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An interview with the well-known solicitor about how she brought back a husband instead of a souvenir from her holiday abroad, and also about her friendship with Jiří Kajínek.

Fast confession - Klára Long Slámová: About Kajínek, her family and fame

Barbora Hlaváčková
21.Dec 2017
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7 minutes

Klára Long Slámová became famous when she defended Jiří Kajínek and they have been friends ever since. She is pleased that he was pardoned, but her family is her greatest pleasure. She has prepared a Czech-American Christmas this year. In an interview for Luxury Life Prague the tough solicitor also spoke about how she functions in the role of mother and what it is like to make more money than her partners.

Are you satisfied with the pardon for Jiří Kajínek?

It would probably be odd if I said I wasn’t, of course I am. Even though it would have been best if proceedings were reopened. But we had submitted a petition in the past, and then Mr Kajínek submitted additional petitions, so we know that this was not the way to go. I’ve said for years that the only thing left to try was a presidential pardon and I’m glad that it was finally granted after all these years.

Have you seen Jiří Kajínek since the time he was released?

Several times.

What was he like, what impression did he give you during these meetings?

He is more relaxed, which is understandable because he is finally free. But he has not changed, he is still the same.

Byt s výhledem na Prahu - Karlín - 308m
Byt s výhledem na Prahu - Karlín - 308m, Praha 8

How is he coping with freedom?

He is coping. He remained in contact with the outside world throughout his imprisonment by means of the technologies that were permitted within the terms of his punishment and also through visitors, letters, the press and television.

You also visited him frequently in prison. What was it like for you then?

That was tens of visits. And they were not pleasant at all. Just those awful examinations and inspections. We needed to discuss things and we had a camera at our backs. There was always someone on guard in the doorway, so I was often worried about discussing matters that really should stay just between us, because this was about preparation of the case and its progress. Although every accused or convicted person is entitled to speak to his solicitor without the presence of a third party, I never knew if there was someone listening to us. We also needed to discuss some things for long periods and I couldn’t even take something to drink with me for example.

What do you think of things now, when Jiří Kajínek is being made into a star?

I don’t think I can express an objective opinion of that, because I am affected by the fact that he was my long-term client and we truly are friends. But I certainly don’t mind. Just the fact that he had to suffer through his battle for freedom. Why should he not reap reward for the injustice he suffered?

Why did you agree to take part in the Judgments by Klára Slámová programme, where you appeared in the role of judge?

I did something similar about ten years ago. I am familiar with this environment and, most importantly, it is a form of entertainment.

And did you enjoy it?

I do enjoy it.

There are many versions of similar programmes and actors play the judge and solicitors in all others except for Judgments by Klára Slámová? But the programmes still appear credible to viewers, they simply believe them. They even write letters asking the actors to judge them. Did you also get letters from people?

No. I assume that most people have sense and if someone is actually capable of writing such a letter, then nothing can help him. The programme is a form of entertainment.

So you weren’t worried that people would not take you seriously in real life?

No, it has absolutely no effect on real life. I also acted a little in that programme.

Do you watch series set in courts of law?

No. I like Game of Thrones for instance, in English.

How did the fact that you became a well-known face years ago help you in your profession. At the time it was thanks to the case of Kajínek?

I don’t know, because I never experienced anything differently to people knowing me. So I have no comparison. But it is true that I don’t have to advertise, because people call me themselves. Although I don’t think that this is because they have seen me somewhere, but because of my previous work. Most people contact me because they receive my contact information from people who I have previously represented. Or my clients require more services.

How difficult is it to acquire you as a legal representative?

It is very difficult right now, because I cannot make more time. And demand has exceeded the time I have available.

How do you choose which case to take and which to refuse?

I don’t accept some cases, which are far away from Prague, because it takes you all day to travel there. But otherwise I take cases that attract my attention in some way, they have to be interesting. It can’t be something I don’t like doing.

What do you find interesting, what do you like doing?

I enjoy criminal law, contracts and also guardianship cases and divorces. And there are a lot of those. I get a phone call regarding divorce practically every day.

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

Do you have some general advice for divorcing couples? What are they doing wrong?

Most of them absolutely refuse any sort of agreement, even though the agreement is frequently advantageous for them and is better and cheaper than going to court with an uncertain result. But these people are usually insistent and don’t want to come to an amicable agreement at any price, although it may be much better for them.

Are you ever worried that someone will want to take revenge on you?

No. I don’t decide a case, the judge does that.

Would you ever take a case for free?

Of course. There is always something. Some guardianship cases and criminal cases, or representation of injured parties.

