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The Silesian Regional Museum in Opava has prepared a unique fashion exhibition for its visitors. We invite you to see not only this interesting exhibition, but also to visit this pleasant city.

The fashion of the eights – 100 years of fashion at a unique exhibition in Opava!

Eva Ledecká
05.Apr 2018
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What were the fashion trends and how did they change from 1918 until 1988? I think we all have some idea. We have chosen suitable models representing each decade of the 20th century for our gallery under the article for anyone who wants to remind themselves of the development of this deluxe fashion. However, if you want to see these retro items live, you have to travel to Opava and visit the oldest museum in the Czech Republic.

The deluxe exhibition titled the “Fashion of the eights: trends between 1918 and 1988”, is being held on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Czech Republic and you can visit it until 4 November. Clothes and fashion accessories typical for the specific period can be seen here.

Good news for men: it’s not just about fashion!

Male visitors will also appreciate the exhibition, because it doesn’t focus just on fashion, it also presents the overall social and political scene reflected in the events occurring in the 20th century. The new exhibition will reveal the context between cultural-social events, the political atmosphere in the country and the development of fashion.

Rodinný dům na pronájem, Praha 4 - 359m
Rodinný dům na pronájem, Praha 4 - 359m, Praha 4

An exhibition in a deluxe monument, the oldest museum in the Czech Republic

The Silesian Regional Museum was established in 1814, which makes it the oldest museum in the Czech Republic. The deluxe neo-Renaissance building is protected as a cultural monument of the Czech Republic and certainly deserves attention.

As well as this architectural gem you can also admire other historic buildings in Opava, such as the beautiful Opava town hall and the 60 metre tall white tower. You can also see the Gothic temple called Rybí trh (Fish market) here, which is the biggest brick Gothic style building in the Czech Republic.

The visit to Opava itself will culminate in a very pleasant and deluxe experience thanks to this unique exhibition.

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