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The 6th Czech-Slovak Ball is behind us. How did the rich and famous manage the dress code?

Fashion at the Czech-Slovak ball: Verešová and Švantnerová: most dazzling guests

Martina Šmalclová
17.Feb 2019
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Nikol Švantnerová, Andrea Verešová

Beauty under one roof

It has been a long time since so much beauty could be seen under one roof. When viewing the outfits of the famous, you can see that no one underestimated preparations for the Czech-Slovak Ball. Well not absolutely everyone….

Fashion upstream critiqued the outfits of Nikol Švantnerová, Andrea Verešová, Monika Leová, Karolína Mališová, Gabriela Lašková, the Nízl sisters, Inna Puhajková, Monika Bagárová, Celeste Buckingham, Lucie Gelemová and Lilia Khousnoutdinová.

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Martina Šmalclová
fashion editor
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Ornella Koktová
Móda proti proudu

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Martina Šmalclová

Diva Švantnerová put her money on scarlet

This model wore a beautiful Poner corset dress made from silk dupion with a lining made from layered tulle, which made her look like a real diva. But we have one small criticism: the fuchsia clutch just doesn’t go with the red colour of the dress.

The golden hands of designer Pištějová dressed Verešová and Mališová

Slovak designer Jana Pištějová dressed representatives of both Slovakia and the Czech Republic for the ball. Andrea Verešová and Karolína Mališová both presented her divine gowns.

Even though both gowns seem different at first glance, they still have many elements in common. The long sleeves, sequins, impressive dazzle and deluxe flair made sure that both these ladies were among the best dressed of the evening!

Leová and Lašková visited Kovaříková

Monika Leová and Gabriela Lašková both visited Taťána Kovaříková’s boutique and this decision was certainly the right one!

Monika appeared as a real femme fatal in a black gown with dropped shoulders and an outrageously high split. On the contrary, Gabriela took a gamble on a delicate fairy look and wore a delicate corset gown in gold and cream.

The Nízl sisters in balance

Slovak twins Daniela and Veronika Nízl appeared like Yin and Yang at the Czech-Slovak Ball. They wore gowns by Tarik Ediz in an identical style but in different colours. The gowns lost some of their deluxe hallmark as a result of the nude fabric in the neckline, which it is difficult to avoid similarly designed gowns. But a first-class designer should be able to manage this!

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice, Praha 10

Nude presented by Bagárová and Puhajková: Certainly not boring!

Monika Bagárová wore a deluxe gown from the Poner workshop. What makes it unique? The top and one leg are made from crystal Preciosa netting, while the rest of the model was made from soft silk. We praise the shoes and the absence of jewellery – there really is no need for it in such cases.

Inna Puhajková wore a beautiful dress by Sandra Mark. However, overflowing deep necklines look cheaper than they deserve in combination with similar materials.  

An uncertain impression by Celeste Buckingham

She wore a long black gown, which is usually certain to be a success. But in the case of Celeste Buckingham there is one big BUT. The design of the gown doesn’t suit her at all and the same goes for the chosen jewellery. We are only a step away from calling this outfit a “mistake”.

Twice NO for Gelemová and Khousnoutdinová

Controversial Czech show-business couples – Felix Slováček and Lucie Gelemová and Karel Janeček and Lilia Khousnoutdinová - could also be seen at the Czech-Slovak Ball. However, neither of these ladies will be pleased with out opinion of their gowns.

We cannot say that there is anything truly wrong with the sugary gown worn by Lucie Gelemová, but it is certainly no fashion prize. Like Nikol Švantnerová, Lilia Khousnoutdinová wore red, but the resulting effect is completely different. The dress with a highly decorated corset from the workshop of Blanka Matragi seemed too exotic for the prestigious Czech-Slovak Ball.

Martina Šmalclová

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Ornella Koktová

Ball music could be heard at full volume once again at Obecný Dům. Guests were treated to folk music, then a classic waltz and finally some Czech discotheque music. I appreciated the fact that the organisers stated that they would not let guests who did not adhere to the dress-code into the ball and that their ticket would automatically expire.

Andrea Verešová – Granny of the evening

This year Andrea reminded me of “Rock and Roll Granny” Tina Turner. Still fresh and limber, but 100 years in show business….When I saw Andrea in her ash green gown with long-sleeves by designer Jana Pištějová I thought she looked drowned by the dress. She certainly could have afforded a more imaginative dress than this beautiful but ultra-boring gown. And this was made absolutely clear when Andrea was photographed next to Nikol Švantnerová: as if the queen of the runway was handing over her sceptre to younger blood!

Dress: 72 % Make-up and hair: 80 %

Nikol Švantnerová – Red queen

Nikol surprised me with her choice of gown from the Poner workshop. Despite the fact that this is a fashion element repeated hundreds of times over the last century, it still has magic. The design of the gown suits her to a “T” and was essentially perfect in combination with the delicate and tasteful jewellery. The only negative element I can see is the crushed skirt, train and purple clutch - I would choose a more subtle shade. But all in all it was still the best model of the evening!

Dress: 86 % Make-up and hair: 90 %

Gabriela Lašková – A champagne glow

Gabriela most definitely wore the most dazzling model of the evening. Her beautiful gown by Taťána Kovaříková was not only tasteful and elegant, but also transformed her into a dazzling star. Her outfit was perfectly coordinated, from her clutch to her delicate stud earrings. Finally we can see an example of the fact that when you wear a heavily embellished gown, you don’t have to add another million accessories. Bravo!

Dress: 84 % Make-up and hair: 89 %

Lilia Khousnoutdinová – Parrot woman

Always exotic, entertaining and imaginative - that is how I would summarise Lilia, partner of well-known lady’s-man Karel Janeček. And to tell you the truth I am not surprised. It is probably not easy to attract the attention of such a man and then to retain it. This may be why she chose a varicoloured gown by Blanka Matragi. Unfortunately I think that the design and colours transformed Lilia into a macaw parrot, like the ones we can normally see at holiday resorts. So this outfit is unfortunately a big mistake.

Dress: 40 % Make-up and hair: 50 %

Inna Puhajková – Provocative

Who wore the sexiest dress to the ball? Definitely Inna Puhajková! Her dress by Sandra Mark is beautiful. It has a perfect design and the colours are also very pleasing. However, I consider this dress to be more a style for a party at the festival in Karlovy Vary in summer on the colonnade, rather then for a gala ball in the middle of February. So next time Inna should also take the season into consideration.

Dress: 77 % Make-up and hair: 45 % (that hair-colour doesn’t suit her at all)

Monika Bagárová – Experimentation

I really like the fact that Monika is not afraid of new (or completely unusual) things. This time we could see her in a dazzling jumpsuit á la Beyoncé costume, which was artfully covered with a beige skirt made from crepe silk – Poner. It was OK as a costume for the stage, but not very good as a ball gown. From some angles the skirt made slim Monika look like a heavy matron and the gown also lacked the hallmark of luxury.

Dress: 55 % Make-up and hair: 90 %

Ornella Koktová
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