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About her son, work and future

Fast Confession - Former TV Nova presenter Michaela Ochotská: Working in healthcare has always been my dream

Karolína Lišková
21.Jul 2021
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8 minutes

Most of the nation remembers this nice blondie as the presenter of the primetime news show on TV Nova, Televizní Noviny, alongside Pavel Dumbrovský or as the wife of tennis player Lukáš Rosol. It has been many years since she left the media world (2013, ed.) and moved back to Moravia, where she comes from. Sometimes, however, this mother of a preschooler returns to Prague. We interviewed her on that occasion. In her interview for, Míša told us what she is doing now, what she makes a living from, talked about her son and also a little about her private life, which she keeps really close to her chest...

Míša, tell me how you're doing, what are you up to? How did you spend the last coronavirus year?

I'm good, thank you for asking. In the time of covid, we found our routine and it worked for us quite well. When everything started to open up again, we were looking forward to being able to go to the pool, to the cinema, go somewhere for wellness and on vacation.

And everything worked out. Thank God, little Andreas and I have already managed two holidays. It was a working holiday for me, but Andreas enjoyed it to the fullest. We visited two beautiful resorts in Moravia and it was great for us.

Your dad was on the front line, how did you all experience covid? Did he tell you stories from work?

The beginnings, when no one really knew what covid would bring, were challenging and of course, we were worried about him. Thanks to him, we actually had all the information and stories of doctors, nurses and patients first-hand. Today the situation is different. I dare say better and I hope it will only get better.

Prodej luxusního rodinného domu, Praha 5 - 214
Prodej luxusního rodinného domu, Praha 5 - 214, Praha 5

You also started working at a hospital, in healthcare.

Working in healthcare has always been my dream and it was actually my dad's dream too. So it worked out for us, we both work in healthcare. It's a double joy because you know you're helping people.

But you are in the administration department.

Yes, I'm mainly in administration. By being in constant contact with the chief of staff, we deal with people's stories, all the events concerning covid and so on, on a daily basis.

Didn't you consider finishing your medical education and becoming a nurse?

Probably not.

Did you or your loved ones have covid?

If we had it, we don't know about it. On the other hand, I think that in all this time, it would be strange if we didn't catch the virus. So I personally think we probably had an asymptomatic form, so we don't know about it.

What do you think about vaccination? What vaccine? You were vaccinated relatively early. How come?

I've already been vaccinated because I'm working on vaccinology at the vaccination centre. We vaccinate around 200 patients a day with Pfizer, which I was also vaccinated with and fortunately had no side effects.

How do you actually find living in Moravia to be?

Beautiful, the nature here is magical. If necessary, we go to Prague for a while. But our real home is in Moravia.

Do you miss Prague? How often do you come here and for what reasons?

I do not miss it. If I missed it, we would probably live there. But we are not missing anything here. And if we remember Prague, we take a trip there. I have a lot of friends in Prague that I like to visit and I use the opportunity to fulfil some work obligations.

In general, how has your life changed since leaving Prague? What would you do differently in your life, for example?

I think my life has calmed down. In Prague, I didn't know a moment of rest, it was all events, parties, hosting. You can't rest there. When my son was born, I withdrew and began to enjoy family life and do what I enjoy. And as to whether I would do something different? I wouldn't. Everything is as it should be and should have been.

Moravia is a big topic in the news after the tornado now.

It's a huge tragedy, to lose everything in a short moment. I have no words. I am terribly sorry for all the people who do not have a roof over their heads. But I was pleased with how many people tried to help Moravia immediately. I shared several funds, crowdfunding campaigns and expeditions in connection with the tornado on my social media, and a lot of people got involved. That is nice.

Do you make your son aware of such things? And that help is needed?

Certainly. I'm, you could say, both a mom and a dad in a skirt, because Andreas and I spend most of our time together. Mostly it's up to me, so I don't want him to be a spoiled brat who doesn't appreciate things. From an early age, I lead him to appreciate things, to help, to know what the right values are.

