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Allow yourself to be inspired by the luxurious interiors of Fendi Casa that are full of precision, style, timelessness and modern simplicity.

Fendi Casa: Exclusive housing!

Eva Ledecká
04.Jul 2017
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Luxury interiors Fendi Casa

The interiors of every room deserve perfection. Here with the Fendi Casa you will be able to conjure up a branch of the luxurious clothing collection, which will add a sense of fashion and uniqueness to your home, as well as to the luxury hotel premises and refined suites. 

Perfection in regard to details and materials

Fendi Casa is characterised by the use of modern elements in combination with retro details. All collections deliver the elegant and inviting atmosphere to each room, they are characterised by clear shapes and top materials such as premium leather and precious fabrics. Surprising contrasts work with time and energy.

With Fendi Casa’s furnishings kitchens and dining rooms change into the stylish and maximally functional heart of all homes. Bedrooms lure you with sophistication and perfect serenity radiating from sophisticated details.

Rodinný dům na pronájem, Praha 4 - 359m
Rodinný dům na pronájem, Praha 4 - 359m, Praha 4

Land as from the magazine

Like with a magic wand, your outdoor spaces can be transformed into the exclusive gardens that you see in photos of the most exotic world destinations. Fendi Casa uses surrounding nature to inspire and to achieve a high degree of creativity combined with comfort.

Fendi Casa Hotel and luxury projects from all around the world

The fact that this is a premium furniture and interior design is supported by the projects under which the Fendi Casa brand is signed. These include Setai in New York City - a sophisticated 5th Avenue project, Lady Lara Benetti luxury yacht or the Principe di Savoia Hotel in Milan.

In the heart of Rome, you can stay in the luxurious private Fendi Casa apartments, which are within easy reach of the Trevi Fountain and within walking distance of the Pantheon, the Vatican and the Piazza Navona. On the ground floor of this beautiful building you will find the Fendi Boutique, while the first floor hosts Palazzo, which is designed for very special Fendi guests. The Fendi Hotel is on the 3rd floor while the top floor is occupied by the luxurious Zuma Restaurant which offers Japanese cuisine.

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