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About her reign during the coronavirus, private life and the biggest faux pas

Fast Confession - Miss Czech Republic Karolína Kopíncová: I look forward to becoming his wife, we can always get a divorce

Šárka Peková
06.Feb 2021
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There are many beautiful women, but a real beauty queen needs to always have something on top. The winner of Miss Czech Republic 2020, Karolína Kopíncová, knows how it works. In an interview for, she openly talked about whether rhinoplasty helped her get her crown. The 22-year-old native of Vrbno pod Pradědem also revealed how her relationship with her long-term partner Radovan is developing and how he shocked her on their first date. On top of that, we talked about Instagram and a dream collaboration that will surprise many of you!

Karolína, how do you enjoy reigning during the coronavirus when virtually all media activities have moved to home environment?

After my victory, there were almost no restrictions for a month and we had something different every day. Although I didn't get much sleep and there was no time for personal life, I didn't mind because I wanted this and it felt fulfilling. But as soon as the situation around the coronavirus worsened, almost nothing was happening, just some photoshoots here and there, but I mainly did fashion shows before, so I miss these the most and I'm looking forward to everything opening again and us working and living normally. At least I have time for school and to finish my bachelor's thesis, because I'm in the last semester, but I believe that I'd be able to combine both modelling and school.

How is it going with your departure to Miss World?

Miss World is scheduled for the second half of this year, it was supposed to be in 2020, but due to the pandemic it didn't take place, so it was postponed for a year. The final should be in Bangkok, but we still don't know the exact date and we are still waiting considering the current situation, because this Miss has the most candidates from all world competitions, and if 60 of them don't attend, of course the final wouldn't take place. But I'm kind of mentally prepared that the second half of the year will be normal and I'll fly to Miss World.

Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

So you also have your reign extended…

Yes, I do, because Táňa (the director of the Miss Czech Republic competition) skipped the 2020/2021 year and there won't be any new winners until 2022. Normal castings will start this summer, there will be semifinals in the autumn and finals next spring. It's logical that this year was skipped, because if it hadn't been, Táňa would be left with 10 winners and 5 world competitions, which would be difficult to put together, and of course, I'm glad I won't miss out on anything as well.

How do you keep fit when gyms are closed?

Well, it's not very easy. I try to exercise at home, but during the lockdown, I started to be terribly slow and everything takes me twice as long as before since I kind of dropped out of my schedule, and same goes for the exercises. Over the holidays, I didn't hold back at all, because I say that cookies and potato salad are part of Christmas, so I never hold back and I would always get in the gym, but now I definitely need to step up my game again. I can already see it, my body is not as firm as it used to be, I have gained two extra kilos.

Has Táňa noticed yet?

Not yet. (laughs) At first glance, you wouldn't know I've gained weight. I rather lost my muscles and I don't feel as strong and in shape. In short, I just lost my form and I miss the firm hand of our fitness coach František.

You look like Nikol Švantnerová to me. Am I the first person to say this, or have you heard it from others, too?

You're definitely not the first one saying this, I hear it quite often. We are both tall, slender, dark-haired, with a gap between our teeth and we have our ears sticking out, so we are very similar in type, I get it, but somehow I don't really pay attention it.

It is said that a person with a gap between their teeth can sing well. How is it with you and singing?

I've always wanted to be able to sing, but I'm tone-deaf, and when I sing, I'm sure no one wants to hear it. Unfortunately, I don't have any amazing talent like singing or dancing and I compensate for it with sports. I would also like to mention that I was not born with a gap, but I got it after my accident.

What happened?

I was celebrating my 19th birthday and I had a fall. I jumped on a friend's back and we went downhill. That was alright until our 100kg friend decided to jump on us and I fell to the ground. I didn't have time to put my hands in front of me, so I didn't land well. I got scratches on my face, but fortunately, there are no scars left, just a gap between my teeth.

Will you have it fixed?

It took me a long time to learn to love it, but now I see it as an advantage, that I have something different and memorable, but on the other hand it would be better to have a beautiful American smile for a world competition, it's a little different there. If I opt for the braces that I need for health reasons, because my jaw is bent, I won't miss it much. But I'm just thinking about it, I'm not working on it yet.

Have you ever experienced a situation during which you felt really embarrassed?

I've recently been sending out e-mails, for my bachelor's thesis, to various media and when I wrote to one medium that doesn't have an online site at all, I copied the wrong e-mail because I was on a roll like a machine. I wrote the wrong name of the media and asked if my interview could go online. After sending it, I realized what had happened, but fortunately I saw that the e-mail wasn't delivered. I felt relieved and wrote the corrected one again, but at that moment I received an e-mail stating that my original wrong e-mail had been delivered. I felt very uncomfortable.

And how did it turn out in the end?

I apologized for sending the wrong mail, which I know is not a good start, but luckily they took it in stride and we are currently communicating.

You make no secret of the fact that you underwent rhinoplasty before the Miss Czech Republic finals. Do you think that a nose job helped you win?

