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Fast confession - model Kristýna Schicková: She charmed Jon Bon Jovi or Leonardo DiCaprio

Karolína Lišková
13.Sep 2020
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Kristýna Schicková has always been talked about as the beautiful sister of football player Patrik Schick. But this beauty has fought for her own place in the world. In 2013, she was in the finals of the Czech Miss, but eventually broke through abroad. However, Kristýna has always longed for family life, so it is no wonder that she ended up at home in the Czech Republic, where she found The One, got married and gave birth. In an interview for, the model told us how she manages motherhood, how she makes a living and how it is possible that she can once again show off on the catwalks so soon after birth.

How is maternity leave? Do you work?

I've been on maternity leave for five months and I'm really enjoying it. I work alongside it and I focus mainly on Instagram. Both my personal one and I manage the Instagram accounts of some companies I work with. I sometimes have some photoshoots, hosting and I still go to school. I have been studying for a master's degree in andragogy the past year and I am currently writing a thesis on the education of women on maternity leave.

During the coronavirus, although it is still here, work has diminished, but now it has begun to take off slowly. I recently hosted the reveal of Lancôme's perfume Idôle and now most recently the Cosmo Beauty Awards on Óčko TV. I lived in America for a long time and learned to speak English well there. So I would like to use and host things in English as well. I have already hosted a few events in English, such as the My Model Contest. And I honestly have to say that I enjoyed it a lot and felt more comfortable speaking English than Czech. (laugh)

Do you go to any public speaking lessons?

Yes, I have arranged private lessons with former announcer Eva Jurinová, she and her husband come to our house. We learn how to stand, talk, what to do, what not to do. Her advice and experience definitely help me a lot and I am regularly in contact with her before each event. It's something I would like to focus more on in the future, but for now I'm only doing it occasionally.

Byt na prodej Smetanovo nábřeží 235m
Byt na prodej Smetanovo nábřeží 235m, Praha 1

Do you still do photoshoots? In the fast confession, you said that the worst nightmare is to keep the model from leaking milk during the photo shoot…

Fortunately, it never happened to me, even though I am fully breastfeeding and I have enough milk. But I would say that thanks to breastfeeding, proper diet and regular exercise, I quickly got back in shape. Also thanks to coronavirus, I rediscovered the magic of running outdoors and in the month of May I ran 150 kilometers.

As for photoshoots, yes, I do them, but it's not as common as I was used to from abroad. The last time I posed for photos was for example in the magazines Maminka, Žena a život and a jewelry campaign. Anyway, I try to stay active on my social media, so I take photos at least three times a week.

Have you always wanted to be a model?

It was not my life's dream and goal, but genes and destiny led me to it. At the age of thirteen, I was approached on the street in Prague by the world-famous Czech photographer Lucie Robinson, I posed for my first photobook, and before I even made sense of all of it, I was flown to New York for four months. This kicked off my modeling career abroad. I started studying remotely back then, but I mostly went to the school of life. Practice, life experience and contacts give you the most in life anyway. (laugh)

In 2013, when I was just eighteen, I had an ex-boyfriend here and I wanted to be in the Czech Republic more often. So he signed me up for Miss. I thought that if I won Miss, I could have better deals here and spend more time at home. Fate wanted it differently, I didn't win. My boyfriend and I broke up on good terms, nothing was holding me back then, and I was putting all my strength and energy abroad. Thanks to modeling, I was able to travel around the whole world in a relatively short time and see places where many of us will never go in our lifetime.

In that case, however, the Miss was basically useless.

It was probably useless for me, but I thought that every Miss winner here is paid better than a normal model. She'd walk in a show for a thousand crowns and a VIP model or Miss for ten thousand. That's why I thought that if I won Miss, I could get the same offers, but for a more lucrative price. But I don't regret anything. Thanks to Miss, I had the opportunity to meet my best friend Alenka Prešnajderová. And that's more than money or any title can buy.

But foreign offers are probably still a thousand times better…

Sure. But as I say, it will help you to be a little better known here, you will get into the public's consciousness, into the media and other more lucrative offers may come to you. I went to an audition after Miss, I was chosen by an agency from LA, flew there and I was there for seven years. I built this work and personal base there. I mostly worked in Los Angeles, New York, Miami and sometimes on other continents too.

How does it happen that you have dinner with Leonard DiCaprio?

It's still unbelievable to me. Hollywood is an awfully small pond, you meet celebrities on every corner. When my mother and I were there for the first time and we went to the store, we met Meryl Streep at the cash register.

I got into a great group of people who were close to celebrities, and so they went to various events, such as the Oscars, the Golden Globes or dinners and parties with them. To this day, I am in contact with many people there and I always return there at least once a year. The US will forever be my second home, but Prague is my home right now.

Did you talk?

Yes, they'll talk to you normally, Leo also talked to me. He asked me where I was from and what I did. It was a very pleasant meeting, he is a very nice person, even if he commands respect.

