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The 76. year of Golden Globes was a parade of luxury evening gowns, but even so, one could have seen a couple fashion fails on the red carpet…

Fashion at Golden Globes: Divine Gowns as well as Unpleasant Faux Pas!

Martina Šmalclová
07.Jan 2019
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Lady Gaga - dress Valentino

Lady Gaga looked like an ice queen in a Valentino dress

Extravagant Lady Gaga arrived looking like an ice queen at the Golden Globes. She put on a magnificent dress by Valentino in a blue shade with a long train and matched her hair colour to perfection. Blue hair on the red carpet might have looked in some cases as being too ambitious, but not in the case of Lady Gaga… Here it simply matches! We also applaud the selection of jewellery by Tiffany´s.

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Martina Šmalclová
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Ornella Koktová
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Názor PROTI PROUDU: Martina Šmalclová

Alison Brie, Constance Wu: Beauties in gowns by Vera Wang

In similarly breath-taking gowns also arrived actress Constance Wu and Alison Brie at the prestigious ceremony. Both of them put on a luxurious dress by designer Vera Wang. Alison placed her bet on a tulle gown in lavender, Constance chose a dress in nude tone of corset cut, cinched at the waist by an orange ribbon. We have nothing to criticise, this is what perfection looks like!

Penélope Cruz and Kristen Bell drew from their experience!

Penélope Cruz and Kristen Bell know what works for them! Both actresses embellished the evening, although each one opted for a very different type of clothes as well as designer. For the Golden Globes ceremony, Penélope chose a luxury dress by Ralph & Russo Couture, for which she correctly chose a minimum amount of jewellery.

Kristen Bell on the other hand chose a less pompous dress by Zuhair Murad and that is why she was able to afford more striking jewellery in the form of massive bracelets. Kristen is flattered by fine make-up as well as hairstyling, which she has chosen to wear to complete the look.

Julia Roberts and Emily Blunt turned their backs on traditions

Smiling Julia Roberts this time round didn´t wear any sumptuous gown, but placed her bet on a black overall in combination with a powder-pink dress by Stella McCartney. She accompanied her outfit by dainty strappy high heels and she looked very glamourous.

A similarly unconventional gown was also chosen by actress Emily Blunt. Although she wore a dress, this model by Alexander McQueen looked significantly different from all the other gowns. Emily decided to omit fluffy skirts and opted for lace and asymmetry. To accompany the dress she chose similarly to Julia a pair of dainty romantic heels.

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

Fanning, Fischer and Kidman: Not wrong, but nothing to get excited about

Exactly such is our impression made by the dress of Dakota Fanning, Isla Fischer and Nicole Kidman. Dakota wore for to the luxury event an ice-blue satin dress by Giorgio Armani Privé which beautifully accentuated her feminine curve, yet we would have recommended the ethereal actress a more flattering hue.

Isla Fischer presented an entirely classic black dress by Monique Lhuillier, with which there it nothing wrong, but there is nothing special about it either. However, what we really like is the luxurious jewellery which lent Isla the right amount of sparkle Nicole Kidman looks too uptight in the dress by Michael Kors and optically add extra inches to the otherwise slender actress. But the untraditional clutch bag is a perfect choice!

The dress is beautiful but what about the chest, Heidi?

Model Heidi Klum arrived at the Golden Globes, similarly to Isla Fischer in a dress by Monique Lhuillier. The dress itself is beautiful and romantic but what about the corset when it deforms the model´s chest in such an unflattering manner? That really wasn´t well done!

And what about the more mature ladies?

The Golden Globes ceremony was also attended by experienced actresses such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Laura Dern or Maya Rudolph. Which of these has won in our opinion? Certainly Laura Dern with her red minimalist gown by Valentino. The colour and cut are flattering and look youthful.

Jamie Lee Curtis in comparison tried too hard and in the snow-white dress by Alexander McQueena with silver applications looked a insecure. Maya Rudolph bet, similarly to Laura Dern in Valentino, but in this case the result was not so dazzling.

Missi Pyle´ ensemble was a fashion faux pas

The figure-hugging red dress, worn by actress Missi Pyle, was one of the more simple ones. It flattered her figure and we would have no objections if Missi wouldn´t so playfully pose for the photographers on the red carpet... During it, she revealed that there was still a sticker on the sole of her new high heels and that is a faux pas that is not easily forgotten.

Martina Šmalclová

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Ornella Koktová

One of the most prestigious events in the world is once again behind us. This time it is the 76. year of Golden Globes, an event where invitation is fought for even by stars of global format. Who manages to participate naturally wants to look their best. Who succeeded in that again? And who in turn did not?

Lady Gaga - as a little mermaid

The pompously dramatic style of the light blue evening gown by Valentino absolutely took my breath away. In particular the cloak with puffed up sleeves. In addition, my eyes were drawn to the perfect necklace worth 111,550,000 crowns!!! It is simply breath-taking and turned Lady Gaga into a fragile Cinderella. The only thing that frightens me here is the excessive thinness of the singer. After all we are accustomed in her case to naturally voluminous curves...and here it smacks of bulimics.

Dress: 80 % Make-up and hair: 89 %

Nicole Kidman - live or a wax figurine?!

The experienced actress, Nicole Kidman, chose a bordeaux shimmering figure-hugging gown by Michael Kors. The jewellery, round handbag as well as make up...everything meets the very high Hollywood standards. However, what Nicole did to her face is downright criminal. For goodness sake, this lady with a perfect figure is only 51 years old!!! And her face reminds me of the botox-stuffed face of Priscilla Presley who is however 73 years old and is unable to grow old gracefully. This is a pitiful sight and therefore at this moment it is absolutely of no interest to me what she´s wearing.

Dress: 63 % Make-up and hair: 70 %

Julia Roberts - trouser lady

The always smiling actress Julia Roberts arrived at the Golden Globes a trouser suit model by Stella McCartney. It is a kind of mixture of a dress and a trouser suit, but I don't mind that. I just suspect Julia a bit of choosing this piece because of comfort. Whether is one of my favourites? Certainly not, it is as creative as the flavour of Evian water.

Dress: 51 % Make-up and hair: 98 %

Kristen Bell - unforgettable BOREDOM

The eternal actress of supporting roles arrived in a simple pleated dress by Zuhair Murad which is due to its simplicity more suited for a luxurious dinner at a Greek island of Santorini and not for the red carpet. For this event it is therefore totally inappropriate. Not only that in something like that she will blend in with the catering staff, but hardly anyone will remember you on that day! And that is a shame for an actress, who usually appears in second-rate comedies without a slightest deeper message.

Dress: 50 % Make-up and hair: 50 %

Maya Rudolph - buried in frills

If you manage to get to the red carpet of Golden Globes, you will either shine in all directions as Lady Gaga with her necklace worth millions of dollars or you will come, as if on purpose, in an ugly dress to prove that you don´t care about this event at all. And precisely this second example of thinking can be seen when you look at Maye. She arrived in a loose dress with an unshapely décolletage by Valentino. This reminds me of a poor choice of branded goods outlet. A great pity!

Dress: 20 % Make-up and hair: 23 % (perhaps hurried here after a sweaty visit to KFC)

And what is the lesson learned? That sometimes less is really just SIMPLE and greatly BORING!!! So that´s all until the next time and have a beautiful rest of the day...

Ornella Koktová
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