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The beauty contest winner Miss Czech Republic 2019 Denisa Spergerová photographed for Natali Ruden

Fashion designer Natali Ruden: My inspiration is Christian Dior

Nela Štefanová
14.Feb 2020
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The fashion designer Natali Ruden, who is defined by her specific, original and unique style, has been dressing familiar faces of the Czech show business for many years. Now the designer has decided to eternalize her selected models from last year. In addition, she addressed the title holder of the Miss Czech Republic Denisa Spergerová, who posed in front of the camera a few weeks after undergoing surgery to enlarge her breasts.

She is of the opinion that the beauty of a woman should not be hiden under layers of clothing that are hard to distinguish from men's. Although unisex and oversized outfits have been popular for a long time, Natali has a different point of view of this trend. In her collections she tries to emphasize feminine fragility and elegance.

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Source: foto: Anastassiya Vorobyeva

Byt na prodej Smetanovo nábřeží 235m
Byt na prodej Smetanovo nábřeží 235m, Praha 1

"My inspiration in fashion industry have always been the masters of elegance and sex-appeal such as Christian Dior or Yves Saint Laurent,"

revealed the designer whose models were also made mostly of ecological materials such as silk, cashmere or cotton.

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Source: foto: Anastassiya Vorobyeva

"I make sure that my clients feel comfortable and know that their models are environmentally friendly,"

Natali added.

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Source: foto: Anastassiya Vorobyeva

Last year's collection was photographed in premises created by Mrs. Ruden. As you can see in the photos, Ruden likes wood, metal and a combination of white and black. Denisa Spergerová posed for the photographer Anastassiya Vorobyeva on the stairs.

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Source: foto: Anastassiya Vorobyeva

“Denisa is very pleasant and nice. I like the fact that she is constantly working on herself and improving in her profession,”

the designer concluded.

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Denisa did not meet the models from Natali Ruden for the first time. During the last year beauty competition Miss Czech Republic, Natali prepared and designed for her a collection of evening gowns for the final defile.

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