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This year, designers will shine at the Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week only once.

Fashion weeks have been postponed, but designers aren't losing it! Human life is more important than fashion

Martina Šmalclová
04.Apr 2020
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The shows are being postponed to September

At the time of the pandemic, all events are being postponed, and naturally, the Prague Fashion Week is no exception. Unfortunately, this is the second time it has been held off. Originally, the MBPFW was to start in mid-March and was subsequently moved to May. In view of the ongoing security measures and the distressing global situation, the organizers decided to postpone the fashion week for the third time to 4-11 September 2020. This will mean merging the spring and autumn editions into one. But designers are adaptable and creatitive people. They revealed to how they plan to address the situation.

Health comes first

As guests from the world's fashion capitals, including Milan, are also invited to attend the Prague Fashion Week, it is understandable that the organizers are waiting for things to calm down not only here but also worldwide. Designer with Slovak roots Zoltán Tóth fully supports this decision, and he is absolutely clear about life priorities.

"Given the current situation in the world, I think the organizers made the right decision. Nobody, nor I, wants to endanger the health of other people or their own. Fashion is important to me, but not as much as human life. I hope that until September, there will be enough time for the situation to improve."

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Tereza Vu, designer of luxury women's underwear, is of the same opinion:

"I don't think there was any other way to do it. I assume that in September it will all calm down, which also means there will be a better environment for presenting our collections and their subsequent promotion. So I acknowledge the decision."

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"In the meantime, we'll make improvements," the designers agree

Of course, was also interested in whether the merging of the editions would have an impact on the existing collections. After all, spring models tend to be wastly different from the autumn ones. In this case, it turned out that the key to success is universality and defying fashion trends.

"I don't think it will affect my collection. This season I have been preparing burlesque numbers where professional dancers are involved, so it is not season-specific and the postponing will give us a chance to fine-tune and improve the show,"

said designer Lukáš Krnáč, whose fashion shows are the very opposite of boring.

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The ODIVI brand has abandoned seasonality

The ODIVI brand, behind which is designer Iva Burkertová, will now also benefit from the fact that its models are not subject to trends and are not seasonal. At the latest fashion week, she shocked everyone by a daring nude collection and striking makeup.

"We think that in today's world, seasonality is a sign of unsustainable attitude. That's why we follow the motto "noseasonbutreason" and mark our collections with nothing but a number. So this hasn't disrupted continuity for us at all."

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Vanda Janda is planning an online fashion show

The designers thus agree that the postponement of the MBFPW has been the right thing to do and, in most cases wait, they're waiting how the situation will develop. Yet there are those who've decided to deal with the situation in their own way and make use of the advantages of the online world.

"The situation can't be changed and I fully tolerate all the decisions of the organizers. It is extremely difficult to make decisions in such a situation and to predict what and how will happen. I am also preparing an online show where I'll present the capsule collection, because I've invested over a million crowns in the collection and it doesn't seem wise to wait with the sale. It could happen that I wouldn't have the resources to create another collection. Therefore I will try to keep the brand running and satisfy my clients, for which I am extremely grateful,"

the queen of extravagant and feminine gowns Vanda Janda told us.

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