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Luxury splendor vs total failures...

Fashion at UniCredit Party: Who was the star of the evening and who looked like from a western movie?!

Martina Šmalclová
01.Jul 2019
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4 minutes
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Karel Janeček, Lilia Khousnoutdinová

One of the most prestigious parties at KVIFF is over. How did Karolína Mališová, Kate Matl, Nikol Švantnerová, the Dejdars, Kateřina Kasanová, Daniela Zálešáková, Beata Rajská, Iveta Lutovská-Vítová, Jana Švandová, Karel Janeček with Lili Khousnoutdinová, Sámer Issa and Zuzana Belohorcová fare with the dresscode?

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Martina Šmalclová
fashion editor
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Ornella Koktová
Móda proti proudu

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Martina Šmalclová

Beauties in luxurious red: Karolína Mališová and Kate Matl

Karolína Mališová and Kate Matl arrived at the party as true stars, dressed in bright red. While Carolina bet on the Poner siblings, Kate wore a piece that could have easily come from the latest Balmain collection. Simply stunning!

Femme fatale: Nikol Švantnerová

Nikol Švantnerová favors shiny and glittery models and she didn’t make an exception for the UniCredit party. Clad in a silver dress and adorned with luxury ALO Diamonds jewelry, she looked like a breathtaking diva.

The couple of the evening: Daniela and Martin Dejdar

Daniela Dejdar with her beautiful model from Elisabetta Franchi was a very pleasant surprise for us. Together with her husband Martin, they belonged to the most gorgeous and best dressed couples of the evening.

Daniely Zálešáková and Kateřina Kasanová in soft hues

Kateřina Kasanová and Daniela Zálešáková arrived at the party in subtle robes from Sandra Marková. Catherine went for a lila hue, Daniela decided for snow white. We commend both choices.

Funkcionalistická vila na prodej, Praha-západ
Funkcionalistická vila na prodej, Praha-západ, Okolí Prahy

Elegance according to Beata Rajská and Iveta Lutovská-Vítová

The blonde Iveta Lutovská-Vítová bet on an elegant classic model from the Twinset - Prague boutique. The white dress adorned with lace and black sleeves, a chic hairstyle and make-up suited her perfectly and made her look several years younger!

Fashion designer Beata Rajská knows what makes her look great and she proved it once again at the UniCredit party. We love the flawless cut of her dress, even though the accessories are not quite right.

Jana Švandová and Karel Janeček: This didn’t work out!

Karel Janeček probably attended a golf match and a business meeting before the party. If not, we don’t understand his model at all, and his partner’s dress isn’t much better.

Actress Jana Švandová is a charming lady, and everyone in our magazine would kill to look like this at her age! Unfortunately, she still managed to slightly disappoint us with her outfit. A violet dress and orange shoes of this type don’t go together.

The fashion disaster of the evening: Sámer Issa with his plus one and Zuzana Belohorcová

If Sámer Issa was on a break from shooting a western movie when he hit the party, it would have been alright. Otherwise we would immediately send him and his partner home to change into something more appropriate.

Zuzana Belohorcová, flooded in lace, didn’t make us happy either. This model looks cheap, ostensible, and we know she can do a better job!

Martina Šmalclová

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Ornella Koktová

UniCredit Bank party traditionally belongs to the most luxurious events of the entire KVIFF. Naturally, a great number of stars strive not to miss this event. However, if you think all of them did their best to dress for the occasion, you are grossly mistaken…

Sparkling Nikol Švantnerová

What I really enjoy about Nikol is that she always understands exactly what to wear to which social event. Her silver outfit is yet another top choice! I'm literally blown away! In addition, the simple cut of the dress perfectly corresponds with both her rather dramatic hairstyle and the jewelry. Bravo!

Dress: 95 % Make-up and hair: 100 %

Sophisticated Kate Matl

I may not know a single hit from Kate Matl, but I know for sure that she’s got a pretty keen eye when it comes to to choosing a dress. I enjoy this slightly provocative red creation mainly because it's anything but cheap. I appreciate that a lot. In addition, Kate’s perfect figure, subtle make-up and cute powder slippers tie everything together nicely.

Dress: 85 % Make-up and hair: 80 %

Zuzana Belohorcová and her faux-pas

Former host Zuzana Belohorcová quite often gets into situations where she is literally on the edge. And I mean on the edge of a luxury model and total circus kitsch. Unfortunately, this time she falls right into the section of the biggest kitsch of the evening. The cheap lacework that is, for some mysterious reason, wrapped even around her shoes, is one thing. But the worst thing is the avalanche of tulle! For God's sake, I would expect this to appear at a children's party as a homemade witch costume for someone’s daughter. But who in their right mind would wear it at a party?!

Dress: 10 % Make-up and hair: 60 %

Karel Janeček and Lilia Khousnoutdinová

Karel Janeček and his Lilia prove that not even a ton of money on your account can turn you into a stylish person. Let’s talk about Lilia first: I still don't get her choice of her dress. Not only is it not trendy, chic or classically elegant at all, it is a complete mess. But even worse is their shade. If you have light skin, you simply cannot choose a dress of this color. It will make you look like a bland and sickly ghost. And Karel? He looks like a guy who’s in the middle of a busy week and stopped by for a moment before going back to work at the office. He should have attempted to, at least to some degree, match with his partner’s evening dress and worn a classic suit. DISASTER!

Dress: 5 % Make-up and hair: 20 %

Sámer Issa’s freakish outfit

And the prize for the most bizarre look of the evening goes to Sámer Issa and his partner. How would I summarize this combo - for every dog a different master?! I have the feeling that each part of Sámer’s outfit was given to him by a different person in hopes that "together" it will all make sense. Unfortunately, it doesn't make any sense and the result is super strange. And an untucked shirt in case of a man in his thirties? Come on, we're not in kindergarten. This is a blasphemy! As or his partner, I’d like to tell her the following: a large handbag for the evening is a NO, a pair of sunglasses for the evening is also a NO and a bubble ponytail suits you, but in high society, it’s not only no but HELL NO!!!

Dress: 12 % Make-up and hair: 10 %

Ornella Koktová
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