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The luxury yacht Main defines the designer Georgio Armani, with its simplicity, elegance, and comfort.

The famous Giorgio Armani is enjoying his self-designed yacht Main

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02.Mar 2019
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Giorgio Armani with his yacht Main

The superyacht was built in Codecasa, and it is one of the biggest yachts that were built in Italy. Its length is 65 meters, and it was handed to its owner in the year 2008. The main materials used in its production were aluminium and steel. The yacht is characterized by a dark green colour blending at the bottom with the sea. The estimated value of the yacht is deemed to be an incredible 8.2 billion USD!

An admirable work of art of the master. What was his deep-seated wish?

Although it might not seem that way, Giorgio Armani likes to be a little isolated. He likes to spend most of his time on Pantelleria, a small volcanic island which lies a small distance away from the coast of Sicily. The luxury yacht Main symbolizes home and a bastion for him.

‚It‘s my work of art. I designed it entirely, from the hull to the interiors, putting in everything I consider important at sea and, at the same time, introducing a concept of the home. And so I designed not only things like the sunbathing and dining areas, but also the parts where people really live.”

What will the yacht amaze you with?

There are blinds, that are special due to their colour and size. They follow the entire length of the ship, and give the impression that there are no walls. Armani designed them from alder wood. Another key element is simplicity, which is his hallmark.

Pronájem luxusního bytu 2+kk na Starém Městě
Pronájem luxusního bytu 2+kk na Starém Městě, Praha 1

‚I took inspiration mainly from naval ships, which looked very practical‘ says Armani.

All the ceiling on the luxury yacht are varnished in the colour metallic grey, and the remaining surfaces in dark green. The bathrooms are refined by marble. You will find a cinema, a spa pool, a dining room, a bar area, a terrace, an inside fitness, a living room including an electric fireplace and six great cabins for guests. Most of the furniture comes from the division company Armani Casa.

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