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How does Karlos Vémola enjoy the role of a father?

A fearsome wrestler, but also a loving dad! Karlos Vémola is already driving suitors away!

Nela Štefanová
21.Jun 2020
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When it comes to Mother's Day, pretty much everyone remembers the exact date when it's celebrated. But we're nowhere nearly as familiar with Father's Day in our country yet. And that's a pity. Dads play an extremely important role in children's lives. It is beautiful to see how fathers around the world love their sons and daughters, support them, motivate them and set boundaries for them throughout their lives. Fighter Karlos "Terminator" Vémola could tell you all about it. This Czech wrestler, who inspires respect at first sight, is the father of three children. Karlos revealed for how he feels in the role of a father and what he is most afraid of when it comes to parenting!

Šťastná rodinka pohromadě

You really wouldn't want to piss off the MMA wrestler Karlos Vémola. When he enters a room, he naturally inspires respect - and no wonder. But when he's not training, preparing for a match or trying to beat the crap out of his opponent, he is a loving and caring father. Of three children! From previous relationships, she has a son, Karlos Junior, and a thirteen-year-old daughter Sky. Currently, he is overjoyed about his third and youngest offspring, daughter Lili.

"My daughter is growing like weeds and I must say that she's a good kid so far, just like her daddy. I'm happy to have her,"

Carlos spoke about his feelings. The fighter enjoys Lili to the fullest, and if you look at the photos he posts on his social networks, you'll find that he's a really proud father.

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Karlos si svou dceru opravdu užívá
Karlos si svou dceru opravdu užívá Source: instagram karlos_terminator_vemola

Karel's daughter Lili, whom Karlos has with his partner Lela Ceterová, shares her mother's beauty. It's already obvious from her pics that Karlos will soon have to start driving suitors away from their house, just as he does now with his thirteen-year-old daughter.

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Source: instagram karlos_terminator_vemola

"With Lilinka, there is still time for suitors, but in case of my eldest daughter, this situation does bother me a bit. I admit that I watch her more carefully now. But I think that when Lili gets older, not many boys will dare to come to our house. The knowledge that it's going to be me - the dreaded pitbull, shark and crocodile - opening the door will certainly discourage them,"

Karlos told us with a smile. The wrestler also admitted that for him, gallant behavior will play a big role in whether or not he approves of his daughters' future boyfriend.

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Source: instagram karlos_terminator_vemola

And how will Karlos spend the summer of 2020?

"I'll definitely be training a lot. I have a match with Baba Jaga in September to prepare for. But now I'm mainly looking forward to seeing my two children after a long time; they'll come back from London. I hope that everything will go well and that they'll enjoy a wonderful summer holiday together with Lilinka ,"

the wrestler concluded.

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