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About career, fear of love and humility

Fast Confession - Eva Perkausová: I Give Relationship Time, I Want to Know whether it is a Serious or Pretended Love

Karolína Lišková
16.May 2018
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8 minutes

In the past she used to blow kisses in the tabloid programme Top Star Magazine, now she smiles at the audience from the position of a sophisticated anchorwoman of TV Prima newsreel. Twenty-four year old Eva Perkausová who is, in addition to stunning blue eyes and a wide smile, adorned by an enviable sexy body with natural D-cups, in an interview with Luxury Prague Life confided what the change in hosting means to her. In addition, she spoke of the problem of finding true love…

Eva, for a while now you´ve been engaged as a presenter of FTV Prima News instead of Top Star. How do you feel about this great jump?

I am much calmer than I was at the beginning. But the first impressions were crazy because suddenly I was moved from a tabloid programme to news reporting, and that is after all a great leap. And not only for the viewers but for me, too. I had to change what was happening around me and above all to widen my horizon. I must know what I am talking about, I simply have to have general knowledge of politics as well as what is going on in the world. The new job actually changed my whole life.

A lot of people think that your task is only to read the information and that´s that.

It certainly is not a case that one would come to work, read something and go home. Not at all. We have to come, find out, read up what´s happened that day, see what reports have been prepared. We amend the text so that we manage to say it, so that we can pronounce it well, then we learn the texts, look at each reportage separately so that we know what we are actually talking about, and only then can we go into the studio.

The first live broadcast had to make you really nervous.

It did. Up to that time the most stressful moment was my graduation exam. The first broadcast surpassed all my boundaries. I was so nervous that I heard my own heartbeat. I thought to myself that the director must hear it too because of the microphone. Curiously enough, it all turned out according to my wishes, perhaps even better, but of course I continue working on it, I have to keep improving. But when I came out of the studio, everyone was asking whether I was nervous at all, because they said they couldn´t tell. I am still nervous. But I am pleased that the nervousness is not obvious.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m, Praha 10

What about Roman? Did he support you? I have a kind of feeling that he is a cool athlete who his above such stresses.

When Roman started at the post of a presenter, it had to be much more difficult than for me. He had no experience in front of the camera, I did at least have some. He kept me calm the entire time, giving me psychological support. To this day I am grateful for that because I think that he should take credit for the overall result, too.

For how long do you see yourself in the news?

I actually do not know. It is work that fulfils me and I of course accepted the offer knowing that I am standing in for Gabi who will return. Whether that will happen in the order of weeks or months, I don´t know.

Did the structure of your fans change?

Yes, I feel that it has changed. The news is watched by a completely different group of people than Top Star. I also perceive that from the comments, that there are different fans.

Is it a positive change?

To tell the truth, there were more negative reactions in Top Star. For example, when I blew a kiss at the end of the programme, which was just a kind of farewell gesture, some people minded it. Here nobody has ever written to me anything negative. I am profoundly pleased that I did not have any negative responses. And even when I read other debates, there was a positive feedback. And it is just in such discussions that people don´t need to string me along.

You really read discussions?

Yes, I do. Since the beginning of my work at Prima, I have been telling myself that I will not read them. Everyone knows that it is a living hell because the contributors can be really awful, but I´ve been nonetheless reading it; and do so to this day. And I think I will continue to read them in future. I know, don´t laugh, it is suicidal. (laughter)

That plays into my hand. The question of nudity. You have twice made some daring photo shoots for Playboy. As a news presenter you should probably forget about such things in future, do you agree?

Yes. Well, it´s like this, if this were a photo session for Playboy, which is under the aegis of Prima, there would not be any problem. Of course everything has its limits, but if a concept is participated upon by a team of professionals, you know that the result will be worth it. However, I am not planning any photo-shooting at the moment.

It is not so long ago that Roman showed off his sexy behind on social networks.

If he shows it again I will not be upset. (Laughter) But it is simply a fact that being engaged in news reporting you have to have more control, moderate your behaviour. It probably doesn´t go with this profession to take daring selfies in a bikini on the beach; it would not be as acceptable as during the Top Star Days. This is not to say that I will only wear polonecks and talk like an encyclopaedia, but I will tone down photos on social networks. However, I am still twenty four and I still discover things, have something to learn.

And how about men? I noted the last reference about you having a partner exactly a year ago.

There was no change in my private life since then. I do not want to repeat myself, but I will not officially go public about any man until I am sure that I am going to be with him for some time, that he is right for me, that I am in love. Then I can go public. Until then I keep such things to myself.

Is it not difficult in your position to find true love? After all, every man wishes to take a picture with you, invite you to dinner, marry you... How would you know that you can trust that man?

That is true. It is really hard to believe that a man loves me for myself and not because I am on television. Therefore when I am in a relationship I want to give it time to really get a feeling whether it is serious, or whether it is a pretended love. Everything takes time.

I have to ask about Tomáš Krause, does that pretended relationship still continue?

It´s like this, we have never had a pretended relationship. We have only started to publish crazy photos. The media interpreted it as us having a fictitious relationship, which we did not even want, but then we caught onto it and decided to fuel it. Anyone who knows Tomáš knows that he is like an unguided missile, not afraid of anything. I have no discipline either, so when there is an opportunity of making fun of something or someone, we make use of it. But that is over. In addition, we don´t meet with Tomáš. The Top Star and Divošky newsroom are elsewhere than ours. So we meet to a minimal extent.

Well, I will not torment you with it any longer. Tell me about your news, the theatre. I had no idea that you are going to rehearsals!

