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Fast confession - Agáta Prachařová: We know the sex, we are still arguing about names

Tereza Janatová
12.Apr 2017
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Agáta Prachařová, Dress: Natali Ruden, photo: Jaroslav Urban

Although she now refuses to be pigeonholed as a rebel, that doesn’t mean she is managing to avoid scandal. If anyone could say that they live life to the full, it would be Agáta. She lives her life the way she wants and if she makes mistakes, she is able to handle the consequences. Over the past few weeks she seems to have not been dealing with anything else than her pregnancy and battered relationship with her husband Jakub Prachař. Although the couple have decided to try to subdue this stressful period by not talking about it, during the photo shoot for Luxury Prague Life, Agáta did at least tell us who will have the main say when choosing names for their child and how she would like the birth to go. This is to say that she is planning a little rebellion before it.


When you were first pregnant, you said that you were not enjoying that blessed state very much. Is this pregnancy different, or would you say it is the same?

I don’t think you can enjoy pregnancy and anybody who claims they are enjoying it is lying, because there is nothing wonderful about it.

But some people claim that one pregnancy was terrible and the second absolutely fine. So both are exactly the same in your case? Plainly and simply put – terrible? (laughs)

The second is even worse than the first. (laughs)

Are you nauseous?

No, I am not. But I am terribly tired, irritated and everything makes me angry.

Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4

I understand. There is a lot of hype around you at the moment. Do you have any way to relax or to have a rest?

I haven’t got time for that.

You haven’t got time to have a rest?

I don’t have time to rest. I took on quite a lot. During the first pregnancy, I handled things better and during this second one, I am finding out that it is not possible to work as much. So slowly but surely, I am cancelling everything.

It is true that you are doing a lot of things. Do you think that the image of a rebel helped you to make a name for yourself? Do you in fact still consider yourself to be a rebel?

I never created the image of being a rebel for myself. That was started by the journalists when I was eighteen. I am thirty-one now and people writing about me being a rebel for eleven years makes me sick.

So shall we take it that you have calmed down?

I was a rebel from the age of eighteen to the age of twenty, something I think applies to absolutely everybody. But I haven’t been since that time. I had my own house at the age of twenty. I don’t know which rebel builds her own house at the age of twenty. None, I would say. So I am hard-working and I totally disagree with that awful pigeonholing.

The people who know you, speak of you as quite a good girl. But you don’t come across like that in the eyes of the public anyway. Is that a sort of mask you wear and are you different at home?

I don’t know. I above all think that I am not really seen in public much anymore and I don’t really even want to be. I have reached a stage when I don’t care what people think about me. Those who get to know me, get to know me, and the people whose dresses or whatever else I do adverts for don’t care what I am like.

It is true that you are quite a proficient businesswoman. Why do you think that is? Do you have a lot of ideas you are not afraid to implement or is it all a matter of luck?

I am hard-working. Normal people only dream about a lot of things and I am not afraid to make my dreams come true. One day I decide that I want to sell cars, and the next day I am selling them. I really do sleep very little and work very hard.

But a moment ago you said that you will have to cut back on things.

I won’t in fact be cutting back on everything. The difference will only be in the fact that in the past, I was able to work into the night and now I am asleep at eight, but I do wake up at six in the morning. I don’t know what changed in me and why, but that is just the way things are now. But I have discovered that I should cut back on photo shoots in dresses in which I shouldn’t look like I am pregnant.

Is it really tight?

It is a corset, so really tight.

Which month are you actually in now?

I am at the start of the fourth.

You can’t see it much on you yet.

Actually you can, but not in this dress.

The fourth month. That means that you should soon be able to find out the sex. Will you and Jakub want to know whether you are expecting a girl or a boy?

We already know.

And have you told anyone yet? (laughs)

No. (laughs)

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

And will you tell me? Or do you want to keep that to yourself?

I don’t think I want to say. That is nobody else’s business. 

But it is the family’s business. I assume they know.

All of the family already know.

And will you at least tell us the names you are thinking about?

There have already been some arguments about that in our family. Somebody chose Kryšpín, somebody chose Jakub, I chose a name and we have not come to agreement on a single one. I am happy that the paper with the name is handed over by the mum in the maternity ward, so I will cross out the other names and put down whichever name I want.

I don’t want to worry you, but it is not always the mother who hands in that paper. My husband handed in ours.

I am not having that. When I first gave birth, it was me who handed it in and I crossed things out and changed it about four times. I handed over a piece of paper which was covered in crossed out names.

There is another option here. You could for example draw lots for the name.

I don’t think so. We may still put it to a vote or find a name which everybody likes, but there is big difference of opinion at the moment.

And does that relate to a girl’s name or a boy’s name?

We know what it is going to be. We have only one sex to deal with.

OK, but on the form, you have to give a name for each sex, if by chance there was a mistake with ultrasound and they got the sex wrong.

I think they are 100% certain nowadays. 

In the past you said that you managed the first birth quite well... What about the second one?

I had induced labour. So the induction hurt, but the contractions started straight away and I had an epidural. I wouldn’t give birth without an epidural. I also wouldn’t give birth in water, I am basically going to give birth in a hospital with a normal doctor and normally drugged up (laughs). I think that other experiments are completely pointless. If you go to dentist to get a molar pulled out, you have an injection too. So I don’t think it harms the mother or the baby.

I completely agree with that. How are things in fact going at the moment? You are probably under a lot of pressure. 

No comment.

So let me ask you something more pleasant. Are you planning to stick with two children? (laughs)

I had planned to stick with one (laughs). But I am out of sorts already now, so it is possible that in the end I will end up like my mother and have seven of them. I don’t know, but I am looking for a nanny! Please get in touch!

But you had a nanny.

I did, but she left due to personal, family reasons, so I am looking for a new full-time nanny. Contact me on Facebook!

Fine. I have some additional questions, so anyone who may be interested has a little more information. How many hours would you like the nanny to look after the baby?

All the time! No, I don’t want her to look after the baby. In fact, I am not even looking for a nanny but a housekeeper, because I know I will be working soon, even though I say I won’t now. But I want to have somebody to do the shopping for me, to cook, so I can spend my time with the baby and I think it is great if you have a woman like that at home to help out.

Will you be taking a break from work and how long?

I haven’t thought about that at all. I will see how I feel.


Fast confession:

What is your favourite colour?


Who is stronger? Men or women?

Men think that they are stronger, but women are of course stronger.

A good girl or a rebel?

A good girl with a bit of rebel in her.

Do you live in luxury?


What are you obsessed with?

Hand cream.

What are you most afraid of?

The dark, loneliness.

Will you be going to heaven or hell?

I would like to go to heaven, but all of my friends will be in hell, so hell unfortunately.

Who in your opinion is the most embarrassing Czech celebrity?

Agáta Prachařová.

And who is the sexiest of the celebrities?

It used to be me, but now it is probably Dara Rolins.

Which film would you like to star in?

None, because models should never try to act.

How old were you when you first fell in love?

Five. I fell in love with Jindra Lorenc, a local fairground worker.

Live life your way or in the image of others?

I think that it should be in symbiosis.

What would you never forgive your partner for?

I would forgive him anything.

What makes you the happiest?

A present from my son.
Question by the interviewee to the editor:

When will you be having your second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth child?

I will be sticking with that second one and want to wait a bit for that still. Thank you
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