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On wedding, love and happiness in life

Fast Confession - Roman Vojtek about his recent wedding : I'm afraid to say it, but I'm completely happy

Karolína Lišková
14.Aug 2019
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When you meet Roman Vojtek on the street, you get the feeling that it's impossible to be any happier, content and in love than he is. He's recently said his "yes" to Petra Vraspírová, a young actress with a bright future. In an interview with, the actor admitted that he had finally found the love of his life, his other self. How did the pair enjoy the wedding and what are they future plans? You'll find out in the interview below.

How do you feel, now that you're married for the second time?

Surprisingly, not much has changed. We often talk about it at home, that we were sort of waiting for something to happen inside us, but not much has happened. I guess it's normal.

Was it a big decision to go for it again?

Not really, somehow it came to me automatically. I didn't even wonder if I should attempt marriage for the second time and if there were any pros or cons. I didn't think twice. I just knew that was what I felt, I wanted it.

You know the advice guys usually give each other in the pub, "don't be stupid, you're going to ruin your life"...

I don't go to the pub with other guys much.

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

You know what I mean, those manly jokes.

There were some, but I know best how I feel about it inside. And that's what matters most to me.

When I interviewed you about five years ago, at a time when your life had turned upside down and you were completely torn, you talked a lot about feelings. When did this change for you during those five years? At what point were you absolutely sure about what you wanted?

I don't think I can put a time on it, and if I could, it wouldn't be important. The important thing for me is that I found someone I love. Someone about whom I am convinced that I found a soul mate in them, or my other half, however you choose to call it. Of course, a lot of things can happen now, no one knows what tomorrow will bring. I don't know how to describe it, or maybe I don't even want to. It's only words, and they can only express so much. (laughs)

Feelings are always hard to describe. Does Petra feel the same way? When did you realize she was the one, even though she was fifteen years younger? How did she win you over?

Again, I can't describe it. I was deeply convinced of it since the beginning. Of course, we went through a rather difficult time, it was about three quarters of a year after I'd left my wife. Petra was the young talented actress who had dreams of her career, future, boyfriend. Suddenly a fifteen years older guy in the process of divorce with two children appears, that's hard.

In addition, she was not really prepared for it, she had little experience with tabloids. It was very upsetting for her, being called a mistress, a destroyer of relationships. I understand that it must have been terribly difficult for her in the beginning. I kept trying to reassure her and persuade her. I was telling her it would pass, that I thought she was the one for me. And if she thought so too, she should try to endure this harsh time with me, because it would get better in time.

Another thing was that she had to develop a relationship with the children. With Benny it was easier, he was about five months old at that time, so they could start building a relationship early on. It was more difficult with Edy, who was already a five-year-old girl with an opinion of her own, and she was very jealous of me. Now it is at a stage when the children love her. I am so glad they have such a good relationship.

I've never really had regrets or doubts about being with Petra. It's not just a phrase, there really wasn't a single second when I'd question whether I'd made the right choice for the second half of my life. I'm completely happy, the only thing that bugs me is that it came so late.

They say that the second marriage usually lasts longer…

I don't know. I can't tell if it's because this is my second marriage, but I haven't felt this way in my entire life.

So you're absolutely happy?

I'm almost afraid to say it, but basically yes.

How was the wedding planning process? Did you leave everything to her or were you making the decisions together? After all, nine months since the engagement, that's more than enough time to organize a wedding.

We had a fairly clear idea of ​​a small and simple wedding, which eventually turned out into us hosting eighty people at a chateau. Our planning has taken a completely different direction. But that was because we went with the flow for a while. There have been a lot of coincidences and various meetings, such as the one with our friend from Zlín Iva Janálová, who happens to be a wedding planner at the chateau and who invited us to have a look at it. Other people we've met here and there were added into the mix in the same way.

The most difficult thing was to accept the idea that it would end up being a little different than what we had dreamed of. But we believe that a wedding can be beautiful anywhere, as long as the people we want to have there are present, along with good food and good mood. And all of that worked out for us.

Petra was in charge of most of the planning, I'm not much of a planning type. The wedding was conceived as a theater performance, the wedding announcement was in the form of a large theater ticket. We had a ten-page theater program which informed the guests about how we'd met, what the bride, the groom and the parents say, a story accompanied by photos. Putting these things together was the most difficult task, Petra did it all together with a friend of hers.

How did you manage to keep it a secret for so long? The date and place…

We didn't tell anyone, not even our closest friends. We had actually already agreed on a place where we would have liked to have a wedding earlier. It was back home in Wallachia, we are both from Moravia, so it would have been easily accessible for both our families. Only two people knew about it. And within a few weeks we got a call from Blesk, saying they knew where our wedding was going to take place and asking about the date.

Luxusní penthous na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthous na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

Did you confront the two who knew?

Yes, but I'm not mad at anyone. It could have easily happened that the two of them talked about it without noticing that someone was listening. I didn't blame anyone, I know how it goes. With enough poking, everything can be exposed.

Actually, it turned out to be absolutely sensational. We invited everyone, let them know the date, and informed them and that it would be somewhere in Moravia. A few days before the wedding, we revealed the place and politely asked everyone to keep everything to themselves. We even asked them not to take photos at the wedding, that we would give everyone a picture afterwards. And they honored our wishes. Everything worked out, we were lucky, and I'm thankful to everyone for that.

Did you receive offers for wedding rings, dresses and the like?

A few. I got an offer to have a suit made for free, Petra got a similar offer. But I bought my suit from Blažek and Petra had her wedding dress custom-sewn. Her friend and designer Kamila Vodochodská has been dressing her up for ceremonial events for a couple of years.

