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On the reality show, hate and private life

Fast Confession - Natália Mykytenko from Married at First Sight: I'm seeing another man now and I'm happy

Šárka Peková
30.Dec 2020
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6 minutes

Anyone who has watched the reality TV show Married at First Sight undoubtedly knows the charming blonde Natália Mykytenko, who divided the Czech Republic into two camps. Some condemned the 23-year-old participant in the social experiment for her reserved behavior, while others understood her cold approach and at the same time admired her beauty. Several months have passed since the end of filming the reality show, so a lot has probably changed in her life. In the interview for, Natália talked about what actually happened at the failed honeymoon in Zanzibar and what hateful messages she had to face. This beautiful blonde originally from Ukraine also told us who captured her heart.

Natálka, a few days ago the reality show Married at First Sight ended. How do people treat you at the moment, since you have become one of the most followed people in our country?

Interesting question. In fact, I don't notice it much anymore, because already within the first week I got used to people starting to perceive me as "famous". I put this word in quotation marks because I don't really feel famous.

Now everyone wants to be friends with you all of a sudden just because you were on TV?

Of course, it's common now that a lot of people message me on Instagram, and their main goal is to make themselves visible thanks to me. But you can sense it and know who talks to you only because of fame and who means it sincerely and really cares about you as a person.

Has this new life experience given you someone you can consider a true friend?

To be honest, even in those numerous messages there were a few people who clicked with me from day one, but so far we have been in contact for a relatively short time, so I have yet to see if is a real friendship…

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

How many messages, on average, do you receive daily?

I don't think I can give you an exact number, but since the Marriage began to be broadcast, at first glance, I have about 600 messages in spam and of course more and more keep coming every day. People react to stories, new photos and they often have also questions about me and Franta.

Are you answering those?

I try to answer and be active, but I have to say that I can't answer all the questions because I wasn't used to it in the past either. In addition, I think that not every question deserves an answer.

What kind of messages are there usually?

The first two weeks were quite tough. I received disgusting, threatening, envious and even hateful messages, but gradually it turned around and the positive ones started to come, so I rather started to focus on positive reactions and I ignored the negative ones. And I have to knock on wood, that even though something negative pops up here and there, now most of the responses in my inbox are positive.

What specific nasty message did you get?

There were a lot of disgusting ones, but one of them stuck in my mind. I apologize for my language, I'll be a little vulgar now, but what I received went: "You f***ing Ukrainian b**ch, go back to Ukraine to clean toilets and leave our Czech boys alone." Others went along the lines that I just want a rich guy or want to make myself visible. It also popped up in my DMs that if they met me somewhere, they would kill me, etc.

So you also had death threats…

Well, I don't want to attack anyone here, but basically I received messages that they would like to take me down and that if they met me, they would kick me, etc. Fortunately, nothing like this ever happened, and I believe it won't happen. These are just strong words on the internet.

Did you get any improper suggestions or nude photos?

I still receive naked photos of gentlemen these days… (laughs)

And what do you do with them?

I don't collect them, fortunately I don't have any such collection. (laughs) No, I'm really not interested at all. It comes, I look at it and I ignore it. I will simply delete the message because you can't really respond to it in any way. Neither positively nor negatively. Not at all.

Have you ever gotten into a conflict with anyone?

In person, not at all. So far, people on the street are reacting positively to me or just look at me. And arguing with someone over social networks? Probably not, I grew out of it. Somehow I ignore everything negative around me.

At the same time, you became the most controversial figure in the whole reality show. Was it hard for you to withstand the wave of criticism that fell on you from all sides?

The first two days after the broadcast, I didn't feel good at all. I wondered if I had made a mistake, if I should have had gone there, that I should have behaved a little better. Shouldn't I have held back? Maybe lied? But then I said to myself it's not worth dealing with strangers who know nothing about you and you about them. Plus, I'm not exactly the type to be interested in other people's lives. So I said to myself, "Breathe in, breathe out and you're done, forget it!" Let people think what they want. Who wants to, will know you for who you really are. Who doesn't want to, let them think what they will. It's just their own mess in their heads.

