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About medicine, adoption and life with dogs

Fast confession - Bohdana Nováková: I do everything I can for animals! I treat the ones that people have given up on.

Karolína Lišková
04.Mar 2019
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She suffered from cancer as a child and although she managed to overcome this disease, she still experiences the effects of the chemotherapy that helped her beat it. It was only because of her dog’s health issues that Bohdana Nováková from Zlín found bio-resonance therapy, which she believes helps both animals and people and she also started to provide this treatment. And because she saves all sorts of animals, her next goal is to have a dog hotel. In here interview for Luxury Life Prague you can find out what bio-resonance is and what it is like living under one roof with nearly ten animals.

You live in Zlín where you carry out a praiseworthy activity. What is it?

I live in Zlín and I provide bio-resonance therapy. I have been a qualified bio-resonance therapist for a year and a half now. This is a method during which I restore balance to the entire body using a machine on the basis of frequency resonance. Thanks to this machine I can restore self-healing processes within the body and the body is then able to cope with issues it encounters and which affect it externally.

Like in the distant past when medicine had not yet been developed?

That’s basically true. But when someone fell ill in those days he would just die, because there was nothing to treat him with. I call this a little miracle because frequency resonance can correct genetic information in cells, can halt or eliminate genetic defects and can also remove all pathogens, bacteria, viruses, fungi and basically completely eliminate allergies, eczema and similar from the body.

Wait a minute, that sounds fantastic, but why isn’t everyone using it…..?

This method has been known in the world for 30 years, and for about 15 years in this country. 17 thousand devices have been sold around the world. In Switzerland and Germany for example this treatment is covered by health insurance and doctors normally use this method for treatment. In this country our Ministry of Health is essentially protecting its doctors. Even though I have nothing against doctors, I work with them, they saved my life and I don’t want to criticize them.

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

But medicine is based on treating the consequences of something happening in the body. Antibiotics are used for treatment, damaged pars of the body are cut out and drugs are prescribed for parts that don’t work. But medicine doesn’t seek out the causes or why things are not working. The cause is often not in the same area of the body that is being treated, but is located deeper and farther. And this device can find the cause and correct it.

How does treatment take place when I visit you with a problem?

You visit me, I sit you on a bed with a modulation mat under you, which scans the electric resonance emitted by the body and emits therapeutic resonance through the mat back into the body. The device scans the level of resonance in cells and compares this to the level of resonance within correct healthy values. On this basis it diagnoses what seems off in the body and where energy has been disrupted.

It won’t tell me you have the flu, but it will show me that the energy in your nasal cavities or lungs has been disrupted and I use this device to gradually find out what is going on there. It also finds out where there is bacterial activity or whether there is some sort of inherited defect, which causes frequent inflammation or similar. After I carry out this diagnostic procedure, which I carry out during each session of therapy, I then emit therapeutic resonance towards the parts of the body that require cellular resonance to be adjusted to the correct level, which is what this machine does.

Do you need some sort of medical training for this?

No, because the machine takes care of everything. I am basically just the operator of this machine. Of course I also need knowledge and experience – what is best used with what for instance. I don’t have to be a doctor, but I do need knowledge. For instance when I see a patient who has atopic eczema, I have to know where to look for it. Eczema sufferers usually have problems with their liver and pancreas. I have to find the source, what is behind the difficulties, but this comes with experience with the machine.

Are you successful?


You focus your bio-resonance therapy for animals?

I focus on animals and people, although animals were my initial intention with this machine. I found out about it thanks to my dog and I decided I would treat animals. I mainly wanted to treat dogs and also horses.

Horses? How do you get a horse on a mat?

You don’t have to place a horse on a mat. Cellular resonance in animals can be balanced and harmonised using blood that has dried on gauze. I place blood sent to me by an owner into the machine’s input and on the mat and then scan the current condition of the animal from the blood. I then upload the therapy to a chip, which I also do for people. Dogs have this chip glued to the inside of their collar where it lies on their body and emits the therapeutic energy, people have this chip glued to their stomach.

The advantage of this therapy in animals is that they are not aware that something is happening, on the contrary people are very restricted by their psyche. The placebo effect cannot work on animals, which is essentially why I began providing this therapy. When I treated a dog for the first time he did not know why I was there with him and the next day I didn’t recognize him.

What was his problem?

