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The young ambitious designer talks of his new collection for autumn and winter 2018, attitude to fashion and new plans.

Fast Confession - Michael Kováčik: Krainová is to be replaced by Vignerová

Dominika Žejdl
17.Mar 2018
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The Slovak fashion designer who lives in Prague will win you over by his original and elegant fashion. He started as a stylist and now he owns his own brand characteristic by its simplicity, minimalism and elegance. It is therefore no wonder that his models are favoured by many Czech celebrities. When I met him in person, he exuded very positive energy and enthusiasm that I really liked about him. He confided to Luxury Prague Life magazine which Czech celebrity he likes the best, what is his collection like, which one he will introduce at MBPFW and what are his other plans. 

How are you preparing for this year´s Fashion Week?

Well, I am preparing... Twice a week I go to Brno and Slovakia, because almost the entire collection is actually being made in Brno and the rest is made here in Prague or in Slovakia. So it is quite hectic. It is quite demanding. But slowly we are nearing the finish. Just yesterday I was in Brno, to attend a fitting on a model, so we are slowly coming to the end.

Will you give away a bit about your FW 2018 collection?

Perhaps it will be no surprise for anyone that the collection will once again include an evening dress, a cocktail dress, silk shirts and for the first time I am using denim. In the autumn winter 2018 collection seventeen women´s models and three men´s will be introduced. This time round I made less of men's models, paying more attention, especially in terms of sales, to women´s line. 

Could you tell us some details about the evening and cocktail dresses?

The dresses will be of a classic black colour of silk chiffon and satin. But there will also be cream-coloured and black in combination with royal blue. The cut show my classic airy, flowing signature which is typical for my models. It may be described by three words: Sexy, asymmetric and above all; wearable. 

Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4

Which models will crown the show?

This time my fashion show will be opened by model and my friend, Aneta Vignerová. But there is also Karolína Chomisteková from Slovakia. Then there are usually no name models, both male and female, whom I chose specially. 

Why did you choose Aneta Vignerová as the main model?

We have already been working together for a long time, actually since I started. I like working with her very much and I like her. Between us it did not remain just on the working basis, but we became very good friends. Today we are definitely more friends than colleagues. 

Does Aneta need the clothes to be somehow specially altered?

Not at all. Aneta is perhaps in the best form ever. And I have known her for a very long time now. 

How do you like the new hairstyle?

Well, super. I have been telling her for a long time now to have a haircut, but it took a long time before she got the courage. All in all it took about three or four years. She has shortened it a bit several times, but it still was not enough and now it is really super. It suits her fantastically. The in-between length is no good for her. Simply either long, or short. But you can see that she is happy with the hairstyle and I think that it will last some time. 

Will Simona Krainová model for you this year, too?

This year I have not even thought of cooperation with Simona. I am pleased that the last time it went so well and we may again get in touch sometime in future.

Why did you choose Simona last year?

Simona is a great name in the Czech Republic. Simona Krianová is a name that sells. 

So you chose her mainly because of advertising?

Yes, it was a major promotion and models that Simona wore were sold straight after the show. 

Can you tell us some secret of hers?

But I don´t really know her very well. Our cooperation has been very marginal. We have seen each other about four times and all our conversations were about the planned show. 

In case of Simona did you address some concealing or accentuating of certain areas?

No, in case of Simona I did not conceal anything. She has beautiful legs so we wanted to show them off at the show - and we did. 

Apart from Aneta, which Czech celebrity you like to work with the best?

Well I also like to work with Monika Bagárová. Our cooperation has been going on for over half a year and I design clothes specially for her; I really enjoy it. Monika knows how to wear it and sell it, too. I recently dressed her for Czecho-Slovak ball where she looked wonderful. I also cooperated very well with Simona Krainová, Andrea Verešová, Zorka Hejdová, Dara, Linda Bartošová, Pavlína Němcová and others.. I have dressed a great deal of them. 

What do you like the best about Monika?

She is wonderful, she has a lovely face, figure - feminine curves in good sense of the word. 

Who is your muse?

Hmm, I do not know. I don´t think I have one. I admire a lot of people, designers and models, but I have no muse. 

What inspires you the most in the creation of collections?

I am most inspired by my clients. When I wonder what kind of collection I will make, I ask myself for whom would I design it. I created my last two collections like this and I must say that they were very successful. The dresses were sold out straight away. I think simply what type would each of them buy. And in 99% that was also the case, the clients called me right after the show that they want to buy some model. 

So you take fashion primarily as a business?

Yes, I take it as a business and try to best capture the result I am expecting from it. But to make a living out of it I have to make some compromises. 

What else would you be able to do?

That´s it, I just do not know what else I could do. That is why I am pleased that I do what I enjoy, what fulfils me and gives me a living. I studied journalism and media, so maybe something to do with this field. 

Which fashion style do you like the best?

I do not even know whether what I produce is minimalism. I would say that I create a kind of glam minimalism. It must be sexy, wearable and must suit the woman. That is my main rule. In particular I want it to be timeless.

How is it with menswear?

I create men's collections according to myself. According to what I like the look of, what I enjoy. 

So the clothes for men are created primarily for yourself?

Yes, yes. I do it for myself. I do in fact fill my wardrobe with my creations. In the case of men's models I don´t insist on their sale, because I want to wear them myself. I concentrate mainly on women's line from which I live and with which I present myself. 

And do you have a lot of clients from among men?

Yes, I have to say that although I don´t try so hard, it is not as if I had no clients. It is kind of average. 

According to what do you buy the material?

I try to choose natural, quality and durable materials that I just come across. The majority is a wool, cashmere and silk. 

Do you buy fabrics here in the Czech Republic or abroad?

I buy fabrics here, in Slovakia and in Vienna.

What are your future plans?

After presenting the FW collection, it will be time to sell it. I am planning several events. In Slovakia I plan also to join forces with one jewellery design firm, which is here in Paris Street, Prague. Unfortunately I cannot as yet disclose its name. I will create special dresses for them. Most importantly, I want to find time for my clients, whom I now neglect a little. 

Fast confession:

In clothes what colour combination do you most like?

Black with royal blue.

What do you have for breakfast?

A smoothie.

Your most favourite movie?

I do not know, currently the series Billions.

Three characteristics which describe you the best?

Doubtful, ambitious and friendly.

In one word, what does Fashion Week mean to you?


If this were possible, which fashion model would you like to have at your show?

Kate Moss.

If I gave you a million and you had 24 hours to spend it, what would you buy?

I think clothes.

What is your nightmare?

Perhaps that I would do something that wouldn´t fulfil me and that would bore me.

What do you believe in?

In God and in goodness.

Your most favourite place in Prague?

In Prague probably here, Malá Strana.

What would you never like to experience?


When did you last cry?

Not yet this year, I think. Sometime last year.

What is in your opinion the weak point of Simona Krainová?

That´s a question. I am not so familiar with her.

Are you sure?

I am sure!

Which Czech celebrity do you like the best?

Of course Aneta Vignerová. She is my very close friend.
The interviewee asks the Editor:

Where is your fur coat from?

From Zara.
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