That is news for me too. That offer took me by surprise. The play is called Three Stewardesses in Paris, it is directed by Hanka Gregorová, I appear in it with my colleague Mirek Šimůnek, David Gránský, Eva Burešová … we are a great team. I portray an American stewardess so I have an American accent and speak Czech quite badly. Who knows the play will know that it is about an architect who has three stewardesses - one from Germany, second from Russia and the third from America. So all three of us have not only a dialect but a different nature, too. I am always cheerful, happy, a flirt - I think that the role fits me very well. (laughter)

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

The première is 9. May in Mladá Boleslav and 26. May in Prague.

You have never said that you wanted to act in a theatre...

I do have minimum acting experience, but I have never imagined that I would act in a theatre and I have never gravitated towards it. But I must confess that I enjoy acting more than appearing in front of the camera. It is interesting. But so far it is only rehearsals, so I cannot say what it will be like elsewhere, in a different theatre.

In the Fast Confession you said that you finally got the dates of your holiday and that you will go as a whole family, how many people does that involve?

Three. (laughter)

Certainly my Mum and brother will go, they go every year. And if my other brother with his daughter would go too I don´t know yet. But the three of us will go definitely. This is one holiday, but I have one in mind too, to go with friends or with my boyfriend, as we have discussed… (Laughter)

And where would you go?

With my family to Rhodes, my Mum loves it there, we go every year. There are very nice people there, nice surroundings, clean sea. The second holidays....there are no plans made year it will be a last minute decision.

Do you go anywhere with your father?

No, no, we haven´t seen each other for years. I don´t know anything about my Daddy.

Am I not stirring a wasps' nest?

No, that has appeared in the media repeatedly… Dad spoke one day to the media and told them some invented history of our family, which I felt sorry about. That was once when I knew about him, but I don´t understand it to this day. If he wanted to contact me, he would do it, but he never did. This is about all.

Did you talk to him? Maybe this will be a bite for him here…

I do not feel any resentment, but there has been much disappointment as far as I am concerned, that I cannot say that I forgave him. I would certainly talk to him, after all, he is still my Dad. But I with to get in touch with him. I believe that that goes for us both.

I wanted to ask about sport, I have before my eyes one older photo, where you are in the bridge position, lifting one leg into the air, it seems that you do Yoga every day.

(Laughter) You know what, I have always done sports. I played tennis on professional level, dance, through ballet, gymnastics, but that was as a child. I perhaps still have the flexibility. I don´t do stretching at all. I do sports now as recreation. Sometimes I go for a run, sometimes I go to a fitness centre, but certainly no hard work. Rather I do it occasionally, to feel good that I am doing something, that I engage in some physical activity, that I don´t just sit on my bum.

Do you want to tell me that that divine body is merely the result of youth and good metabolism?

(Laughter) Thank you for the compliment and yes, that is possible. Because how much I eat and how often I exercise cannot cover it. Now I have to say that I haven´t been for a run, exercise, nothing, and everything is cool. Some models will say that they eat a lot and then you see them nibbling at salad, but that is absolutely not my case. For example for lunch I will have a starter, main course and a dessert and two coffees - just for lunch! In the evening, without thinking I will have a portion of spaghetti and pudding, too. I eat a lot.

Yet I wonder whether comparisons with Lucie Borhyová is unpleasant to you. Have you two met?

Once I saw her at some event but I myself have not yet been in showbiz. At that time I was surprised that she is small and fragile, but many people are surprised by that in my case, too. Camera adds weight and height too, when people see your whole figure.

This comparison, I think, is not necessary. We are both notable blonds, a wide smile, blue eyes… but comparing us, I think, is nonsense. We are all different and we cannot resemble anyone. Once a presenter tries to emulate another one, he is not himself. The overall impression is then simply wrong.

Was it your dream to sit in the presenter´s chair?

It wasn´t, I do not know. Since I was little I followed the showbiz world, shows, models, anchorwomen, but I never imagined that I will be part of it. I wanted to be a model, but then I eventually found that thanks to my measures I could be a photomodel at best. However I enjoy myself in front of the camera, I am an exhibitionist. I am pleased that it worked out like this. I am happy.

Thank you so much for the interview, I wish you the best of luck.

Fast confession:

How much did your life change over the last year in one sentence?

It has changed rapidly.

Name at least one negative characteristic of Roman Šebrle.

We have known each other briefly to I cannot say. It is yet to come.

The biggest embarrassment of your life?

It was clearly visible that my dress is held together by a pin. I do not know whether the viewers even noticed it, perhaps not.

Tell your favourite tongue twister

from your elocution lessons.
Drbu vrbu, drbu vrbu, drbu vrbu...

What is your nightmare?

A car accident.

Next year it´s your 25. birthday - do you have any wishes, as to what would you like to get as a present?

It is too far in future, so I do not have any yet, but I would certainly like a celebration together with my family and friends.

Do you think that Babiš should leave the government?

With regard to the fact that in the news we talk about politics a lot, I would not like to express my opinion on it.

When did you last tell someone that you love him?

Just today at the theatre rehearsal. I had to say “I love you” to my colleague, so I enjoyed that.

Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

It is a terribly long time, I can see myself behind a presenter´s desk, at a theatre or even with a baby.

Which part of your body will once go through 100% plastic surgery?

It cannot say it definitely, but I think that sometime - after children, I will consider breast augmentation.

Whom and how did you make someone happy the last time?

My family, when I announced the dates of my leave so that we could go together on holiday.

What will reliably make you embarrassed?


What do you never spend money on?

Artificial flowers.

What was the biggest misdeed you have ever forgiven someone?

My Mum, she let two canaries out of their cage.
The interviewee asks the Editor:

Your greatest sin?

I think a lie - my mother.
We have all been there sometime... (laughter)
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