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Deep seas are alive by beautiful iridescent creatures. These stunning luminescent beings include for example jellyfish, which put on a luxury play under water at an “open air” theatre!

Fascinating Luminescent Jellyfish Put on a Hypnotising Submarine Play

Eva Ledecká
20.Oct 2018
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Under the surface of the seas and oceans rules absolute darkness. Perhaps we would be surprised at how colourful and vibrant life is led here by submarine creatures, accompanied by light they carry with them. Set off with us to these depths and discover the incredible beauty of this life.

There are many kinds of jellyfish in different parts of the world but only some species are capable of emitting light. They radiate thanks to fluorescent protein, photoprotein and other substances. Using the luxury light that comes from their otherwise transparent bodies they can create hypnotically beautiful underwater scenes.

Luxurious drama with sci-fi elements is presented by UFO Jelly

It looks like an Alien, a visitor from another world. The magically beautiful stinging jellyfish from the genus Crossota was first discovered only two years ago in the vicinity of the Mariana Trench at a depth of 3.7 kilometres. It is dubbed UFO Jelly. Behind the research stands the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). Marine biologists believe it is a jellyfish predator, waiting immobile for its prey which it then grips by its tentacles and won´t let go. Luxurious drama in live broadcast!

The luxurious ballet of crystal jellyfish will touch your heartstrings

In the waters of the west coast of North America there lives crystal jellyfish, which is completely transparent. It can have up to 150 fine tentacles which hem its glass-like bell-shaped body. It is amazingly beautiful at day light, but only in absolute darkness under the sea it put on its diligently rehearsed ballet performance. The crystalline luminescent jelly, of which its body constitutes is set by many glowing points around the umbrella. Its great beauty cannot compare with anything and seeing this miracle of nature must be a powerful experience of a lifetime.

In our gallery we are bringing you a view of the beautiful water creatures, hidden from our eyes in the depths of seas and oceans.

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