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From the street to the top.

Famous homeless people: Steve Jobs or James Bond. Who else lived on the street?

Martina Šmalclová
30.Aug 2020
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Halle Berry v červených šatech

Although today they have fabulous sums in their accounts, this has not always been the case. Even a star like Steve Jobs felt a state of emergency in his lifetime... We present to you seven celebrities who have spent a part of their lives without a roof over their heads and counting pennies.

Steve Jobs: returning Coca-Cola bottles and walking miles for food

In his youth, Steve Jobs had a really tough time. During his studies at Stanford University, he didn't have a room in his dorm room, so he slept on the floor at friends’ apartments. He collected bottles of Coca-Cola with a refundable deposit of 5 cents to buy food. Every Sunday evening he also walked a route 11 km long to get free food from Hare Krishna.

Daniel Craig: his bed were benches in the park

The last James Bond did not have a bed of roses. Before Daniel Craig succeeded in making it big in the film, he slept on benches in London parks every now and then.

Halle Berry: homeless shelter was her refuge

Glamorous African-American Halle Berry moved to Chicago at the age of 21. Shortly after, she ran out of money and before she managed to start a stellar career, she slept in shelters for the homeless. She herself considers this part of her life beneficial.

"It taught me how to take care of myself and realize that I can survive any situation.“

Hilary Swank: life in a car

When actress Hilary Swank was 15, she and her mother left their home in Bellingham, Washington, and headed to California together... with $75 in their pockets! A few weeks after their arrival, they were living in a car.

Kelly Clarkson showered at a gym

Even singer Kelly Clarkson had to figure out where to put her head down. Before she won the popular show American Idol, she didn’t exactly have millions in the bank account, and so when due to a technical fault Hollywood apartment burnt down to ashes, she spent the night in the car or shelters for the homeless and she would shower at the fitness center.

Carmen Electra: homeless woman in Versace heels

Even playmate Carmen Electra was homeless in her twenties. How did this happen? When she finished her performance as one of the dancers hired by the singer Prince, she found out that her ex stole all her savings. So Carmen found herself without a cent overnight.

"I remember sitting on a park bench. I cried because I found myself without resources. I was sitting there with a pocket knife, pager, spare change in my pocket and a really nice pair of heels... Versace heels, because I had a few pieces of really wonderful clothes.“

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Steve Jobs
Steve JobsSource: Profimedia

Jim Carrey spent nights in a tent and caravan

Actor Jim Carrey knew as a child what it was like to have empty pockets. His family struggled with financial problems and lived in a caravan, which was parked at various locations across Canada. They eventually lived in a tent they had built on his older sister's property and left the caravan in the driveway. Jim Carrey himself said that during these difficult times he built his sense of humor.

These celebrities saw for themselves that what doesn't kill them makes them stronger ,,and they did later make it to the top!

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