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A Christmas dream

Fancy a cup of mulled wine in an igloo? The Manifesto Christmas in Prague has turned out great!

Karolína Lišková
21.Nov 2019
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The people of Prague have already gotten used to the unique market at Florence. In summer, however, another Manifesto market opened in Smíchov, and because it can only stay there until the New Year‘s Eve, the organizers did their very best to make this Christmas market outstanding. And they succeeded. The atmosphere is beautiful there and ubiquitous mushroom-shaped heaters as well as a couple of igloos keep the cold away. Watch the video below to see the opening of the Christmas market!

Iglú je zábava.
Rozsvěcování ministromečků.
Manifesto na Smíchově končí.

Igloos, mulled wine or hot cocktail in a mug and charming décor. The Manifesto Market at Smíchov and Florence started the countdown to Christmas. Both markets have been transformed to provide comfort in all weather conditions – the indoor seating capacity has increased thanks to canvas roofs, warmth rises from the heaters, and you can book a seat in one of the translucent igloos.

Both markets lit up with Christmas lights on Wednesday, November 20, accompanied by a delightful musical performance by Juwan Jenkins. Christmas trees from the Highlands, strings of lights and the smell of traditional yet novel food and drinks aren‘t amiss. At Smíchov, the igloos are surrounded by symbolic gigantic gift boxes with red ribbons.

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Iglú si lze zarezervovat.
Iglú si lze zarezervovat. Source: Manifesto

Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

Last chance

The Smíchov Manifesto was built for a definite period of time, therefore you can visit it for the last time on 1 January. Afterwards, this pop-up market, whose architectural qualities have been described in detail by the world's most renowned Dezeen portal, will be looking for a new place.

"We want to stay in Prague 5, though, we like it here,"

smiles the founder of Manifesto, Martin Barry, who is duly proud of his project, because his main idea – creating a meeting spot for friends - has been fulfilled.

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Vánoční Manifesto na Florenci zažívá už druhou zimu.
Vánoční Manifesto na Florenci zažívá už druhou zimu. Source: Manifesto

Lighting the tree

At Smíchov, they did an interesting take on the lighting of the tree. Instead of a bringing in a giant tree, the organizers decided to cheer the visitors up with a sweet treat. They decorated cupcakes with a green icing, so that they resembled Christmas trees, put a sparkler in their middle and voilá – a lot of tiny Christmas trees lit up, to be snacked on by everyone present.


The heated domes or igloos can be shared with other guests or booked only for your group through the GoOut portal. Some are even provide increased comfort and a bottle of champagne. Blankets are available outside.

Once a week, the market hosts a concert with live music and DJs. You can also look forward to a winter cinema with a screening of the Christmas hit Love Actually.

Among the attractions are several new establishments, such as the restaurant Le Petit Bouillon owned by French chef Alexis Manach. The Indian Nebu likes to venture into surprisingly delicious fusions with Mediterranean cuisine, and nothing resembles Asian streetfood as much as the smoke and steam rising during the preparation of yakitori - Japanese meat skewers from Chu Yakitori.

The famous Pho Bar will also offer classic pho and shredded meat from Dirty Dog Barbeque. PokeHouse will change both its menu and name to ChrroHaus and prepare churros as well as hot chocolate.

There‘s plenty to look forward to, but don‘t forget that public holidays are sacred – the market is closed from 23.12. to 25.12. After that, it remains open until 1.1.2020.

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Source: Manifesto

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