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On motherhood, the coronavirus and work

Fast Confession - host Gabriela Lašková: I always wanted two boys and a girl

Karolína Lišková
10.Jan 2021
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8 minutes

Many people remember Gabriela Lašková as the first short-haired Czech Miss, at that time she was still called Kratochvílová. Afterwards, she convinced the viewers of Prima TV that she wasn't another forgotten "Miss" when she started hosting the main news with Roman Šebrle. With the launch of CNN Prima News, she joined the morning show New Day, where she presented the news every half an hour. But now she is enjoying being a mother again. In September, she became a double mom. In the interview for, Gábi talked about the joys and sorrows of motherhood, but also about taking measures due to coronavirus infection during her pregnancy.

Gábi, so you have another child! What does your day look like?

Well... it revolves around children. (laughs) You have to entertain the older one while satisfying the little boy's needs as well. Sometimes it's quite difficult, but I wanted this, so now I'm "enjoying" it properly. One gets into such rush that you don't even know what day it is. But both boys are great. I'm not saying it's not difficult, but the little one sleeps a lot, he's not crying, so it's manageable.

What did they say at work? You got pregnant shortly after the first one, did they have a problem with it?

After the first childbirth, I returned to work after six months, it was manageable, my husband looked after him a lot. I knew I wouldn't be there for long and yet they were fine with it. I didn't encounter any complications, they just took it the way it was. Television was moving to a new format, so they were more worried if I'll have enough time for the launch, to put as much energy into it, which wasn't a problem. My pregnancy was fine, I worked normally all the way "until the last minute". I had no complications from their side, even now they are not rushing me. I had already discussed it in advance with them, that I would like to return, we have agreed to have a talk about it now at the beginning of the new year.

You experienced pregnancy and childbirth at the time of the coronavirus, were you afraid? Did you take any special measures?

Surprisingly, I wasn't really that afraid, I took it as it was. It started here in March, when I was already pregnant. I looked up information on how coronavirus can affect the baby during pregnancy, fortunately there was no such serious case. Of course, it can't be 100%, but it was reassuring. I don't know why, I wasn't that afraid, I decided it would be okay and we would manage everything. Of course, we were also more or less at home and we didn't have much contact with anyone and we followed the measures like everyone else. Rather, we made sure that the maternity hospital was ready for it. But I had a fantastic obstetrician who assured me that there was nothing to be afraid of, on the contrary, all measures were arranged there.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m, Praha 9

You and your husband both come from families of three children, now you have your own and on top of it your parents. How did you manage Christmas?

We wanted to see everyone, so we met gradually. We all reduced social contact before the holidays to minimize the risk of infection, and most of us managed to get tested, just to be safe. And like every year, it was a lot. We have three days of holidays to visit at least three families. I'm from a divorced family, so that means one more visit. As every year, it was interesting. But overall it was really alright. Family is important to all of us, so that's why we really enjoyed the time we were finally able to spend together.

You're not hiding the fact that your apartment is small... Have you looked for a house?

We have, but until we have it on paper, I decided not to announce it to the world. But a house has already appeared that would fulfill what we want. Near Prague, large garden.

So would there be a big move and another pregnancy?

That's not in sight yet. The third one would really only be possible when we know that the boys are bigger, and there is the time and the money for it. If we can afford it in all the possible ways, then I would like one more kid. And if it were a little girl, then it would be nice.

In my opinion, every woman wants a baby girl, because they can be more like friends, go out for a coffee and shop together.

Everyone keeps telling me this all the time, it's obvious that I would probably want to experience it. But I've always had the idea of ​​having two boys and a girl. I wanted to be a boy's mom, I wanted to go to their races, to soccer and hockey matches. Boys are really fun. But the fact is that when I see my sister, who now had another baby girl, I would probably really like to experience it too. But it's weird to say it this way, because you can't influence it, and if we had a third boy, we'd be just as excited.

Childbirth is said to be the greatest pain a woman can experience in life. Still, women quickly forget and go for it again. How was it in your case?

Although the second childbirth was less painful, there was a moment of fear that I would not want to experience for the second time. So right after that, I definitely didn't think about a third child. Over time, you'll forget a little bit about all the physical aspects of childbirth, and when you finally hold your baby in your arms, you already think of having another one.

When the contractions start, are you afraid?

I'm more afraid of the childbirth itself, if it will go well.

Not the pain?

No, I wasn't afraid of the pain. I was worried if everything would go well. Fortunately, everything was alright during the first one, the pain surprised me, because I didn't know what I was getting into, but it was bearable. Plus, I just didn't allow myself to think anything would happen. The second childbirth was very nice, I don't think it hurt that much and the contractions were bearable. But the little one had a tangled umbilical cord around his neck. They started watching us more, they were already considering a c-section so that he wouldn't accidentally damage his brain from lack of oxygen. That was stressful and at the time I was really scared. I won't lie, I would definitely be afraid of the same thing happening during the next childbirth.

On the other hand, we have amazing obstetrics and great doctors. I was very happy, because they looked after the baby from start to finish, they managed the whole birth well and we avoided the c-section. The baby came out fine, beautifully pink and screaming. I would go for it again, because I feel like I'm in good hands and one can't only think about things going wrong. Sometimes you can get overwhelmed with two kids, but the fun and love, the way they hug you, is more fulfilling for me than how draining it sometimes is.

