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She is beautiful, young and very talented! God must have made a mistake when he gave out gifts and gave twice to this blond girl. Kateřina is a passionate golfer and musical actor, she can sing and she has recently captivated audiences in a film role of Adina Mandlová. Many believe that she has a brilliant career ahead of her.

Fast confession - Kateřina Klausová: I am a good girl but don’t tell anyone

Tereza Janatová
12.Apr 2017
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Kateřina Klausová. šaty: Natali Ruden, foto: Jaroslav Urban

You have the status of a rising star. Is that a major commitment for you? Do you feel the need to defend this status and does it become a burden to some extent for you?

To be honest, I don’t like that status. Or rather than disliking it, I feel that it’s a poor choice for describing me because I have many years of hard work and development ahead of me. I don’t feel well when I work with actors who have experienced and achieved so much more but I happen to be labelled with this status so early in my career.

Why do you think you were given this label?

It may have been the role of Adina Mandlová. Maybe because a girl who has never played anywhere else before, has never been anywhere and has not graduated from any university. It was a surprise for me too. It was also around the time I started working on the Mamma Mia musical and the role of Adina in Lída Baarová followed.

You looked much more like Adina in the film. You don’t look much like her in reality. How long did it take to “turn you into her”?

Many people even had a problem with this – Adina was a bigger girl. But as far as the appearance goes, they shortened my hair quite radically and died it lighter blond. Then there was naturally the makeup and the layered waves did their job too.

Pronájem vily 10+3, 490m2, Praha
Pronájem vily 10+3, 490m2, Praha, Praha 5

What about the shorter hair? How did you cope with that?

Well... I wasn’t that excited by the hair but it’s so superficial when someone has a temper, doesn’t want to die their hair or cut it shorter. It didn’t mean that I wouldn’t be willing to make these changes for the role.

You said Adina was a bigger girl – would you put on weight for the role if they asked you to do that?

I wouldn’t like it much either but I probably would. I would probably try.

How much are you willing to do for a role? How far are you willing to go?

I have thought about this a lot but it is hard to judge when you don’t have the offer before you. These superficial changes like shortening my hair – I wouldn’t have a problem with that. I would have a problem with playing someone gravely ill. I have an inner issue with this. I don’t like to flirt with this. I must be superstitious but this scares me. On the other hand, I don’t have an offer of this kind, so I can’t really tell.

You mentioned you would have to be considering a specific offer. I will ask you then: would the role itself or the finance play a bigger role in your decision?

The theme is the most important for me. If a great project is not that well paid, I don’t care because I can see I would enjoy it, that people I find interesting work on the project.

Would you be perhaps willing to have a tattoo for a role? I know that makeup artists can create very realistic tattoos but if it was necessary...

It would depend on the tattoo. If it was something I would like a lot and could identify with, I would do it. Besides, I have lately been toying with the idea of getting a smaller tattoo, so I don’t think I would have a problem with that. But I say that now. I often appear to be going head first into everything but in the end, I am not so certain.

What would the tattoo be like? This summer, I saw a man with hockey players tattooed across his entire back. Something similar? (laughter)

Yes, precisely that (laughter). No, I am looking for some small symbol that would have a personal meaning for me. I draw it, keep it in a drawing for some time and try to find out if I get tired of it.

Have you chosen a place where you would have your tattoo?

Somewhere out of sight and if it were to be visible, I would have to think very hard about it.

Can you be more specific?

On my foot, so that nobody knows and I would also like it on the wrist. 

I know that you are old enough not to have to ask your parents for permission. But what would they say?

I still tell them everything and the reply is that I must have gone crazy and I should forget about it. But in the end, we always agree that I can do what I like.

Do you discuss your plans with your parents or do you simply announce your decisions?

I tell them, for example, that I’m thinking about a tattoo but they know that I keep thinking about it but in the end, I won’t go there.

So you still live with your parents?

I live in the same house with them but not in the same flat.

What will you do once you find a boyfriend and want to live with him?

That’s a question if we will live together. I like my own space, so a situation when both people have their own flat is ideal for me.

Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

Taking about housing – are you used to luxury housing? What would happen if you had a partner with completely different taste in living? If he was happy with a flat that’s not even nicely furnished.

