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Christmas is allegedly a time of tranquillity, peace and comfort. But even Christmas can acquire a bitter taste. This particularly applies when your comfort is disrupted by BREAKING UP with your partner! We interviewed famous faces and found out who has experienced a similar disaster in their lives.

Famous people and break-ups: Men who break-up with a girl at Christmas are scum!

Martina Šmalclová
18.Dec 2018
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Who was abandoned at Christmas?

Hana Vagnerová, Yvetta Blanarovičová, Kateřina Průšová, Václav Kuneš, Marek Raditsch and his wife Tereza, Kateřina Klausová, Tereza Budková, Nikol Švantnerová and Lada Nosková all described their experience to us. Who would break-up with someone so they wouldn’t have to buy presents, who would rather leave this awkward issue for summer and which Czech beauty actually got the axe from her partner before Christmas? You will find out this and more in the following video! 

Kateřině Klausová and Nikol Švantnerová both experienced a break-up

Kateřina Klausová heard the words break-up before Christmas, and Nikol Švantnerova immediately after the holidays. According to Nikol it doesn’t matter when you get the axe, because it always hurts the same. The others had a little more luck and their exes chose a more appropriate occasion to break up with them.

But what would it be like if the celebrities themselves wanted to break-up during the Christmas period?

Yvetta Blanarovičová and Kateřina Průšová have a similar viewpoint of this issue. Kateřina believes that men who break-up with their partner at Christmas are scum and says that she would never do something like that.

“I would never break-up with someone at Christmas, I am a person with integrity and I would certainly never do that” Kateřina Průšová

“I think I would leave it for after Christmas. Things should certainly be done elegantly and with sensitivity towards the person being broken up with.” Yvetta Blanarovičová

Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m
Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m, Praha 5

But what about Lada Nosková? On the contrary the nutritional therapist wouldn’t wait for anything!

“I think that if I wanted to do this then it doesn’t matter whether it’s at Christmas, the holidays or Easter, I would just do it.”

We agree with Nikol Švantnerová that breaking-up hurts at any time, but, like Hana Vagnerová, we believe that it is better to avoid such a disaster during the Christmas period.

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