He saw the footage on TV and asked what happened?

He didn't see it, he isn't watching the news yet. He is still a small child, I try to protect him when it comes to these things, if possible of course. He instantly switches to children's programs on the TV.

Are you that strict?

He has thumbnails of his favourite games, songs and fairy tales on the tablet. He does not surf the internet directly. He is still too small to look things up on there. He will only just be going to school.

Luxusní vila na Hanspaulce 940m
Luxusní vila na Hanspaulce 940m, Praha 6

You have a lot of beautiful modelling photos on your Instagram. Are you a model or is it just product promotions?

I'm not a model, no (laughs). I've never wanted to consider myself one. Thank you for the compliment, but the photos were taken as part of product promotion. It is my job.

So can I call you an influencer?

That is more or less the case. I'm probably a bit of an influencer, halfway at least.

What are you promoting, who do you work with?

Of course, I get approached by various companies, but I am not the type of person who would take on every product, even if it is well paid. I usually try to give the product a try for myself first, so that I know what I'd actually recommend, what I like and dislike. I also like to recommend things that are praised by my colleagues in the industry, my friends... Or when I am approached by prestigious clients such as Nivea or Nescafé, these are brands I have used for years and I am honoured to be able to work with them.

Do you miss being on TV?

Not at all. A year before Andreas was born, I withdrew from public life and devoted myself fully to my private life. I turned down all media events, television, interviews, hosting and so on, and enjoyed travelling and private life. I think when it comes to being a presenter, I've gotten "fed up" with it, as they say, I really don't miss it.

That's interesting, everyone says they miss it, especially the nice memories.

I have those, and nothing can change that. I remember this period very fondly. As a twenty-three-year-old girl, I had the opportunity to present the most-watched show, that's just the dream. I devoted myself to this wonderful work to the maximum for five years and then I decided to leave and devote myself to family life.

I quit at just the right time, I felt I needed a change. It was five years of a life devoted to routine for me. The change was to pay more attention to myself and family life. I know you probably don't associate me with that stuff, but I'm still the happiest when I'm wearing sweatpants with the little one playing in a sandbox.

Are you still in contact with anyone from Nova?

I'm in contact with a lot of people.

And with Pavel Dumbrovský?

We are also in contact with him.

Are you planning some kind of reunion? I would love to see the whole old gang together.

This is difficult because we all live our lives. We have so much on our plates, our families, jobs, responsibilities. The more people try to meet, the worse it gets. But Pavel and I were just messaging each other that we have to go out for coffee now that stuff is getting better. I'm looking forward to seeing Pavel, because we were very close for a few years, you spend an awful lot of time together. I dare say that he spent more time with me than with his wife (laughs).

What about your son? How did he manage last year when kindergartens were closed?

Thanks to the fact that he has an active mother, I managed it very well, I think. We would always think of something. We went out to nature, bought roller skates, bicycles and went to the park, we baked together, we would always be creating something. André is starting first grade in September, so we were already learning to slowly read, write, count…

Do you also have some online classes?

Andreas has been learning English for three years now, so now we have regular online lessons.

Does he realize that his Dad is a famous tennis player?

I do not think so. Rather, he realizes that his father travels abroad a lot for tennis.

Nobody takes pictures of him.

He always laughs when we go somewhere together and someone asks me for a photo or an autograph. It's an experience for him, that someone is taking pictures with his mother and it makes him laugh a lot. And when someone on the street just greets me, whether it's a neighbour or a saleswoman, he immediately says, "Mom, they know you from TV and that's why they greeted you, right?

Will he be a tennis player? Is he already gravitating towards something? What is he interested in?

The way tennis is always being pushed on him, I think he's already allergic to it. Now he says he wants to do karate, be a firefighter and an EMT. I'm not pushing him into anything. I give him the freedom to let him choose which sport or hobby he will enjoy. So far, we are trying everything so he has stuff to choose from.

You said how much you like patisseries, but you're so skinny.