I am used to certain standard. My mum has excellent taste and can create beautiful space for very little money. I would put it this way: I would respect what he wants to have in his flat and what I have in my flat is my business.

And if you were to move in together?

He would learn then. He would find out soon enough that my taste is better. (laughter)

Do you think it is hard for you to meet someone now? The combination of a beautiful and smart woman and in your case, also a famous woman tends to be deadly. Men fear women like you.

Seriously? I don’t know. If I am interested, I show it, so that they can see it. Then I wait for a response. But it seems that the response hardly comes here, in the Czech Republic. It’s better abroad. The boys there are not as afraid. But there is nothing to fear. And as for someone who would have a problem with me being seen in the media, I wouldn’t want to be with someone like that.

What should the man of your dreams be like?

I used to have this superficial idea but I have dumped that because in the end, we always meet someone who is totally different but we like them. I need the spark at the beginning – I need to see something that will excite me.

And do you think you have the spark?

I hope I do for someone. It’s a simple matter of getting along with some people and not so much with others.

You have a very busy program. What are your interests? Apparently, you even have less time for golf now!

I am enjoying acting, singing and dance so much that I would like to focus on this now to find out if this is the right path for me. On the other hand, I don’t want to throw away school and golf completely after fifteen years of making effort there. However, since I don’t want to become a professional golfer, I will need to put golf aside a little to gain space for acting and dance.

Don’t you feel that it’s a shame with golf? You even participated in Miss Golf. How important is this stage in your life?

Miss Golf is very important for me. It was a springboard for me. The competition gave me a nudge and I found the courage to audition for the Mamma Mia musical.

Appearance is the focus of this competition. How important is appearance to you?

I try to take care of myself, exercise and so on. I don’t go to extremes, I’m not a type that would focus on appearance from morning till evening.

Can you tell how much you invest into your appearance every month?

That changes so much. I may not spend anything one month and I may spend my entire pay from all musicals the following month. If I like something, I buy it or save for it.

Do you save for things? Can you manage money well?

Yes, I think I can. I have always been careful and have planned and saved. However, I have changed a little lately and try to enjoy myself. I can’t take my money to the grave. I put it aside for traveling. That’s very important for me.

Are you a good or bad girl?

That’s the worst to say about yourself that you are a good girl! Eighty percent of all potential partners will write me off immediately. But I thing I am generally a good girl. My parents raised me in such a way that I never felt the need to be naughty. I have no idea how they managed that.

Are you the golden child for your parents?

I treat them well but at the same time I am the most daring in relation to them. I am trying out my independence right now. I listen to their opinion but try to observe myself first and make distinction between the two.

Are you sometimes stubborn?

Yes, I am now. 

What about at work? What if someone commands that you do this and that while shooting a film?

I have always been taken aback by this. I struggle with this, trying to find a rational solution.

What if you had to strip down? Have you had an offer like this?

Not yet.

Would you take it?

I wouldn’t. Well, unless it was an offer from Victoria’s Secret. Hang on, do you mean being naked or in underwear?

Naked! What if it was part of the dream role you talked about?

I have no clear idea of this role to make that decision. I can’t tell until I actually receive the offer. My opinion now is that I would like to avoid striping down. I am shy enough on the stage even like this. I have very little experience, so it’s difficult because I’m not used to it. Although, may be it would help me to relax (laughter).


Fast confession:

What is your favourite colour?


Who is stronger? Men or women?

It depends on situation.

Good girl or nebo rebel?

Good girl.

Do you live in luxury?


What are you obsessed with?

Chewing gums.

What are you most afraid of?


Will you be going to heaven or hell?

I will jump from heaven to hell.

Who in your opinion is the most embarrassing Czech celebrity?

Probably all of the bloggers.

And who is the sexiest of the celebrities?

There are more than just one. Ryan Gosling.

Which film would you like to star in?

James Bond.

And alongside what actor?

Alogside Ryan Gosling.

How old were you when you first fell in love?


Live life your way or in the image of others?

Live life my way.

What would you never forgive your partner for?

Probably lies.

What makes you the happiest?

To make happy others.
Question by the interviewee to the editor:

You've got a nice microphone. This is your personal?

No, not my personal, I borrowed it from the cameraman.
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