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Who was shrouded in luxury from head to toe and who went for simple elegance? Fashion against the mainstream evaluates the most prestigious movie event of the year.

Fashion from the Czech Lion Awards: We made our clothes ourselves, joked Jiří Macháček

Martina Šmalclová
24.Mar 2019
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Black Tie through the eyes of stars

The invitations read Black Tie. For ladies that means a long evening gown, for men a tuxedo or a suit. How did the stars of the evening - Boková sisters, Jiří Macháček with his wife, Tatiana Vilhelmová with Vojtěch Dyk, Jitka Schneiderová, Jana Plodková, Zuzana Stivínová, Erika Stárková, Martha Issová with David Ondříček, Tereza Voříšková and Simona Rybáková, tackle the assignment this time?

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Martina Šmalclová
fashion editor
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Ornella Koktová
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Názor PROTI PROUDU: Martina Šmalclová

Beautiful Boková sisters

Boková sisters were among the brightest shining stars of the evening. Even though Jenovéfa went for brilliant red, she definitely didn't blend in with the carpet. A gold clutch and a massive ring gave her outfit a stamp of luxury. Her sister Kristýna, on the other hand, dressed in dark green, complemented by Gismondi jewelry from the Essenza collection with diamonds and emeralds. Beautiful!

Their own designers: Vanda Janda and Jiří Macháček

"We made these clothes ourselves," joked Jiří Macháček when asked about the creator of the design of his suit and his wife's dress. The couple looked really lovely this time; a combination of black, white and blue was the perfect choice.

By contrast, the Slovak designer Vanda Janda actually showed up in her own creation for real, and a rather ostentatious one at that! Was she perhaps inspired by the elite Italian designer Giambattista Valli? The resemblance is astounding. That doesn't, however, change the fact that Vanda would definitely stand out in a piece this opulent even on a red carpet abroad.

The most beautiful couple of the night? Vilhelmová with Dyk

Tatiana Vilhelmová and Vojtěch Dyk arrived at the Czech Lion Awards just before the opening ceremony. While Tatiana had gotten herself a luxurious dress with a train from the designer Gábina Páralová, Vojta picked up a chic tuxedo at a rental store on Anglická Street. If we are to choose the most beautiful and stylish couple of the night, the choice is clear!

Minimalistic Schneiderová and Stárková

A beautiful minimalistic Victoria Beckham dress and a Bulgari clutch ensured that Jitka once again belonged to the best dressed stars that night. If Jitka ever became disinterested in acting, she could definitely find employment in the fashion industry - she proves she has a great fashion sense time and time again.

Erika Stárková, whom everybody knows as Dáša (Pavel) from the popular series Most, bet on simple elegance, much like Jitka. For her black dress with a plunge neckline she went to LEEDA Fashion Store, and definitely didn't embarrass herself on the red carpet either.

Prodej luxusního bytu 2+kk, 98 m2 s terasou
Prodej luxusního bytu 2+kk, 98 m2 s terasou, Praha 4

Voříšková and Issová in soft colors

Beautiful Tereza Voříšková arrived at the event in a monochromatic outfit. A shiny brick red dress, shoes of the same color and lipstick to go with it. The help of Filip Vaňek, in whose hands Tereza had entrusted herself, definitely paid off.

Martha Issová arrived at the award ceremony in a model by Czech designers, and we are very delighted by that. The green and white dress by Chatty is nicely atypical. We must criticize her footwear though, because a pair of strap pumps would go with the model much better. Comfort is comfort though!

Did Plodková and Stivínová's gamble on Vivienne Westwood work out?

What connects both of these actresses? They donned pieces by the peculiar designer Vivienne Westwood. Jana Plodková covered herself in gold from head to toe. Even though she might have made better clothing choices before, this time it wasn't exactly a misstep either.

The charming Zuzana Stivínová completed her assymetrical blue model with luxurious Cartier jewelry. Even though she looked great, her outfit seemed a little forgettable among the others, which is a pity.

Thematic Simona Rybáková

The wardrobe stylist of the film The Golden Betrayal arrived at Czech Lion thematically attired. Even though it makes her compliance with dresscode a little bit debatable, we applaud Simona Rybáková for her courage and sense of humor.

Martina Šmalclová

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Ornella Koktová

The 26th year of Czech Lion really didn't disappoint when it comes to fashion. The ladies are becoming more careful with their choices each year, and often know where to look. Even here you can see who took advice from professionals...

Jenovéfa Boková – The Red Queen

The best acress in a leading role award goes to a really young actress again after a long time, and I'm really happy about that! On top of that, her choice of dress for the Czech Lion really worked out. The provocative red in a really simple cut was the perfect choice!

Dress: 90 % Make-up and hair: 84 %

Vanda Janda - Barbie Girl

When I was a little girl, I loved Barbie. And one of her dresses looked exactly like the one that fashion designer Vanda Janda wore. And my overall impression? When you want to impress potential customers as a designer no matter what, show up to a gala event in a dress suitable for toys... A definite NO from me. It's a cheap-looking mess with a bad aftertaste of pushing it too hard.

Dress: 30 % Make-up and hair: 89 %

Tatiana Vilhelmová - The surprise of the night

Tatiana pleasantly surprised me with her choice, because I don't think she's ever impressed me once in the past. A pure white dress decorated with delicate flowers by Gábina Páralová was as if welcoming spring, bringing good mood and enthusiasm to everybody. A really refreshing choice among the barrage of missteps by Viviene Westwood. Who'd have thought, right?

Dress: 88 % Make-up and hair: 85 %

Jana Plodková - The lapse of the night

When I look at Jana and each element of her outfit separately, I see nothing wrong. Everything by Vivienne Westwood, monochromatic, everything goes together and the size fits the actress well. However, on a petite blonde with pale skin and a hairstyle emphasizing her giant forehead it isn't exactly great. Jana literally strikes me as some sort of an undead ghoul. It's a real pity, because with her lovely figure and her charm, she could have chosen so many different gowns that would have elevated her to the heights of Mount Olympus!

Dress: 25 % Make-up and hair: 30 %

Zuzana Stivínová - Disco is still alive!

And here we have another piece of insanity by Vivienne Westwood. Dear readers, this is where you can clearly see that sometimes, not even a famous designer's name will make a dress look good. Awful color, a boring floral motive, and what the hell are those silver shoes? However, the worst of all is the make-up! For the love of God, whoever does stars' make-up like this for a gala should put their make-up brushes away for good!

Dress: 15 % Make-up and hair: 0 %

Ornella Koktová
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