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Influencers at the festival

A festival from the point of view of influencers: films come in last

Jana Fikotová
06.Jul 2019
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Dominika Myslivcová s Aperolspriz

The involvement of people with major social network impact in communication projects is now an integral part of a PR manager work. Therefore, during the film festival, Karlovy Vary is filled not only with famous artists connected with films, but also with personalities connected with the Internet.

The luxury of Dominika Myslivcova

Dominika considers her view of the film festival in a way that you have to be a millionaire to afford to come. On the other hand, to show the world a piece of this tinsel is also not bad. Although this young girl built her image on her own pink naivety, she is very hardworking. To frequent luxury parties and look perfect is simply challenging, and for those of us who just dream about it, her festival Instagram is inspiring in a way.

Kovy calls for help

Young, likeable, smart and always smiling. This is Karel Kovář alias Kovy. In his view, Karlovy Vary is one nice adventure for young people. His main theme of the festival is good causes as well. He asks all the people for a few minutes to think about the sad reality of some monuments. Specifically, the swimming pool of the Thermal Hotel. There is a risk that the flawed and disrespectful reconstruction, which is shrouded in mystery, will cause even greater damage. According to him, it is necessary to publish information about the reconstruction of the monument.

Good-hearted Jitka Schneiderová

Every promotion is good promotion. But even here it is necessary to think carefully about who to address and who not to. Jitka Schneiderová, an actress, is an ideal link between the festival and the general public on the internet. She is not only an integral part of the annual luxury red carpet, but also an actress who can definitely sell her face. In addition, this year, she has become part of the festival as part of a charity and has raised almost half a million crowns for a good cause.

Byt s výhledem na Prahu - Karlín - 308m
Byt s výhledem na Prahu - Karlín - 308m, Praha 8

They have their place

Other influencers, such as Zorka Hejdová, Jitka Nováčková and Monika Bagárová, show their fans their own view of the International Film Festival, which is not much about films, but rather about projects that help good things, which is also great.

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