He was fear-aggressive. When I saw him for the first time he had many health issue, from various parasites, bacteria, his teeth were decayed. It reached the phase that I found out that the muscles in his left rear leg were atrophied and his limp was worsening. In collaboration with doctors we established what his problem was and came to the conclusion that he had congenital necrosis of the hip. So we had to carry out a resection of his hip and remove his hip joint. He was probably incorrectly anaesthetised and so he probably felt pain while under anaesthesia. Together with various psychologists and trainers we came to the conclusion that he was probably aware and that he is very frightened of being hurt and this has manifested as his fear aggression. It was impossible to eliminate this issue, I tried everything I could with him. And in the end we thought it was probably some sort of cerebral degeneration and so he underwent a neurological examination.

How much did it cost you?

A lot, it cost a lot.

I think that only people in the Czech Republic invest so much money into their dogs…

Because they love them. You know, when you have him at home with you for four months and basically experience all his suffering and you are told you should put him to sleep because he will be aggressive, then a person whose dog is like a child to him simply cannot do it. That is why I sought out various methods for helping him. As a result I started attending various courses for animals, the Dorn Method, Bowen therapy, Reiki. I tried everything I could to help him, until I found the bio-resonance method. My dog changed completely after the first session, so I tried it on myself, because I had cancer when I was 14. The effects of the chemotherapy were quite harsh, it affected my heart, it destroyed my intestines. I have tried various alternative methods my whole life, but I have never encountered anything that has had a permanent good effect and eliminated my difficulties completely.

And bio-resonance helped you?

Bio-resonance helps me. People who visit me often have no idea what this therapy entails and think they simply have no other option. Both people and animals. They usually only come to me when they are completely wretched and think that this method is a miracle that will heal all their difficulties. But it doesn’t work like that. Bio-resonance will help them and balance what it should, but if they have damaged body parts when they visit me, then bio-resonance is unable to completely heal this damage. As soon as there is any necrosis in the body, that part can never be completely restored. However, bio-resonance can help the parts that are still healthy to work as best as they can and to reduce the burden on the diseased parts of the body as much as possible. It helps the entire body start functioning again.

Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město
Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město, Praha 1

For instance when a kidney stops working, the body sends all its energy to make this kidney work. It concentrates on this kidney and neglects other parts of the body. This results in excess pressure in the area of the kidney and other individual organs start to fail in the body, because the body neglects the heart, lungs, liver and intestines because it is concentrating on saving the kidney.

Because bio-resonance balances energy within the body, so that it doesn’t consider the kidney a damaged part, it provides enormous relief to the body. The kidney functions as best as it can, because the bio-resonance balances it. But if it is functioning at 20% it will never be restored to 100%.

I read somewhere that you offer therapy free of charge.

No, I held a competition offering free therapy during which I provided free therapy to the first 10 patients to contact me. The prize was several sessions of therapy.

When you were 14 you had ovarian cancer, which means you cannot have children and that is why your dogs are your children. Do you, as a woman, feel that you must have children?

I didn’t feel that way when I was 14. When they told me, I simply said to myself, “so I can’t have children.” Of course you then reach an age when your friends have children, they have husbands and partners, then you wonder whether you are missing out on something when you are basically alone in the world. But as I grew older I gradually realised, without the dogs being a substitute, that I don’t need children.

What about your partners? When you find someone who wants to be with you, you have to tell them.

Yes. For instance I had a partner who told me he wanted to pass on his genetic potential so we could see each other but there was no potential for a relationship. But usually, including the partner I have now, they are interested in me and don’t worry about whether I can have children or not. And my current partner, who I have been in a relationship with for ten years, already has a daughter.

There is still adoption. Did you consider this before you started adopting dogs?

Yes, I have thought about it, but I used to work for a magazine where we did an interview with a family psychologist. My opinion of adoption was completely reversed after this interview. He told me that he would never adopt, nor would he recommend this to any of the people close to him, only if it concerned a child that was fully aware that he was adopted and that the adoptive parents had taken him in.

The child undergoes various phases of abandonment. If he is basically alone and someone takes him in and offers him a home, then the psychologist believed it would not be a problem. However, if I did adopt I would like to adopt a baby. But the psychologist told me that these children have demonstrably enormous mental issues, because they experience the phase of abandonment during pregnancy when the mother realises that she does not want the child and the child is aware of this. The second phase of abandonment occurs during birth and the third phase is the children’s home, where the child is kept for three weeks and that completely messes up the child mentally.

When an abandoned child is adopted it suddenly receives an enormous amount of love, but reserved love. And this causes great damage to the psyche of this little being. This is why I would only consider adopting a child that knows that I am not its biological mother.

