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Fast Confession - Eva Decastelo: Losing weight According to Tips of a Hollywood Trainer

Karolína Lišková
15.Aug 2018
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Small, but clever. Eva Decastelo has been adding fun to Czech show business for many years now, whether as the "smallest model in the world', or as presenter and actress. But out of it all she feels the best in the role of a mother. Thanks to her husband she could devote herself to children full-time, but that would not be the Eva we know; she has plenty of energy left over for work, too. She made time for Luxury Prague Life shortly before a performance on the roof of the Harfa shopping centre, where she performed in a thirty-degrees Celsius heat wave in a comedy Next Time I Will Kill Him Myself.

Eva, I have read somewhere that you have put on weight and that it bothers you…

It is not that I am angry that I put on weight. I just said that, because it is an excellent way of avoiding responsibility, that is if you say it in advance, then everyone will start to say: "Come on, it is not so bad, actually it is quite good."

I have a great advantage in that whenever I put on some weight, although some of it goes on the belly and the bottom, most of it goes on the breasts, which means that in view of the fact that I will be forty, I know exactly how do I set the photographs, where I should pull something in and how to turn so that the result seems like I have a flawless figure.

I don´t think you put on much.

I lost it again, now since July, I have shed four kilos.

Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4

I put on weight because I eat a lot and don´t work hard, and then when I do work, I eat the same; but it is because some people have a sweet tooth, some like savoury snacks, but I like everything. I really am able to have a steak tartar, then dumplings and top it off with some ice cream and I have no problem with that. I can put it all away and in three hours I am hungry once again. Because I work in the evening, I eat like that at even at midnight and then I go to sleep. And then I don´t put anything on. But when I don´t have to work like that I don´t move and the weight piles up quickly.

But here you wanted to order a vegan salad, so you do look after your diet…

That is precisely it, when it is so hot, that it is hard even to breathe, the good thing for me about it is that I lose my appetite. I feel like it all the time, but I am not able to eat things that the body finds difficult to process.

As long as it is this hot, I will continue to lose weight, because I am going to eat practically only salads, since I am not able to function on anything else. Because I have a lot of theatre acting to do, I have to function well - I can't fall asleep in the middle. People probably wouldn´t like it. I put on weight in May and June, when we rehearsed for the première.

So, you look after your sugar intake and so on?

Sugar will also completely destroy my figure, now even an ordinary juice can kill my form.

I have a friend, who lives partly in America and looks after the diet and exercise regimen of various Hollywood stars; he is a boy from Karlovy Vary, but he just worked very hard, and he told me one principle for when you want to lose weight: "Here in the Czech Republic you are accustomed to stopping eating and starting to exercise insanely. Forget it, first thing to do it to leave one thing out, or add one. For instance, when you overeat, just leave out white bakery products, and let it run for a month. You will see what that can do with the body. The body itself will ask for it and will begin to respond. Or when you do not exercise at all, he said “Eva, you hate exercise, so what exercise would you perhaps enjoy?" And I said: "None". And he said: "Do you swim?" And I said that I like swimming and he says: "well, go for a swim. Do it twice a week, do a couple of swimming pools and you will see what it can do with the body."

I went on holiday, where i constantly overate. You all know it - Czechs and all inclusive. Every day I was with the children in the sea and as soon as my husband took over, I made for the swimming pool and honestly just because I added one thing I lost four kilos in ten days, even though I ate everything, even things like ice-cream, pancakes or white bread. In the whole of July I have lost overall six kilos and it is just because of that.

I don´t go crazy, I began to go for detox wraps, but it is only for detoxification, not for weight loss. It is just all about adding one thing.

What else do you like doing to get some energy?

I try at least once or twice a year to get to thermal baths in Velké Losiny. I like it there very much. My girlfriend took me there; she runs the hotel and the thermal spa and she said: "Look, you will like it here, even though the journey to get here is hellish." And we really went there with the children for four and a half hours, just congestion, trucks. It is really at the very end of the world, but we stay there in a three-star hotel, it is in the forest at the end of a one-way street, there is nothing else apart from that. Next to us is a moufflon enclosure and every day we go to swim to the thermal baths, because I am also allergic to sun and when there is too much sunshine I get a little rash. I try to get there once in winter and once in summer, because since it is warm you can swim outdoors even in winter.

It is amazing even with children and all the springs have curing properties. The children do not mind, they are completely enthusiastic and they never had any allergy.

