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He's from Slovakia but is one of the top designers in our country!

Fast Confession - Michael Kováčik: He dreams of a dress for Kate Moss and meanwhile sews for Monika Babišová

Dominika Žejdl
03.Sep 2018
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The MBPFW is in full swing and again it was not missed by the popular Slovak fashion designer Michael Kováčik. His luxury brand is characterized by simplicity, minimalism and elegance. It is no wonder, therefore, that many Czech celebrities have succumbed to his models. Before the Fashion Week, he confessed to Luxury Prague Life what had changed in his life since our last interview, what his plans are and how he prepares for shows.

We last met before the spring MBPFW, what's new?

A lot has changed, but basically nothing at all. I still live in Prague, and every week I go to Slovakia for work. On the way I stop in Brno, where most of my work is sewn. I just feel more and more tired from everything. Perhaps it sounds exaggerated, but the last few months have been really challenging. A massacre, but a pleasant massacre.

You are really busy. Why don't you just have your designs sewn in one place to save traveling and worries?

Because I sew in such a large amounts that it unfortunately cannot be done in one place. This summer we also had wedding dresses and other projects in addition to the collection. Even this week, two days before the show, I hand over three dresses for the Elite Model Look finale night. For the future I am definitely thinking about my own workshop, but for the moment it works like this.

As for you, do you have any new plans, ambitions?

Plans and ambitions are as big as ever, and I am glad that I am beginning to fulfill some of them. A few months ago I decided to create a sister line of my original brand that will focus on unisex shirts and sweatshirts. I'm glad I finally got to work on it. This is a more affordable line available to the general public. I will introduce the first pieces this week at my MBPFW show.

Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2
Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2, Okolí Prahy

I'm glad you're fulfilling your dreams and coming up with new ideas. What made you create a sister line?

Not everyone can afford my fashion and I was thinking of doing something more accessible. Over time, dresses or something like that may be added. We'll see.

How did you prepare for Fashion Week?

Very intensively. As I said, most of my collection is sewn in studios in Brno. The rest of the collection is sewn in two studios in central Slovakia and also Prague. So putting it all together so that I can manage all the fittings and arriving everywhere in time requires the exact organization of my time.

Do you organize your time and everything around meetings yourself or do you need other people to do it?

I organize everything myself, but we will see how long I can keep it up. I'll definitely need an assistant in the future to keep everything going.

How do you plan your show? What interesting touches will it have?

Just this morning I'm going to arrange the music for the show so that it's full of energy and has a charge. In two days, I'm expecting a final fitting with models that are even better this year than last year. Models are the foundation and it is important how they present your dresses.

I understand. How do you choose the music for the show and the models that you say are so important?

As for music, I work with the best. DJ Schwa from the BEEF Records label currently prepares music for me. He is the best in the industry! As for the models, some of them are available from the MBPFW production, and some of them I choose myself.

Is your face still Aneta Vignerová or do you have someone new?

Nobody is surprised that Aneta will be the jewel of my show. It is already a given in the positive sense of the word. She is the person I started with, whom I still consult with and whom I trust. So it's nice to have her with me, and even though I'm really nervous, she always makes me feel good and cheerful. A friend for rainy days, as you Czechs say. ;))

What does your SS19 collection look like and what's interesting about it?

It still looks very “in progress” and that scares me a little (laughs). I do not want to reveal details, but I remain faithful to my style. I just try to make the cuts more sophisticated and the materials even better quality. Again I opted for light airy materials like silky satin and chiffon. The designs will be accompanied by wool costumes, which I am excited about.

Will you tell me at least what kind of lines there will be?

I won't, but of course I remain faithful to natural and very pleasant materials.

What was your inspiration when creating this collection?

Perhaps it sounds like a cliché, but my inspiration are always the women in my life. Their needs, moods and ambitions.

How long have you been preparing the collection and what was the most demanding part?

Preparation of the collection takes about three to four months, but the last two months are the most intense. For me, the most demanding part is probably the selection of suitable materials. Every time I design my clothes, I have an idea of a fabric I cannot always obtain. That's difficult. That's why the color palette is gradually shaped according to what I manage to get my hands on.

