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Fendi is synonymous with luxury accessories. Give a gift which travels the world, or one which livens up your alive thanks to the first letter of the name of the person receiving it. And not only on those luxury fur charms which are already extremely popular today.

Fendi: charms which liven up your look

Eva Ledecká
14.Dec 2016
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Fendirumi on the way

Whatever Fendi comes up with, this brand is able to significantly enhance your wardrobe and accessories. We have an idea for the perfect gift for your friend, sister, daughter or any other important woman in your life. A woman who is fun and who loves the timelessness exuding from precisely these original and luxury accessories by Fendi.


The world is awash with Fendirumi

The ideal gift for the traveller and fun woman. The pink and blue luxury Fendi character Fendirumi has set out into the great wide world and could also find a place under your Christmas tree.

The pink Piro-Charm and blue Bug-Kun fur pendants are wonderfully playful, made from mink and exclusively hand-made in Italy.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m, Praha 9

Timeless Fendi accessories with letters

Large round luxury furry handbag charms have been fashionable for some time now and the Fendi brand offers them enhanced by a large letter which contrasts with the colour of the charm itself. You can hang your luxury ABCharm on a bag or handbag or use it as a luxury keyring.

But that is not the only accessory on which you will find letters. The unique leather Fendi iPhone covers in the ABCover collection represent luxurious and high-quality accessories which are riding a wave of uniqueness, fun and youth thanks to their furry letter.

Reference to a giant of the fashion world

Fendi also offers unique luxury pendants with reference to the gifted designer Karl who has collaborated with the Fendi brand on more than one occasion. You can purchase the Karlito Cover for your iPhone 6 plus with a caricature of this master of fashion and an originally designed bag charm. Both of these designs of course include luxury fur and high-quality leather.


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