What do you refuse, what would you not do?

I won’t take anyone who has clearly abused an animal for example. And also very serious crimes against children.

Do you take your work home with you?

Hmmm... I take it everywhere with me.

You have a two-year old daughter and a full work schedule. How do you manage to combine both worlds?

I try to work less, if possible. But there are always deadlines to meet, people who have appointments, you have to go to meetings, to hearings too. But I try no to do this full-time if possible. Even though it is unavoidable sometimes.

You are quite tough at work, are you more lenient at home?

I think I’m the same at home now....(laughter)

Your husband is American and you met on an island in the Pacific Ocean. Did you really travel to the other end of the world to get him?

That was love at first sight. We bumped into each other, we actually bumped into each other. On the jetty.

And how did it continue?

I couldn’t take him with me straight away, because we had to settle some formalities first of all. So I left by myself, but we knew we wanted to be together. So I started to deal with the paperwork here, and it was awful. And then I went back to get him.

Did you discuss where you would live and the Czech Republic won?

We never discussed any other version. It all arose automatically.

Your husband was your diving instructor, what does he do here?

He was the manager of a diving centre and he works with bikes here. Servicing and assembling new bikes.

How did an American living on an island in the Pacific Ocean manage the transition to living in the Czech Republic?

The language barrier is probably the most difficult. He works with foreigners a lot or with people who speak English, so he has no need to learn better Czech. But he is very satisfied here.

Which one of you does most of the housework? You are very busy with work.

We both do a little and we also have a helper.

Are you the main breadwinner?

With regard to what I do and how long I have been doing it for, it is practically impossible to find someone who would earn the same or even more, so that’s clear.

Have you experienced a relationship that ended because your partner was unable to come to terms with the fact that you are successful and earn more than he does?

No. I have always been with men who had a healthy confidence. On the contrary, they were glad I wasn't a timid housewife and that I am capable of arranging winter tyres for instance.

How do you celebrate Christmas? Czech style or American style?

We have both types. Mainly because of our daughter, because she is starting to understand. So a Czech Christmas Eve and then another surprise in the morning.

Do you have enough time to buy Christmas presents?

No, just for my daughter. I buy some things in the shops and I order some over the internet.

Which American tradition or holiday do you enjoy?

I like Thanksgiving Day, but the problem is that I don’t have time to arrange anything. And I always say to myself, next year......

Which language does your daughter speak? Czech or English?

Both. I speak Czech to her, my husband speaks English.

Can you imagine ever giving up the life you live now?

No. But I am trying to gradually reach a stage when I will only be at work for two or three days a week. We also considered moving away, but that is difficult. I would have to get rid of absolutely everything and I would not want to leave this country permanently. I love it here, it is my home. When I travel somewhere, which I like doing, I am very happy to return home. I am somewhere three days and I start looking forward to coming home again.

What is your opinion of the current political situation in this country?

There are some concerns but I think that we have nothing to complain about. Things could always be worse. And there are some specific protective mechanisms in place. While we remain members of specific organisations, then there are safeguards.

Why do you think that the mood in our society has changed so much in recent years?

People are spoiled, lazy and stupid. They believe it when someone promises them the moon. And if you incessantly tell someone how awful it is here, then the idiots will always believe you.

What makes you happy?

When it is nice and warm outside and I can take my little girl to a playground. I hate the cold. I am already looking forward to the spring, to barbequing and being able to be outside in the garden. I enjoy that. I like the village life around us, people gather on various occasions. This makes me happy. I am happy that I have been able to make my life as it is. I cannot imagine it being otherwise. I really am very satisfied. I wouldn’t like to change anything. I even enjoy my work, I don’t just do it for the money.

Fast confession:

Children – one or more?


Work or relaxation?


What did you last go to see in the cinema?

I think....It was a very long time ago. Avatar I think.

Who is a better life partner – a Czech or a foreigner?

It depends on the person.

Who would you rather have a glass of wine with – with Kajínek or Babiš?

With Kajínek. But Mr Kajínek doesn’t drink wine.

How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?

A lot.

Do you believe in love at first sight?


Your husband is a diver, how deep under the water have you been?

I don’t dive with equipment, so I have been down to three metres.

How do you relieve the pressure?

By working.

What makes you angry?

Work sometimes.

Your favourite piece of clothing?

Sports trousers.

What would you have been if you were not a solicitor?

A doctor.

Do you bake for Christmas?


Who will be our next president?

I hope the current one.
Question by the interviewee to the editor:

Cat or dog?

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