Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

Marie Ševčíková

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Anděla Vostrá

Remember that less is sometimes more

Carolina Herrera is a beautiful classy lady, whose fashion is renowned among sophisticated ladies who walk and sit straight like a board and never say a foul word, even if the situation was asking for it. It would be hard to find something negative to say about her collection, because she's been in business for 35 years and knows very well what she's doing. But sometimes, she too gives in to the pressure of the time we live in, as a result of which a couple of models in her collection are, in my opinion, unwearable by the common person...

A perfectly ripe orange

As has well been said, you don't want too much of a good thing. Less is sometimes more... or something. This is doubly true of this gown. Too much orange and too much fabric. A woman as tiny as me would get totally lost in all the layers. And when I imagine the model on a slightly overweight lady, I feel like having a glass of fresh orange juice. Simply put - clothes are supposed to make a man and not the other way around. Others should be admiring me, looking great in my new dress, not searching for me in the folds of the outfit with a magnifying glass, while suffering hallucinations caused by a sensory overload from all the orange.

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Žena v dlouhých mandarinkových tylových šatech
Žena v dlouhých mandarinkových tylových šatechSource:

Just like Tina Turner

The eighties were a fun decade, nobody's trying to deny that. Those who have experienced them still feel the aftertaste of envy when thinking of their then neighbor who kept flaunting new models from Tuzex that the rest of us could only have dreamt about. But in my opinion, not even Tina Turner bellowing The Best on top of her lungs, or Cher with her hit Believe, can make the metallic dress with square shoulders return from fashion hell. I bet they would also be pretty confused if such models began reappearing in clubs.

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Žena ve stříbrných šatech
Žena ve stříbrných šatechSource:

101 Dalmantines

Although my colleague Maruška claims that there can never be enough polka dots, I, on the contrary, think that even three polka dots are a crowd, and I don't like crowds. Remember Pretty Woman, when she wore that beautiful polka dot dress at a horse polo game? That was nice and retail chains seemed to have realized that recently; they're all offering something similar. The Carolina Herrera collection is proof of that. However, after looking at the photo for a while, my head hurts as much as back when I watched the film 101 Dalmantines as a child, where Cruella De Ville wanted a polka dot jacket sooo much... I'll take my leave with the same words I've used at the beginning of my little reflection on fashion: you don't want too much of a good thing.


All in all, I like the Resort 2021 collection and I'd choose at least two dresses.

Anděla Vostrá
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