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Fiery Love, Gratitude as Well as Unfaithfulness is Revealed by the Colour of the Gifted Rose!

Eva Ledecká
14.Feb 2018
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Red rose: fiery love

When you are in straits, say it with a song. And if you cannot sing, give her a flower, ideally a luxury rose. What does which colour mean?

Gentlemen, do you wish to say something private to the fairer sex but lack the courage? Say it with a grand gesture, by giving her a rose! Just choose the right colour. And you ladies, are you interested in what is your man trying to tell you with the colour of the gifted flower? Then read on ... 

Shades of red, pink and salmon

Red roses mean love. You are fortunate: if you receive these, the man loves you! Light pink symbolises kindness as well as charm. Such a rose tells you: "please believe me" or "thank you".

Even a rose of luxurious salmon colour brings good news. It means desire and excitement. Sharp pink is the colour of gratitude and recognition. It is therefore the correct one if the lady is given these for some achievement or assistance granted.

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Peach, orange, yellow

What exactly do roses of orange colour mean? Orange means energy, excitement. If a woman is given an orange rose, it is quite probable that the man is quite smitten and longs for her very much. It may also mean 'we have an agreement´ or ´I am really grateful´. Peach colour represents modesty and is suitable for various occasions. However, it does not proclaim fiery love or desire.

Yellow is more difficult. On the one hand it represents friendship and says 'welcome back´. But if you were given it by your partner, beware! It may also mean unfaithfulness! On the other, a yellow rose with a red border says "I fell in love with you...".

White and luxurious cream

A white rose represents a heart untouched by love, humility, purity and innocence. It is the colour of a new beginning and it is therefore the central colour of classic weddings. Roses of cream colour mean fascination and thoughtfulness.

And, finally, purple colour

Purple is a very unusual colour and is most often chosen by one who is enraptured, charmed by you and wants to show you his originality and exceptionality! Agree to the invitation made by this man. It will certainly be a luxurious, fun and exciting evening!

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