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Already on the 7.2, the finals of the beauty contest Miss Czech Republic will take place. The mind behind the various luxury garments of models is designer Natali Ruden.

The fashion designer Natali Ruden: How does one make a dress for a Miss

Eva Ledecká
04.Feb 2019
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Nikol Švantnerová and Natali Ruden

‘I started working on the dresses for the finals of Miss Czech Republic after the fashion show Asia, which took place in September, but we chose the designs with Mrs. Makarenko already the year before in spring’, Natali Ruden harks back to the beginning. She isn’t a novice in the field, as she had the role of main designer on a similar project at a time, when MISS was beginning under the leadership of Michaela Maláčová.

The revelation of all 10 luxury outfits will take place in the evening at the ceremony, however curiousity compelled us to find out some information beforehand from Natali.

What fabric did you choose for the dresses?

The garments are sown from the fabric Lamé, by a Spanish manufacturer. The lightness of this material gives the garments a beautiful effect in motion.

What is the most important thing in creating dresses for Miss?

The most important thing for me was, that these outfits reinforced the youth and sensitivity of the finalists, while emphasizing the character of each one of them. It was also important, that neither dress gave the contestants an advantage over the other.

Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

I use five colours. I gave each finalist the colour that most suits her skin tone and hair colour. The number given to the individual models was also important, so that no two same colours would follow after each other.

What would you say about this year’s Miss finalists?

I had the opportunity to meet the girls at a news conference, where they displayed themselves in selected outfits from my Asia collection, and furthermore during practice sessions at the atelier. All of them cooperated fully, so that the outfits would look their best at the night of the finals.

Do you have your favourite?

I’m full of suspense, at which one of the finalists will be given this years MISS award. I admire each and every one of them for their determination and effort, and I wish them all good luck.

We join Natali in her wishes, and we’re looking forward to a ceremony full of beauty and luxury.

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