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The actress speaks about her private life, work and friends at 3 in 1.

Fast confession - Veronika Arichteva: 3 in 1 takes a break

Jana Fikotová
22.Jan 2018
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It was a fateful encounter for actress Veronika Arichteva and her husband, but children are not on the agenda. Veronika is practicing by taking care of a dog and acting as a good aunt, visiting the child of her friend Nikol Štíbrová. 

What phase are you in right now? In mean in your work and private life?

I have to admit that it is a happy period and I feel satisfied. I have a lot of work, sometimes I complain that I can’t manage, but I am really grateful for it.

Cooperating with your husband. Isn’t it complicated in some ways, when you film and live together?

We’ve got used to each other. The first filming of the First Republic series was complicated. Tuning into each other, clarifying our positions, it took some time.

Luxusní byt 4+kk s terasou na prodej, Praha
Luxusní byt 4+kk s terasou na prodej, Praha, Praha 5

Were there ever arguments on set?

Well, you could say so. I was cheeky, we often discussed the role and sometimes there were even arguments. He was also a lot stricter with me than with other actresses. I would never take those liberties with a different director, nor would he with a different actress. Over time, things settled down and now it’s great. I think that we both find entertainment and pleasure in working together.

When I say the word favouritism.

I heard that a lot, especially in the first season of the series. The fact was that nobody knew I’d gone through casting, which included not only my husband. There are about ten other people there, who decide whether the actor is suitable for the given role. I had to demonstrate that I had what it takes. 

How is it now? To people still take you as a favouritised actress?

Thankfully, the tables turned when I appeared on television. I get good reviews and beautiful reactions from people. Originally, I didn’t even want to attend the casting call. After a while, the producer called to ask whether I’d like to try it, because they still didn’t have a suitable actress for the role of Magdalena. 

What was your first meeting like?

I would say it was truly fateful. There were sparks flying between us from the first day, but we were both very shy. In the end, the ices broke during a party for the series Vyprávěj. 

Do you remember your first kiss?

I do. We had our first kiss at that same party. It was amazing. After a few months, we went to Thailand together and I have to say that I was sure right away that I had met the man destined for me. He makes me feel happy, loved but also safe.

You travel a lot. Since the first vacation in Thailand, you have travelled the whole world.

My view is that if one makes a bit of money, it should be spent travelling. Nobody can ever take away the memories and experiences. We are not travellers of the type who book a hotel and spend 14 days there. We usually just buy a flight and then travel. We eat of lot of local cuisine and discover beautiful places.

Are you inspired by that cuisine in your kitchen?

I am known for not being a very good cook and every year, I promise my husband that I will finally learn to cook. Unfortunately, it will probably have to happen now, because we will have a new house and therefore a fully equipped huge kitchen. It would be a pity not to cook in it, seeing as I’m spending so much on it. I love Thai cuisine. My husband cooks it and he’s very good indeed.

So both of you are currently very preoccupied with the issue of reconstructing your new home?

It is something that takes up all of our free time right now. I was convinced that we would spend Christmas in the new apartment in Slivenec. It’s January and there are still some alterations to be made. On the other hand, we’re really looking forward to it. We will finally have a home precisely suited to our needs. It is a beautiful mezzanine apartment, with just two neighbours.

What else do you like spending on, apart from travelling and home reconstruction?

What else but handbags. I honestly have a lot of them, even after sorting plenty out for moving to the new apartment. I used to go for quantity, but now I am more inclined to choose quality. I have a few expensive handbags, which will last and can be combined. It is also important for me that the handbag be practical, to fit all of my things. The worst part is that in the end, I can never find anything in there anyway. I am one of those women who mainly has a mess in her handbag.

When I say fashion, what do you think of?

That I have nothing to wear. That is probably every woman’s problem, so I’m not saying anything usual. I really like fashion. My friend and I sometimes design swimming suits for the Follia Intimo brand. The responses are great and I love having a swimming suit that nobody else has.

How is it now with filming the third season of First Republic?

We have been filming since mid-November. I will be spending a lot of time in bed, so I had to be careful not to gain weight over Christmas. I try to exercise when time allows. We recently opened the ice skating rink in Hostivař with the girls, and I realised that I should start skating. I prefer skiing, but the exercise on ice has something going for it.

Are you not afraid that an addition to the family might perhaps cut short your nicely developing career?

I’m already thirty-one years old. I would be happy to be pregnant. Work would automatically become secondary. But it’s true that it’s not really on the agenda. I’d like to wait another two years, but I don’t want to blaspheme. I want a family and a child is a gift.

Couples often get a dog before having a baby.

We’ve had a dog for six years, I got it back then from Ruda of Ostrava for Christmas, and then he broke up with me two weeks later. So I kept the dog and it’s good training. But I am practicing on my friend Nikol Štíbrová’s baby instead. 

Are you a good an active auntie?

Hopefully I’m a good aunt. Sometime I write to ask how they’re doing and Nikol sends a photo, which I compliment with the words: “Aaaaaw, gorgeous.”

You and your girlfriends Nikol Štíbrová and Martina Pártlová film the internet show 3 in 1. Did you expect so much success?

We did not expect or plan to conquer the internet. It all started as a bit of fun, a hobby. Many things inspired us and we wanted to make fun of them. Then our Prostřeno (Czech version of Come Dine with Me) happened and all of a sudden lots of people saw it and wrote us to keep filming more and more episodes.

It must take up a lot of free time too.

Definitely. A lot happened in the past year and there isn’t that much time left. We are taking a creative break. I’m filming, Nikol is raising her little one, and Martina is singing with Čechomor. What’s more, we’re doing an evening project for Evropa2 (radio station), an evening 3 in 1 show. All this recharges us on one hand, but it’s also tiring. We want to keep filming, because people still follow us a lot and we don’t want to fall asleep on our laurels because of them. We even try to film it ourselves.

Fast confession:

Which Hollywood role would you like for yourself?

I would like any Czech role in a film.

You were recently criticised for wearing a genuine fur. Do you still do?

That criticism was insane, but I still wear it. I never said I was against fur.

Do you have any rituals before filming?

Coffee and sleep.

What’s it like when you have stage fright?

I am nervous and my hands shake. I consider it important and it starts me up.

Vietnam, Japan or New Zealand?


The biggest party of your life?

Probably my wedding.

Where was the first meeting with your husband?

On set, when he cast me for a role in the series Vyprávěj.

What is the nicest gift you’ve ever received?

I don’t want to be superficial and materialistic, but probably a car.

If you had an hour to spend a million crowns, what would you spend it on?

Definitely on the reconstruction.

Which three things would you take to a desert island.

My husband, a map and a bottle of wine or a girlfriend.

What don’t you like about your friends in 3 in 1?

Essentially everything, but we have to tolerate each other.

Least favourite household chore?


Favourite activity.

Sleeping, and I life vacuuming.

What do you most desire?

To have a family one day.
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