In the Fast Confession you said you were touched when you turned around to see her walking towards you. Did you have a speech? How did you keep your emotions in check?

We were thinking about having wedding vows, but we are both so sensitive and so interconnected that we wouldn't have made it. We couldn't have prevented ourselves from crying, and we didn't want that. We wanted to enjoy it rather than being stressed. I think we don't have to promise anything to each other in public, we know what we feel for each other. We asked our friend to say something nice at the wedding though, we didn't say anything but the "yes".

How did your sister, who came all the way from Bolivia, where she lives, feel about the wedding?

She was happy. They have a special relationship with Petra, they've known each other for four years only through FaceTime, they've never physically met before.

She hasn't been here in such a long time?

No, it's quite far, it's rather complicated to get here. Moreover, she had a small child. Our last two children (she has four) were born at the same time, she has an eight-year-old son and a four-year-old girl, we've got it the other way round. I think the girls immediately clicked, we all have a similar view of life. My sister has the same sense of humor as I do, which Petra liked, she has a similar one too. It was a very pleasant meeting.

What about your honeymoon?

It's approaching.

Where to?

Somewhere warm, but it's not going to happen before winter. We still don't know where, but it will be a quiet place by the sea. No traveling, no sightseeing, just staying in one place. Just the two of us, jumping into the water, having a good time, reading books, spending time together, eating great food.

Are you planning to expand your family?

In time, definitely. Actually, I've never even spent time thinking about why not.

Have you never thought about how many children you would like to have?

Not really.

Petra will probably want children…

We discuss everything together, so we talk about children too. When it comes, I'm ready. (laughs)

Your children would like more siblings?

They would, very much so. They keep persuading us, coming up with names, and arguing if it will be a brother or a sister.

Where can we see you in a new role in the nearby future? And aren't you planning a joint project with Petra?

I could have had a lot of work, but I refused everything and now I have none. (laughs) I was supposed to be in the same musical with Petra, she's just starting to rehearse Tarzan in Hybernia. The rehearsals are in the summer, but I don't like rehearsing in the summer. So I quit. Péťa will be playing Jane, the main female role.

In our country, musicals are playing mainly on Fridays and Saturdays, sometimes on Thursdays and Sundays. And in those days, I usually have a different kind of work for the better part of the year, which is somewhat more important to me, so I would have a problem with that. After a long time, I got to rehearse a drama last season, I have a leading role in the play Door on the Left as You Leave the Elevator, a famous film with Pierre Richard, at the Palace Theater. It suits me very well, it is a beautiful and demanding work that I had been waiting for quite a while. A little different than what I'm used to from musicals; it's a full-fledged drama work. I don't get off the stage for the entire two hours, it was a challenge. And I'm very grateful for it.

Moreover, it is playing on weekdays when I have time. In addition, I have a really nice arrangement there - I only play on days when I don't have the children, so that it wouldn't clash together. Because we have the children in alternating care, I try to limit work on the days we are together.

What about some TV roles?

I'm starting to shoot a TV series now. I've been avoiding that lately, too, bigger roles, because of children and lack of time. But recently I've been approached by Rudolf Merkner, who wrote Wonderful Times. So I am preparing another series, which has a very nice atmosphere. It's from a village and firefighter environment. The work is not long-term, it's just a few episodes. I accepted it gladly, we're starting in August and it will be limited to no more than a few months.

I also have a role in the musical I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change, where I've been playing for about seventeen years. It's a musical for about four people, also in the Palace Theatre. If everything works out, I'll have a very nice job in a new series on Prima to look forward to, but that's still about three quarters of a year away. It's not going to be a detective or a hospital show, it focuses on relationships and the lives of regular people. It's not a sitcom either. I'm looking forward to that as well.

I see that you have more than enough work after all! Thank you very much for the interview, Roman. I look forward to seeing you again in a few years.

Fast confession:

Fast Confession:

The best decision in your life?

I was nineteen, I was collecting tobacco in Spain and realized that I wanted to stay there, and on that very day I received the decision that I had been admitted to JAMU. I decided to go back to Czech Republic and go to JAMU, and that changed my life.

Third child, yes or no?


Do you believe in love at first sight?

Not anymore. I think there is a difference between true love and falling in love.

The most amazing surprise your wife prepared for you?

She wasn't my wife at the time, but she kidnapped me to Rome on Valentine's Day. That was sweet.

Is there a role you would never accept? What is it?

I wouldn't accept a stupid role, or one with stupid people.

The greatest disappointment in life?

Only I can bring that upon myself. Nobody else.

Who wears pants in your household?

I think it's not that way in our household, that one would be the boss. It's fifty-fifty.

Worst nightmare?

I guess I'm a lucky person, I don't have nightmares.

Your dream place to live?

I'm very happy where I live.

What was the last thingh to make you laugh from your heart?

We laugh with Petra every day, we have the same sense of humor. Last time it was a joke about Brno, I apologize to the Brno people, I lived there for ten years, I really like you.

What, on the other hand, was the last thing that made you cry?

I've experienced the pleasant kind of tears when I turned around at our wedding and saw Petra walking towards me, that was beautiful.

The last good movie you've seen?

Baby driver.

What else do you lack to achieve perfection?

I'm absolutely perfect, I'm completely content, I can think of nothing that could improve me.

What do you admire most about your wife?

A lot of things. How much love she is able to give and what a beautiful relationship she has developed with my children.
Question by the interviewee for the editor:

Do you think that you are the owner of your happiness, or is it fate?

I think it's me who is the owner of my happiness.
You win!
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