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About the biggest aesthetic trends and transgressions against our skin

Fast Confession - Dermatologist Věra Terzijská: Women have the misconception that having a tan is a sign of youth and beauty

Kateřina Ostrejšová
15.Jun 2021
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The dermatologist Věra Terzijská makes women more beautiful and often helps them with their imperfections. In 1994 she founded a private practice of dermatovenerology and corrective dermatology. Nowadays, younger and younger women are increasingly interested in aesthetic procedures. In the interview with LP-Life, Věra Terzijská explains why this is the case. Among other things, she confided to us what are the biggest mistakes women make with their skin. You probably won't want to get a tan ever again after this interview.

In recent years, especially aesthetic dermatology has experienced a huge boom. Why is that? Are the beauty ideals shifting in some way? Because there are younger and younger girls getting these procedures done...

You're right. Aesthetic dermatology is experiencing a huge boom. I'd say it's been happening over the last ten to fifteen years. It's true that younger and younger girls come to our clinic. In my opinion, it's all because we're surrounded by social media, and there the girls can see that they can get their lips enlarged, correct their skin. Simply put, there are many treatments that can improve them. Even on a young woman.

It can also be that on Instagram we constantly see filters that are trying to fix us. Is it possible that girls might have a need to look like they do with a filter on?

Exactly. It often happens that girls bring me a picture of what they would want to look like. We probably won't be able to fulfil their wishes, but we'll help with their imperfections.

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

What are currently the biggest trends? What procedures are most in-demand right now?

I think the most in-demand are fillers. Because botolotoxin can remove wrinkles and in this way also reshape the whole face. We can create a so-called full face. But I always follow my own belief that I don't want to change women, I just want to beautify them and I want them to look like they came back from a nice vacation. So personally, I'm more moderate in this area.

It used to be a big trend when men would bring a photograph with a model to a hairdresser. Does it work the same now too? Do women come to you with celebrity photos and tell you they'd want to look the same?

Absolutely. It's true and you're right, they come to me with pictures and they want to match those celebrities. I try to tell them that they're often beautiful even if only because they're still young. I think sometimes young girls overdo it and it's completely unnecessary.

Very often, I see ladies on the street, who I think went a little overboard. Puffy lips, frozen facial expressions. What is the secret of not crossing that line, where is the balance between what still looks good and what is already unnatural?

It's all about the aesthetic sense. You either have it or you don't. Young women long for big lips, for distinctive cheekbones, they want to be perfect. Sometimes, of course, it's not entirely possible. I personally think it's unnecessary. It often happens that women come to me with beautiful full lips and want to enlarge them even more. I try to convince them it's not necessary. I'm often faced with ingratitude from their partners as well, they tell me they won't come again to our clinic because we didn't fulfil their wishes.

Does it sometimes happen that you tell your clients that you won't do something, that it seems too much to you?

It does. I think natural beauty is important. If I see a flaw, I'd be happy to fix it. It's about the agreement, between me and the client, and how I see it and feel it. In many cases I'm successful, it's all about psychology.

Is there an age limit that the women shouldn't cross?

Of course, it is known that we age slowly from the age of eighteen. Or rather let's say twenty-one. Young girls of this age come to us sometimes too, but they usually have other flaws, too. We can also help with acne. In my opinion, the line is around the age of thirty to thirty-five. But it depends on each woman individually. There are women who don't have a single wrinkle at the age of 45. Then there are women, who are 35, and they have a lot of them. Genetics and lifestyle play a big role.

How can this be avoided? The need to have your face fixed... Is it possible at all... with creams and the like?

We can't do without creams and various masks. Night creams, make-up removers and the like. I recommend that women avoid tanning and especially not their face or décolletage. Of course, a cream on its own won't prevent the ageing process, no one has yet invented such a cream. But it can be slowed down a bit by slightly invasive techniques. Various in-depth and surface hydrations. It's also about self-care, if a woman drinks, smokes and if she's happy in her life.

And isn't it a bit of a question of money too?

You're right, prices are climbing quite a bit. There is a group of people who can't afford it. But there are also techniques that are not as expensive but no less effective.

What are, in general, the biggest mistakes we women make? What is the worst for our skin?

I'll talk about tanning again. Every day I meet clients that have a tan. But they usually don't listen to me because they feel that having a tan means being young and beautiful, but that's not the case. So really, don't sunbathe and follow basic hygiene standards.

Women do enjoy aesthetic procedures, but now the question is... do men like to see those too?

There are men who love those huge lips on women. But some would sooner kick such women out of the house, so it depends and I think men are oftentimes more moderate than women in this area.

So it means they need to do this often because of other women?


Věra, thank you for the interview.

Fast confession:

What is your morning ritual?

My morning ritual is very demanding, because I work out in the morning. I exercise for 20-30 minutes, then I go to take a shower and of course, I need my coffee to wake up at all.

What cosmetic product should every woman have?

I can't live without a make-up remover. So definitely a cleanser.

What is already outdated in dermatology now?

I can't say there's anything outdated with corrective dermatology. Nowadays, however, we don't promote monotherapy, but combined ones. By combining, we achieve a much better effect of regeneration or surface improvement of the skin.

What does natural beauty in one sentence mean to you?

I would say that it's in the sensory perception, which is different for everyone.

Three words that would evaluate your last year.

Covid, the being world upside down and a new clinic at Poříčí.

Have you been vaccinated against the coronavirus or are you planning to do so?

Yes, I've had my first shot already and the other one is awaiting me tomorrow.

Do you have anything from Natali Ruden in your wardrobe?

Yes, I've known her for many years. I have several dresses.

Which plastic surgery is visible on a woman at first glance?

I'd say the nose and a facelift.

How much time do you spend daily in the bathroom?

I'm pretty fast. About half an hour.

What did you miss the most during the lockdown?

I don't want to be superficial. Probably the restaurants, a gym and friends.

What are the biggest mistakes women make with their skin?

Poor skincare, bad lifestyle, smoking and especially sunbathing.

What plastic surgery would you definitely talk your best friend out of?

I probably wouldn't talk them out of any of them. Everyone has to decide what they want. They have to make sure. So probably none.

Do you have any bad habits?

When I sit down in front of the TV, I get a craving for dark chocolate. But now I bought sugar-free chocolate, so I eased it a bit.

Why do you think there is a saying that natural beauty is the best beauty?

Because it's true.
The interviewee asks the interviewer:

Which three things are the most important to you in life?

That would be my family, my boyfriend and probably being happy.
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