How many looks are there? For women and men...

This season there will be fifteen women's looks and three men's.

Is this a wearable collection or just for the show?

Definitely wearable fashion that is designed for people. I go for interesting styling that will add the show a touch of creativity.

To be honest, what I like about you is that you try to present wearable fashion on the catwalk, and you spice it up with something different. Don't you ever feel like creating something crazy?

I think my life here in Prague is pretty crazy, and that's enough for me.

Will the collection be sexy and revealing again, as is your custom?

My models are always sexy and that's how I like it. So far I'm not planning on changing it.

How much does it cost to sew a collection for the Fashion Week?

The price is different every time and always increases, and then it gives me a headache. But it is doable. If you sell and you have the prices set in a way that the customer is satisfied and you make money at the same time, it works. I will not tell you the exact price, but it is not a small sum and cheap affair.

What element is the most expensive?

Sewing and production itself is costly. I care about quality and quality costs something. Nothing is sewn with a hot needle.

In the last interview you told me what celebrities you prefer to work with, have you thought about a special campaign in which you would involve some of them?

As I already mentioned, my new project – the sister line of the brand STUDIO by Michael Kováčik, right after Fashion week I plan to shoot a campaign, the faces of which will be Karolína Chomisteková and Aneta Vignerová (with whom I shot my first campaign five years ago). So it will be a pleasant "reunion". I just haven't decided yet on the male representation.

What about your own boutique? Have you though about it?

Every designer thinks about having his own boutique, preferably in Paris or New York. But I keep my feet on the ground. I currently sell at the Privée Lounge boutique in the center of Bratislava (Gorského 5), where I am very satisfied. It is a very beautiful and well thought-out concept created by my good friend Andrej Kusalík and friend and client Natália Selveková. In Prague I am still looking for a suitable space/boutique. So we'll see what will come along. It's always about chance and good timing.

As far as your clients are concerned, I have heard of some collaboration with Monika Babišová, will you tell me more about it?

Monika has been my client for more than a year. She is a very pleasant and reliable client, with whom cooperation is pleasant.

What famous person do you like working with best?

I like working with all the people I work with. If I do not enjoy work with someone, I don't do it. That's my nature. If somebody behaved in a rude or unpleasant way, I would end it straight away.

Who do you dream about dressing if you could choose anyone?

I do not see it as a dream or ambition, but it would be nice to see my designs, for example, on Kate Moss.

As for fashion, have you not thought about teaming up with a particular brand or fashion designer?

I would definitely enjoy working with a quality local chain to bring my fashion to a wider clientele.

Fast confession:

What last upset you?

Maybe people's unpunctuality.

What is your motto?

Treat people the way you would like to be treated.

What foreign celebrity would you like to dress?

Yesterday I answered that question, Kate Moss probably, I like her.

What was your worst criticism?

I don't know if it qualifies as criticism, but when someone tells me I'm not good enough or I won't manage something. I do not know if this is criticism, but it makes me the most angry.

The sexiest woman in the world?

There are several. I really like Kate Moss, I know she's probably not sexiest, but for me she is.

And the man?

Ryan Gosling.
I agree.

Would you like to improve something on your body?

Well, if it was necessary or will be in the future, I certainly would. Of course, in moderation, so that it looks nice.

The best cure for a broken heart?

Time and alcohol.

What would you never forgive?

Never say never, so I don't know if I can name one particular thing. I will say betrayal, but betrayal can also be forgiven. Everything just takes time.

What do you look at first on people?

Overall, probably the face. I do not really notice eye color, which is pretty weird, but I perceive the overall look.

Do you remember the name of your first love?

Everyone remembers that.

Your favorite sport?

Doing nothing.

Do you think Czechs are the most beautiful women in the world?

For me, of course, the most beautiful are Slovaks, and then the Czechs.

What annoys you most about your friend Aneta Vignerová?

When she does annoy me, it's probably everything about her.
The interviewee asks the editor:

Are you coming to the show on Saturday?

I hope so, I hope I can make it.
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