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

Je to úžasné i s dětmi a všechny prameny jsou tam léčivé. Dětem to nevadí, jsou úplně nadšené a zatím u nich alergie nikdy nepropukly.

How old are the children now?

Zuzanka was seven now in April and Míša will be nine in September.

And how do you spend your holiday?

In the beginning of July, we had a theatre première of "Next Time I Will Kill Him Myself”, where I act together with Michaela Kuklová, Leoš Noha and Lukáš Langmajer, so the play has a really great cast. Until yesterday I was free of everything, so we went to Crete, the spa in Velké Losiny and every day I spend nonstop with children because we have not sent them to any children´s camps, not even the city ones. I go out a lot. To a cinema, for a trip, to exhibitions, the playing field, to swim. I try to really give all my time to them, even though let´s be honest, when you are with the children constantly, you go slowly but surely completely crazy; it is very demanding. But I say when else can I devote myself to them one hundred percent? Compared to other mums who can take a week´s holiday in the summer maximum or perhaps two, I have a great advantage. Thanks to my profession I have the opportunity to be intensively with them a month at a time, and even now in August, when I act at the theatre, it is only in the evenings. I am with them during the day and in the evening my husband takes care of them.

You do not have a babysitter?

We do not have a babysitter and we do not have anyone for the cleaning. I manage it by myself.

Do you still get on with Štěpánka, the former wife of your husband?

We have now been together the entire morning.

Like that she can take the children and so on?

It is not like that, but we for example go for trips together. For example, today I came here after Štěpánka was at our place with little Oliver, who is three years old, she spent the whole day there, up to now actually. We were with the children in the garden and the pool together.

How is it now with your work? Acting and presenting work is always very uncertain, but still, you are well known, so what is it like, do you choose work?

I choose the work and to tell the truth, I am lucky in that my husband could support me if I wanted him to.

Roughly four years ago I was in a state, when I told myself that I simply cannot refuse work, what if it does not come any more, and I took on virtually everything that was at least a bit financially viable, and finally I ended with a tiredness syndrome, where I was unable to even get out of bed for two months, I was totally knocked out.

At that moment we sat down with my husband, or rather he sat down with me and said: "What are you going crazy about, when it comes down to it, I can theoretically support you all and you can be truly a full-time Mummy. But I know that you would never manage it, because you have been used to work all your life, so let´s at least agree that you will set your price higher and will not do low-paid jobs."

And he added: "You always wanted to return to a theatre, you were engaged for nine years at the theatre Na zábradlí, and you wanted to go back to it, so go and do something that will energise you, and don´t be dependent on whether someone will want you as a presenter."

So, we re-evaluated it in some way like that and I have just put the prices up. Now instead of ten events per month for virtually no remuneration I have two, or only one, since the demand is still there, but sometimes I hear: "We would love to have you, but we cannot afford you." So, I simply don´t go, and instead I spend the time with my children.

Do they still try to entice you by things?

They do, too, I have no problem with barters, but I always want cash, too, because we have a mortgage on the house, and if I came to the bank and gave them a jacket instead of the payment, they probably wouldn´t like it. I have a firmly set price below which I simply don´t go. That is the minimum and they can add things on top of that.

I cannot work for just a barter; I simply do not want to, nor need to.

Actually, it is fine, isn´t it? Not everyone has that.

That is an advantage of having a husband like that. I have a really wonderful husband, among other things, because he studied psychology at Charles University, so he simply knows how to treat a woman. He will forgive a lot of things, or he can finely manipulate me into realising that I behave like a jerk.

How long have you been together?

We have been together for nine years.

Don´t tell me that it has been that great for nine years…

Of course, we argue sometimes, but I think that I am quite emphatic, so I see things that happen around me. I find it absolutely crazy when someone says about his or her other half how stupid they are. Why on earth are they together then? Or that she is unhappy for several reasons. It is better to be on your own. We all have something, I also am sometimes simply unbearable, and I know it about myself. Everyone should be aware that they are not perfect either. When we are with someone, the relationship for the first three years may even be just chemistry, it is given like that, but then the relationship is always about whether you are able to make a compromise and whether you work on the relationship. Once you take a relationship as a sure thing it is road to hell. You always need to fight for the other person and appreciate them. It must of course work on both sides, because when you fight alone, it is also useless. I am lucky that my man is in that bit of empathy like a woman, thanks to his studies of psychology. Men are indeed from Mars and women from Venus.