This is all the stress I was in because of the court battles. Stress is a good diet, but of course, it doesn't add much to your health. All of yesterday, when it wasn't raining, I was pulling weeds in the garden, I still have dirt under my nails. You really can't compare the outside to the inside much.

You brought up the court. You'd said it was working out with Dad...

We work out as parents, and that's important. All my acquaintances who have gone through this say that the harsh edges will get smoother over time. I thought it would be sooner, I'm waiting for it and I hope it will be as soon as possible. We are a family, and we will still be a family. I want to push aside my ego, slander and lies. I advise others to do the same. Push this aside and in the first place keep being Mom and Dad, a family.

He has already re-married.


You have your own life too. So there's no reason for it not to work out on the parenting basis...?

I think so too. But as my acquaintances who have gone through it say, give it time, it will get easier one day. It will probably take more time with us.

How is it with you and parenting?

I have sole custody of Andreas and he sees his father regularly. My ex-husband and I get along mainly as parents, and I believe that our relationship will become better and better over time.

You said you were happy in your private life. Will you reveal more?

No. You know why? I have one beautiful answer. Not everyone wants to be discussed in the media or want to be written about. I have wonderful people around me and I absolutely respect this. I've been through this and I know it's not pleasant, so I don't think everyone belongs there.

Does this mean that your new partner is not a public figure?

Even if he were, let him be discussed in the industry in which he works. If he were an excellent economist, businessman, doctor, athlete. Let him be discussed in the industries in which he works, and not in connection with where he goes for coffee and whether he was somewhere with his partner and the like.

I assume that one day you will still want to get married, and maybe have another child...?

Not so much get married. I had a wonderful wedding with everything, with the whole family, close friends... once was enough. But if my new partner really wanted a wedding, maybe I'd do it one more time. However, I would still like another baby.

What are your plans for the future, what are you looking forward to?

I'm looking forward to the holidays. We have to enjoy them to the fullest with Andreas now, because he will be starting school in September and the compulsory attendance will begin. In kindergarten, I could excuse him sometimes and just not have him go, but in school, especially in the first grade, it will not work. We will enjoy the holidays, we would also like to go somewhere to the sea, if the situation allows.

Míša, thank you very much for the interview, I was really happy to see you.

Fast confession:

Fast Confession - Michaela Ochotská:

Who do you think is the best Czech TV presenter?

Definitely Leoš Mareš.

What would you say to the people of South Moravia?

Lots of strength, they will need it.

What do you miss about Prague?

Restaurants and patisseries, I'm a big foodie.

Who do you think is the best Czech tennis player?

Ivan Lendl.

What did your son inherit from you?

Only the best.

What did the coronavirus give you and what did it take?

Covid took my freedom and gave me a reassessment of values ​​we didn't realize before.

The most beautiful memory from your TV presenting period?

There were a lot of them, but if I had to pick one, it was probably hosting Miss Europe and World Princess on an ocean liner, where we sailed across the sea and woke up every morning in a new country.

What is the greatest luxury for you?

I guess to have a clear head without bad thoughts, to climb into bed with your son, make popcorn and watch some nice fairy tale.

Who do you think is the most solid politician in the Czech Republic?

I would probably rather avoid politics because that is a difficult topic.

If you could choose, would you go to dinner with Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Orlando Bloom?

Probably Clooney.

What's the first thing about a man that catches your attention?

That's more things - the character, the look, and the vibe the guy needs to have.

What was the last reason your son made you laugh?

Well, we laugh every day, because he really loved to laugh, but to make it one thing - he still claims that one day he'll marry me and I'll be his wife and we'll have babies together... (laughs)

What do you consider your life's greatest accomplishment?

I managed to fulfil my dreams, which is a career, graduating from a prestigious university, and my son is the main one. I'm a proud mom.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In politics. (laughs)
Question by the interviewee to the editor:

How did you sleep?

Not much after I saw what happened in South Moravia.
I get it.
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