I know you've always loved traveling, but traveling with a large family can be complicated, have you thought about buying a RV?

We probably wouldn't buy one, rather we'd like to rent one. But we were thinking about that back in the day when there was still just the two of us. It would be a little more difficult with children. We'll see, so far we've been on a vacation with the first son. When I was pregnant, we were considering Croatia, but that was already late into my pregnancy and we didn't lack anything, it was enough for us to go swimming in the pond. But of course, we would like to go somewhere, to see something new, because traveling is very nice. But with children it is a completely different story. (laughs)

Do people recognize you on the street, even if you don't live in the center of Prague? Do they still remember you were a Miss?

Some. When I had short hair, the boyish haircut, they kept reacting to it. I don't know if they remembered it or something. Otherwise, not especially, I don't even think about it or notice it anymore. But here in the stores around us, yes, this is our small community. And when I used to go to work and I put on make-up, they said they knew me from somewhere.

It's been seven years since the Miss, would you go for it again?

Yes, but not during this period now. Back then, when I was twenty-three, I would have gone for it again. It was a beautiful experience and a big adventure. I think it finally pushed me further, even when it comes to self-knowledge. But now in my thirties, not a chance.

The contest has changed a bit over time, I would say for the worse rather than for the better…

It's not for me to judge, I don't know how the contest is doing now. For us, the team and organization worked great, for us it was a huge experience. We had a lot of friends, we really worked as a team. The contest still had a certain class, they tried their best to keep people entertained. At that time, one wanted to participate because they saw it as a beautiful opportunity, something that had a meaning and could give them something valuable. Now, honestly, I don't know how the contest is doing. But it always depended on why the participant was going for it. I went only because I could. I was in college, I had nothing to lose, I wanted to try it out.

Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4

Who was there with you, Monika Leová?

Yes, and Lucka Kovandová. Both of them are about to become moms now.

Are you still in touch?

Monika lives here in Vysočany, all of us always meet up.

How does the older son perceive the arrival of his little brother?

He needs more and more attention now. But he is happy to have him, he goes to pet him or kiss him, he just needs him to grow up a bit more.

What about your dog, is he jealous?

We had actually been very worried about that before Vincent was born. When I was pregnant, he started growling during those last few months for an unknown reason, he was slightly aggressive towards us. It was quite worrying, we didn't know what to do about it. We had to contact the coach Adam Holeksa, who'd trained him when he was a puppy. We really had to seek some help. He would always hide in the corner or under the table, growling and looking like he was going to bite. We didn't understand what he was reacting to, what had happened to him. We got a lot of tips on how to train him and what to do with him. It more or less worked, but it stopped only when Vincent was born. So if he reacted to any uncertainty about the pregnancy, I don't know.

We took Hugo from the shelter, he's our rascal. He doesn't like other dogs, only females, he is stubborn, he has a very specific nature. But he is incredibly friendly to people, he is very kind to Beníček, so we didn't understand what was going on back then. He was suddenly distrustful of us, too, of Philip, his beloved master. He was really hostile, but fortunately he had come around after Vincent's birth. Also because of him, we will have to find a house so he can have his garden and peace (laughs).

You have two children and you still look like the Miss you were seven years ago. What's your secret?

I have no idea, but I can't fit into my old pants yet. During the first few months, I thought I'd never lose the weight, but I'm not complaining. I think it will disappear on its own. The marathon around Ben and the need to clean up and cook at home, to go for walks with the kids and the dog, it will do its thing.

Do you have time to go to a beauty salon?

I didn't with Ben, it's better with Vincent. Since it's for the second time now, you already have the practice. I'm not so scared anymore, I prepare the milk for my husband in the morning and I can step out for a while. He already has practice as well and doesn't panic, even though he has respect for it, which I like. Sometimes he praises me for being apt when I manage them all day alone (laughs).

But one can't be perfect, it's not possible, you would go crazy. One should be satisfied and I am satisfied. My husband is a great support to me, the children don't misbehave and I'm looking forward going back to work. What more is there to wish for...?

Gabi, thank you for the interview.

Fast confession:

What would you be willing to pay for an eight-hour uninterrupted sleep?

Well, at first I would say anything, but when I think about it more, nothing, because one would just get spoiled.

What was the last thing that made you cry?

Probably my son's confession this morning.

Do you still remember when and where was the last time you were as a majorette?

2014 European Championship and then bye bye.

What was the last thing your husband made you angry with?

Probably some triviality.

What is the most valuable piece of advice from your mother?

To always be myself.

What's your worst nightmare?

Illness in the family.

What does first come to mind when I say the word 'childbirth'?


Will you have yourself and your family vaccinated against the coronavirus?

Probably yes.

Would you like a girl?

I would like a third child, but if it will be a girl, that doesn't matter.

Any New Year's resolutions?

I never make them.

How much do you miss the TV from 1 to 10?

The happy medium, more like seven.

Who do you think is the sexiest mom in the world?

Eva Herzigová.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Probably at home with three children.

What did the coronavirus take and what did it give you?

It reassured me of the values ​​I have and probably gave me more fear for my family.
The interviewee asks the interviewer:

How are you?

I'm fine, thank you!
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