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About children, her new album and politics ...

Fast Confession - Iva Pazderková´s Message to All Women: Don´t Wait to Start a Family, Life Will Pass you by!

Tereza Janatová
05.Aug 2018
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4 minutes

True luxury is time. Free time. If there is something she cannot tolerate, it is lies and cowardice. Perhaps that´s the reason she cannot stand the current Prime Minister, Andrej Babiš. How should one put it... They is money and "money".

Iva Pazderková plans the third album
Iva recently supported Tomas Klus
Her great passion is shopping. She does not say much about it

Luxury means different things to different people. What does it mean to you?

The greatest luxury is time. I know that it sounds like a cliché. But it really means that I can do sports at any time, at any time to go into the nature, be with my friends. That is what true luxury means. And as for material goods, the greatest luxury is to have enough money so that one does not have to worry about whether there is enough to pay the bills or buy food.

And do you have this material luxury?

I am grateful for the fact that I don´t have to worry about these essential things, because I work a lot.

Luxusní vila na Hanspaulce 940m
Luxusní vila na Hanspaulce 940m, Praha 6

Perhaps you work too much, at expense of that free time...

Yes, sometimes it is a problem.

Then one day you may have so much money that you won´t know what to do with it ...

That cannot happen to me, that is, I don´t know how to economise. Although I earn relatively a lot of money, I spend everything anyway. And I don´t buy any expensive handbags or shoes.

So what do you spend most money on?

Perhaps for food. And presents. And when you once every two years release an albm it costs something, too, and I produce it myself.

You have made two already. Are you planning a third?

Unfortunately, yes (laughs). And that is why I have had the same car for seven years. Because the money simply goes elsewhere. But I definitely want to publish a third, let´s say next summer.

Are you planning a tour with the album?

Certainly. We do few concerts, because there is no time. I have the best musicians who are very busy and, after all, so am I. But now I have finally contacted someone who will force us to put together some spring dates and there simply will be a club tour.

Recently there took place the Colours of Ostrava festival, have you been there?

I was, but it has left a bitter aftertaste. I have never actually concerned myself with finding out who is the main partner of a festival I enjoy. It was not my habit. Only thanks to Tamara Klusová I learnt that the main partner here is Agrofert. In any case, because it is a wonderful and unique festival, or just because of that, there should be a change. I understand that it would be a great financial loss, but I believe that there are other companies with funds that don´t come from Andrej Babiš, who would support such a fantastic event. Andrej Babiš is to me synonymous with a dangerous man, greedy for power, without any scruples. A criminally prosecuted Prime Minister - who is not afraid to lie, or cooperate with anyone, if there is material benefit for him - is not a Prime Minister whom I could respect and support.

You have now fulfilled one of your biggest dreams that lasted almost seven days, is that so?

Yes. With my boyfriend we walked a part of the Pilgrimage of Compostela (Way of St. James); the one which leads across the Pyrenees. In less than 7 days we walked about 136 kilometres. It was very demanding. After all it is still a mountainous terrain. But I have never experienced anything so beautiful and deep. I regret very much that because of work responsibilities we had so little time. This holiday was cut short already at the very beginning by about 10 days because we got an offer to host jointly with Pražský výběr (Czech rock band) the Rolling Stones concert, and one cannot refuse such an offer.

This is a big deal indeed. How did it all go?

Well, already the very start, when Michael Kocáb called me, whether I would perform with them. When we arrived, we were awaited by very strict security measures. This means that Pražský výběr too, as a visiting band had a marked out path and area, in orange colour, where we could go and where not, not only behind the scenes, but also on the stage. The Rolling Stones are carefully guarded, which is logical. But it was an incredible experience, with Pražský výběr, in front of thousands of people, in front of the Rolling Stones. Then we also had the opportunity to meet them personally. It was just for a few minutes, but really exceptional ones. The Stones were extremely polite, typically British. The complete opposite of their reputation of the early years.

In addition to the new album do you have other work plans?

I am preparing my first One woman show to last a whole evening. But I am not hard enough on myself. I have more writing stuff to do this year, I have a contract for a book, a new album, etc. So my guess is that it will take me half a year at least.

What are your ideas?

A classic stand up show, with interaction with the audience. For a moment the stupid blond is also to appear. But not for the whole evening, that would not be realistic. Nobody would be to stick it out, let alone me.

DO you need to have someone standing over you, to give you a little push?

Yes. In my case it is very useful. I must say that I often do things at the last minute. Until the deadline is absolutely burning, I simply keep procrastinating. Until the day comes when I must hand over the finished thing and at that moment I switch on. I don´t remember who said it, but I really like the quip: "I am like an olive, I produce the best under pressure".

It seems to me that you work increasingly more and even your future plans involve a lot of work. What about planning a family?

We are working on that, I am 38 already. So yes, we have plans, but we will see if we are going to be blessed with a child. I appeal to all the women who want children and have the right circumstances to have children before they are thirty. They should not wait. The chance of having a career will really not pass you by. On the other hand, life flies past.

And what are you willing to do in order to have your own children?

I am not sure about trying everything and at any price, if the natural way fails. It seems to me to be an extremely individual matter. For example now I think so, that I would try everything, but it is quite possible that with the first hormonal injection I would decide that it is not for me. With my boyfriend we have talked about other options. Children´s centres and institutions are full of children in need of help and parents.


Fast confession:

At which point a friendship is over for you?

When there is a big lie.

Which characteristic of a man you cannot bear?


Would you forgive unfaithfulness?

I do not know.

What do you think of first when you hear the word ´luxury´?

Free time, leisure, nature.

How much did the most expensive shopping spree cost you?

I do not know.

What would you never put on?

Something with a swastika cross on it.

Do you turn after a good-looking woman in the street?


Do you give people a second chance?


Do you have any phobia?

I have many.

What would you buy as the first thing if you won a million crowns in a lottery?

It is not so simple. It is not a simple question. I would need to give something for a good thing. And I would invest it in building plots somewhere on the edge of Prague.

What theatre role would you never accept?

A role in a bad play.

Three things which you cannot do without on holiday?

My boyfriend…that´s enough.

How much time per day do you spend on the phone?

Not much. Sometimes none.

What do you see as the biggest threat to mankind?

Unwillingness to think. Loss of common sense. Ignorance and hatred.
The interviewee asks the Editor:

Are you happy?

I am, thank you.
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