How did you start rescuing dogs?

I started rescuing dogs by saving my dog, who died in May, from conditions where he was basically dying. Some people I knew acquired him and he was dying and they didn’t know what to do with him. I took him in with the understanding that I would potentially purchase him from them if he survived. The dog survived, I purchased him and he was with me for eleven years.

I have basically rescued everything I could all my life, even people. I have some sort of rescue imperative. When I see that someone needs something I bring it to him. Or I give it to him and help him. I have never brought a homeless person home with me, but I have always rescued cats, when I see them in a tree somewhere or similar. I rescued everything I could.

Your parents must have been happy!

Yes, my mum was very happy, we had two dogs because of this. Because my partner and I have a house, we had the opportunity to expand our pack. We previously only had a Yorkshire terrier and my partner – a former hockey player - thought a Yorkshire Terrier was not a proper breed. So we gradually started acquiring dogs. I collaborate with a dog and cat home, which is under the patronage of Katka Kašparová, and I work as a temporary foster home and help rescue dogs. I always fostered a dog on a temporary basis but he in the end he stayed with me.

How many animals do you have?

We now have five dogs and three cats. The cats found me, I didn’t rescue them, they came by themselves.

The animals hear it on the grapevine

(laughter) Evidently, I think so too. There is always something that starts standing in front of my gate, even dogs. So I try to find out who they belong to, where they are from, I place various adverts. That is essentially how it all began.

You said you would like to open a dog hotel…

I really love animals and I have thought about creating some sort of rescue facility or carrying out rescue activities. But then you gradually start to realise that not everything is so great. I don’t have the right personality to hand the dogs over to someone. If I became a rescuer I would have two hundred dogs at home and it would kill me one day. When I bring a dog home I nurse it, help it recover and then people come to me wanting to adopt it, but the only thing they are interested in is will it destroy their couch at home. You can’t give the dog to someone like that. I would never give the dogs away, I would keep them I would be worried that someone else wouldn’t care for them properly.

I would very much like to open a dog hotel with the understanding that the owners love their dogs and simply need someone to look after them for a while. I would look after them while they go on holiday for instance. I could give all this to the dogs and give them attention because I am good at it and I enjoy it.

What is your job? Do you just provide bio-resonance therapy?

I offer bio-resonance therapy and I charge for providing it. Everyone who visits me has the same hourly rate of CZK 700. The first and second session usually lasts an hour and a half, the other sessions last for just an hour. It takes about 5 sessions to restore the body to the right balance. You then have to maintain this balance by having a session once a month, like you do physiotherapy. But then it is up to everyone to decide for themselves.

Is it feasible for you to open a hotel? Do you have enough time and funds?

With my job now? Certainly, because I would have everything in one place. I could basically offer therapy at the same premises I have my hotel. I would have the dogs there and schedule my time as necessary. I previously did marketing in the field of bathrooms, I created new catalogues. I also had another job and I have my five dogs, so I have to arrange to alternate at home with my partner. So that someone is at home to take the dogs out and give them attention. When you have a dog hotel and you have another ten dogs you spend most of your time walking them.

So we can look forward to the opening of a hotel?

I hope you can in the future. I just have to find suitable premises. I don’t think anyone would be happy for me to have twenty dogs, who would make all the other dogs in the area bark, somewhere at the edge of a village.

Thank you for the interview.

Fast confession:

What is worse than cancer?


What personality trait has your dog inherited from you?


What animal would you not want in your home?

A spider, I really hate those.

Which animal personifies your nature?


Why should you get a dog?

You’ll never be alone.

Would you rather spend the evening with an animal or a person?

Definitely with an animal.

What punishment rate would you set for cruelty to animals in the Czech republic?

I’m not sure if it’s a punishment rate, but I would do to them what they did to the animal.

Explain the bio-resonance therapy in one sentence.

This is a method that restores balance to the body using frequency resonance and gives self-healing processes a chance to function as they should.

Your favourite breed of dog?


What is your strong point?

A sense for detail.

If you could turn back time, what would you change?

I would have very much liked to have found out about bio-resonance sooner so I could have extended the life of my dog who died in May.

The sexiest man on the planet?

Doesn’t exist. (laughter)

Who would you rather have in bed – a dog or a man?

A dog. (laughter)

What does luxury mean to you?

The questioned asks the questioner:

Do you have a dog.

Not yet. (laughter)
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