I think that no surgery will help any girl to win, because when you're in a beauty contest, beauty is considered a requirement. If you're just a beautiful shell with nothing else inside, it won't help you, because having a new nose won't replace other qualities such as diligence, intelligence, purposefulness and being communicative. I'm very happy to have a new nose and I feel really good now, but I don't think it was the key to my winning the competition.

Do you plan to get your breasts done since it's trendy among models now?

We all know I have no breasts. (laughs) I've been saying it at home since I was 15, that I'm going to get them done because I knew I had no one in my family to take after in this area. I've clung to this idea for a long time until I took part in the Miss, because I found out that things can work out even without it, but on the other hand, I'm sure that I will definitely go for it one day. I just don't know if before kids or after them. I like feminine curves and I think it will help me in the work sphere as well, because now I'm not suitable for swimsuits or ball gowns, because I'm flat as a board, there's something missing in my neckline. (laughs)

So what makes you special compared to other winners?

I am glad that I will be the first winner in our organization Miss Czech Republic that will have her own charity fund. I have already taken the most important steps, we have the name, logo, purchased domains, we are working on the website and at the moment the lawyers are also already working on its establishment. The fund will focus primarily on children who are leaving the orphanage soon, but not only on them, we will be organizing summer camps for the smaller ones. Children from orphanages don't usually get to go to those. I would like to do the first one this summer, but it will depend on the current situation, whether it will be allowed or not.

You are 184 cm tall. Do you mind if your partner is shorter than you?

I think of it the way the guy would. If he doesn't mind and doesn't need to compensate his ego with his height, then I have no problem with it either. Of course, when we go somewhere together and I have high heels, I'm half a head taller, but I don't mind and neither does he.

Do you get date offers even though people can see on your social media that you're in a relationship?

It has happened to me a few times already, but I usually don't react to it or I answer that I thank them for the offer, but that I have a boyfriend at home and I am very satisfied and it usually ends there.

Do you show them to your boyfriend?

Mostly yes, but we laugh at it quite often, I have him on my profile almost everywhere, because I'm happy in my relationship and he's a part of my life. But it bothers me more when someone sends me a photo of me with my boyfriend and says, "Well, if you weren't like that, this could've been us!" That seems extremely inappropriate to me.

Do you think that the "Miss disease" didn't affect you due to the fact that at the moment you can't attend various events unlike your predecessors?

I managed to attend a few events and nothing has changed anyway. On the other hand, I think the "Miss disease" is just a deep-rooted stereotype, because when those girls suddenly come from a village or small town to a big city where there are mostly older successful men, then they tend to leave their partners because they are impressed by men who have already accomplished something. But because I am lucky enough that my man has fallen from heaven, as I like to say, I don't feel that need.

Your partner Radovan is 12 years older and at the same time you have been together for 4 years. Have you already talked about a wedding or children?

Of course. We talk about it quite often and I have such a funny story about how Radovan blurted it out to me on the first date, because he is older and I was young at the time. We were drinking wine on the terrace and he tells me out of nowhere: "But I want children!" And me, being 19, I went like, "What, children? Are you crazy?” So we laugh about it now because he doesn't know how he could have let it slip like that, but if I hadn't joined Miss, I think we'd be engaged by now, because I really want to, and I'm looking forward to becoming his wife. I know I'm only 22 years old, but I feel that it's right, and we can always get a divorce anyway.

You have over 40,000 followers on your Instagram. Do you consider yourself an influencer?

I'm working on it. When I joined Miss, I had 800 followers and I didn't think much of it at all, but I realized that it's really important these days, so I started creating regular content so that my fans could connect with me. I think it worked and the numbers went up nicely, but I made one mistake. I paid promotion of one photo for 150CZK, and since Instagram found out that I was willing to give it money, it had reduced my reach to pay in an attempt to make me pay for another advertisement, so I'm trying to pick it up again slowly without any promotion.

What kind of cooperation offer would you never take?

Probably for sex toys, because there are simply things that should stay at home.

On the contrary, do you have a dream brand that you would like to work with?

I would like to work with the Dartmoor brand, which manufactures bicycle components. It may sound silly, but bikes are my hobby and it's my heart's desire. Then I would also like to photograph a campaign with Fendi or Versace, because I love extravagant pieces during a fashion show or a photoshoot. That's my passion.

Fast confession:

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement in life?

Winning Miss Czech Republic.

Which model is a role model for you?

Karolina Kurková.

What do you think about plastic surgeries in general?

I don't condemn them.

Victory in an international beauty contest or the post of a presenter?


What three things would you take with you to a deserted island?

A water filter, a survival bracelet and earplugs.

What are you most afraid of?


What is guaranteed to always make you laugh?

I quite like someone else's misfortune, when something happens to someone.

What is your biggest vice?

Vice? Probably chocolate.

What comes to your mind first when the word gentleman is said?

My man.

What impresses you most about men?


What do you think about the coronavirus vaccination?


Are you a good driver?

I think yes.

Can you cook sirloin with cream sauce?

I've never cooked sirloin with cream sauce before.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

As a presenter and a winner of national and world competitions.
The interviewee asks the interviewer:

Would you sign up for the Miss?

Since I'm short, no.
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