Do you think that high ratings and at the same time criticism have opened or closed doors for you?

At the moment, I think it opens some doors for me, but I honestly wasn't expecting that to happen. I told myself that some people would only watch me for a moment because of the Marriage at First Sight, but then everything would go back to normal and people would forget about me. But my numbers on Instagram are constantly growing, I already have over 75,000 followers and I'm basically not putting in any effort, so obviously it opens some doors and I'd have to see how far they will open for me.

Are you really as cold as you were on the show, or is it just the art of editing a reality show?

(laughs) I don't think I'm the "ice queen" everyone says I am, but what was on the cameras is 50% sincerity and 50% games and faking, but I don't want to say I was hired as an actress, by no means. I went there for myself, I really wanted to fall in love and meet someone, but Franta was there and we didn't click together very well from the beginning, so that's why you could see more of the negativity on the camera, but at that moment, unfortunately, it couldn't be any other way. Of course, there were also nice moments, but it's impossible to say that about our honeymoon in Zanzibar. It was the hardest 7 days in there.

Why did the honeymoon in Zanzibar eventually become a nightmare?

We wanted to find a connection and get used to each other, but there was too much stuff for us to deal with that in the end we had no other choice but to be cold, gloomy and sad, hoping that it would improve in Prague, which actually did happen. Probably, Zanzibar was too big of a wow for us and with all the cameras around… Plus, I don't even know how to behave in front of the camera, because I've never shot anything before. Franta has experience with filming and the media, so stress also played a big role there.

Byt s výhledem na Prahu - Karlín - 308m
Byt s výhledem na Prahu - Karlín - 308m, Praha 8

So can we say that your behavior was sort of an external defense mechanism against how you felt inside?

Basically, yes, because I couldn't defend myself otherwise, and there was so much going on that I thought I'd just act cold and annoyed. Because when we were in Zanzibar, I honestly didn't care how the show would turn out, and I even had days there when I wanted to pack up and fly home at my own expense, because I wasn't able to anything around me at the time. I wasn't enjoying the filming, I wasn't enjoying being in Zanzibar even though it's a beautiful place, I couldn't enjoy it because Franta and I weren't on the same page. In short, I can't connect with strangers who aren't on the same wavelength with me.

In the final episode, you and František said that you would try it together. What does it look like between you now?

At the moment, Franta and I are just friends. In the last episode we took a chance, we wanted to establish a closer relationship, we tried it, but in the end we realized that each of us needed something different in the future and that we understood each other more as friends. Sometimes we message each other, but that's the maximum we can give, and we're happy this way.

So this experiment was basically a waste of time for both of you…

It gave us both something and of course also took something away, but that was to be expected. Now, I think, we both remember it only positively and with humor.

How is it going with men in your life now? Are you seeing anyone?

Honestly? Yes, I've been seeing a young man for a while. It came out of nowhere, suddenly boom! So we'll see where fate takes us.

And where did you meet?

On Instagram. Typical, unfortunately... I'm not a fan of dating on social networks, but nowadays it probably can't be avoided.

Do you think he could be the right one?

We'll see... I don't want to get ahead of myself yet. I can only tell you that I'm happy now and I'm enjoying it.

Natálka, thank you for the interview and I wish you good luck in your work and private life.

Fast confession:

A moment from filming of the reality show that you will never forget?


A merciful lie or a cruel truth?

Both together.

Money or love?

Love, definitely love.

What is the most valuable piece of advice from your mother?

Be yourself.

Your best and worst trait?

The best is probably staying positive and the worst is probably moodiness. Those just don't go very well together.

What is your dream place that you would you like to visit?


What made you laugh lately?


The biggest faux pas?

Probably none yet.

What are you most afraid of?


A person you would never even go for a coffee with?

Haven't met one yet.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Yeah, definitely.

Three things that an ideal man must possess.

Intelligence, sense of humor and humility.

Are you in love?

With myself? Yeah!

Your life's motto?

Positive mind, positive life.
The interviewee asks the interviewer:

You are happy?

Honestly? It's fifty-fifty.
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