His first marriage also failed.

It did, but Štěpanka is simply dominant. I was a bit older when he found me, I have already had some life experience, I understood that with my nature where I have to be dominant at work, to be able to push through everything, I very much appreciate when at home a man is a man and we do as he says. Of course, René discusses things with me, but I just do it out of habit, but it is pleasant that I can let go at home. Whereas Štěpánka was dominant, when both are dominant, it is hard-going.

And are you jealous, or is he? Do you still have that?

I think that healthy jealousy is a sign that you realise that your partner is a good catch and that people are interested in him. But jealousy is still mainly about self-confidence. It is said, and it is true that we judge others according to how we judge ourselves. I like to flirt, I am glad that I am admired, but it has absolute limits. When I feel that I would not like it if my husband would be doing it, I say: "Eva, slow down, this is too much."

I believe that when I don´t cheat on my husband, he does not cheat on me, because once you stop trusting each other like that and start to look into the phone, be nosy, it is a road to hell, because you bring it on. When you are following him, investigating, questioning, you will simply make the guy do it sooner or later. A young uncomplicated girl will turn up, who will tell him: "Oh my God, how awesome you are." And he will suddenly feel relaxed and cool.

When a guy feels good, and has enough to eat, sex and peace, he has no reason to go elsewhere.

You are a well-known person and very beautiful, too, you must certainly have a lot of enticing offers?

I have adorable offers, sometimes I receive pictures of penises so that I would know what it is all about, but I find it funny that sometimes I get things where there is really nothing to boast about. I regularly reject the offers and my husband knows about most of them. I write: "Thank you, it is nice, but I am happily married. Bye". In the vast majority of cases they accept it and it is true that in the past five years I get one such offer per month; in the past it was four per week. Now they know that while I am a flirt, I am otherwise a happy wife.

You will be forty, can you look back? For example, do you have photo albums?

I have, or rather my Mummy has them. It is because I now have the happiest, most comfortable period of my life and I feel that currently I look my best. That is, on some photos I look terrible, it sometimes doesn´t work out, but I feel the best I have ever felt. Perhaps it is also because of the fact, that I have a family, children, husband and work that I always wanted and thanks to my husband there is not stress that I have to do something and so on, so simply it is nice. It is true that when you feel good inside, it will be reflected on the outside, too.

When I look at the photos from the time when I started in showbiz, at 18 I started to act in the theatre Na zábradlí, but on Óčko programme I started to work sometime in 2004-5 and then I began to present Big Brother, I think sometime in 2006, that is ages ago, I feel that I am now better looking.

Perhaps we can talk about this topic in twenty years, when I will dry up a bit, but now I feel better than ever.

We talked about having a third child, would you still want it?

I do not take contraception and we are not trying for one, so if it came, it would be fine. One of my closest friends is Martina Gavriely, she has been trying with Marcus for ten years and is now pregnant. When I went to Venetian night to look at my favorite band Krucipüsk, I met her. She came with Marcus, with TroubleGang and Marp. Just at that time I thought that at forty I am perhaps too old for a child, because for many things I am lazy, and I have less patience with children. I saw Martina, without make up, with a tummy, she was glowing and completely happy. We have a birthday fourteen days apart, in September she will also be forty, so I thought: "Well, well, if it happens, it happens." (Laughter)

I wish you the best of luck Eva, thank you for the interview.

Fast confession:

Do you feel closer to American or Czech cinematography?

Certainly Czech.

Summarise your past before your marriage into one sentence.


Where would you take me out in Litoměřice for entertainment?

In Litoměřice it would be difficult, perhaps the theatre.

Three amazing characteristics of your husband.

Tolerance, sense of humour and absolute dominance.

A third child - yes, or no?

Certainly yes, but somehow it is not happening.

How do you want to celebrate your forthcoming fortieth birthday?

I would like to celebrate my forthcoming thirtieth

After your family what do you love most of all in this world?


Who in showbiz disappointed you the most?

We do not have that much time.

When were you afraid the last time and why?

I love horrors, so I am afraid regularly and I recently watched Shining and was afraid watching the excellent scene with Jack Nicholson, how he wants to get to his wife.

What will you not tolerate about your children?

A lie.

The sexiest man in the world?

My husband.

What was the most horrible thing written to you by a hater?

That I am a bad mom.

What would you like to improve about your body?

I would very much like to have long legs. I recently stood beside Diana Kobzanová and her legs finish where my head does.
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