I have a lot of these experiences, not only with him. For example, my friend and I were celebrating a birthday in Hamptons when a helicopter suddenly flew into the garden and Jon Bon Jovi and his family got out of it. Only then did I learn that she was dating Jon Bon Jovi's son. We spent the whole weekend with them, alongside them, and Jon himself made me eggs and bacon in the morning. So these are such completely nonsensical encounters. It never occurred to me that one day I would live in such a world and to this day I do not understand how it could have happened to an ordinary girl from Krč. But I don't just tell these experiences to everyone at the first meeting. A lot of people don't believe me, but my loved ones know, they have photos and I don't even feel like I need to prove anything to anyone.

The media also sometimes refers to you as Patrik Schick's sister. Weren't you more famous than your brother?

It's true. When I was doing photoshoots for campaigns abroad, my brother started playing football in the student league. When he signed a contract in Italy and it became the transfer of the century, he became known. And I got labeled Patrick Schick's sister. At the same time, my career had been established long ago, just abroad.

So now it may seem that I only appeared here when my brother became famous. But I don't mind the label, I respect it and I wish my brother the best. Patrik is definitely more famous now and thanks to him it also brought me some fame. Because of this, I got to be on TV in Italy, where I went to shoot a TV show for three months, so I also learned Italian and my brother and I were this Italian duo. That was nice. (laugh)

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m, Praha 10

Don't you regret trading all these experiences at a relatively young age for being a mom?

I always wanted to find a partner and start a family early. But I was unlucky in America. And thank God for that. Fate wanted it differently and I am very happy where I am at the moment. It seems to me that people in LA are constantly chasing something perfect and always looking for better and better options. Those who have ever lived in LA would probably understand. Not only in relationships, but also at work. Personally, I would say that a lot of people in the industry never totally settle. At least according to what I've experienced.

And if I regret it? Definitely not. At the age of 25, I'd traveled almost around the whole world, earned good money, lived life in luxury, but also in torturous conditions, in different parts of the world.

Modeling is not always a walk in a park. There were times when I wanted to stop everything and go back to school. I experienced and enjoyed many things. I have a great many experiences from which I will live for the rest of my life. The fact that I started a family and settled relatively early makes me extremely happy. And it was my life dream. Now I can start a new chapter in life even better and not have to regret that I did not experience something or did not travel. Fortunately, I have a great globetrotter husband who loves traveling as much as I do. I don't think we'll never go back to the US, he himself has two sisters in America.

How did you manifest your dream husband?

It was about a year after breaking up with an American actor who broke my heart, and I no longer enjoyed being alone. I wanted to find someone, and I felt bad that no one asked me out anywhere, asked for my number, or invited me anywhere. I guess those guys were afraid of me.

Well, so I decided to write a letter to space. I have done this several times in the past, but this time I said to myself that I would be very specific and write a list of qualities, knowledge and skills that a future partner should have. I wrote there that the next man I would meet would be my future husband and the father of my children. I was very specific in the letter - from the blue color of his eyes, to tattoos, his height and the size of his penis. (laughs) I also wrote in detail all the qualities and skills he should have and be able to do, like speaking English, being a globetrotter, loving sports and children, having a great family and good relationships with my family. And in seventeen days, when I was on a quick trip in Prague, I met Lukáš.

Where did you meet him?

In a cafe in the center of Prague.

Just like that?

Yes, through my friend Barča Burdová, who was also single. It was Sunday, September 16, 2018. We complained about how tired we were of being single. And she had a friend who had been alone for four years, and she invited him. When I saw Lukáš coming, I already liked his gait, but I didn't like his white glasses. (laughs) But as soon as he took them off and I saw his beautiful, bright blue eyes, my knees buckled.

I immediately remembered the letter, he even had the tattoo, and it was clear to me that it would be him. I immediately felt butterflies in my stomach, it was intuition. As we met and shook hands, I felt that he liked me too. After coffee we went for a walk, then went to the pub, to the cinema, for a drink at night, where we kissed, and I knew it was done. Then I just returned to America to pack my things and moved back to Prague.

What about the friend?

She was my maid of honor. Thanks to her, I have a family today. (laugh)

And she already has a guy?

No, she didn't write a letter to space! (laugh)

Kristýna, are you happy?

Extremely! So often do my husband and I lie at home like this, and with tears in our eyes we say how happy we are to have found each other.

Thanks for the interview.

Fast confession:

What did the Czech Miss give you and what did it take away?

It took some of my privacy and gave me my best friend - Alča Prešnajderová.

What did you want to be as a little girl?

A mom.

What was the last thing your husband did to make you happy?

A birthday present last week.

What do you feel looking at your son?

Prosperity, joy, happiness.

How did you manage to get your figure back so quickly?

Hard work, running and good diet.

Do you think maternity leave is a vacation?

Certainly not, certainly not for me.

Your favorite football team?

The one my husband plays for.

The nightmare of a model on a maternity leave?

That her milk will start to leak at a photo shoot.

What advice would you give to today's Czech models on how to succeed?

Don't be afraid to go out into the world and break through.

The most amazing experience in LA?

Dinner with Leonard Di Caprio, a birthday with Justin Bieber and breakfast with Jon Bon Jovi.

How did your husband endear himself to you?

With his charm, looks and jokes.

Your mother's most valuable advice?

Hydrate your skin, use UV protection in winter and summer.

How much time do you spend on Instagram per day?

On average, two to three hours.

Another child, yes or no?

Definitely yes.
Question by the interviewee to the editor:

Do you enjoy your work?

I love my job.
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