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Inadvertently, both of them are adapting to coronavirus times.

Fashion designer Natali Ruden and the Master of Etiquette Ladislav Špaček: This is how coronavirus interfered with their jobs

Karolína Lišková
28.Dec 2020
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The fashion designer Natali Ruden has been enriching the Czech clothing industry with her luxurious and elegant creations for almost thirty years. Like any other designer, she's been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, too. That's why she has to move her business online as well. She resisted until the last moment, as did our greatest etiquette expert, Ladislav Špaček, who consulted with the designer on her latest pieces in the boutique.

Žena v modrých šatech.
Žena v elegantním kabátě.
Žena v černém overalu a klobouku.

Even though Natali had been most reluctant to adjust her business to the current online world, since the Czech Republic moved to the fifth, i.e. the worst, stage of the anti-epidemic system (PES in Czech), and the government closed all stores again, the designer has finally adapted to the coronavirus measures.

Personal approach in the first place

When it comes to an established brand like Natali Ruden, the customer first talks to the designer in person about their idea. Next comes the approval of the design and the fabric itself, followed by the fitting, the last alterations, and then finally, the completed garment is handed over.

“My boutique has always been designed in a way that provides maximum comfort for customers when they are choosing the pieces. I care about a personal approach at all times,"

the designer emphasized and, with sadness in her voice, stated that with another closure of stores, she has no choice but to move her business online.

"I never thought I would do this, but I have to. Every piece I've got here is original. Usually, I make custom pieces for clients. But now I've set up an online store where they can choose whatever is on offer and I am able to alter it for them. The customers either send me their measurements or we arrange an individual appointment,"

Ruden explained to, mentioning that all her work can be viewed at

Špaček admires the beauty of women

The symbol of proper behavior and clothing is, not only for Natali, the Czech king of etiquette Ladislav Špaček, whom found in a boutique on Dlouhá street, visiting Ruden.

"I like to admire the beautiful work of designers and to me, Natali is a symbol of elegance and good taste. I admire her passion for the cause and I'm sorry that this day and age pushes us to do things that are against our beliefs, such as the transition to the online world,"

Špaček explained, admitting that he himself resists this transition vigorously. He completely refuses to give lectures via teleconference or Skype. He believes that society will soon return to normal. Not only is he looking forward to shaking hands, sitting in restaurants, but also to the re-establishment of a personal approach in boutiques with elegant fashion.

A colleague as an inspiration

Ruden currently offers wedding dresses in her boutique, too. People used to be able to see them at her shows, but now Natali has decided to make the dresses available for rent.

"I was inspired to do so by my long-term assistant Dominika, who now runs her own business, but we continue to work together occasionally. She is getting married and gave me this idea, so I hope that customers will like it."

Besides the transition to the virtual world, Natali additionally offers very functional and at the same time beautiful face masks in the boutique, which are made by her friend in Australia. This has inspired her to design her own collection, which the ladies can expect soon after the New Year.

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