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Born in a small Slovak village of Malacky, by heart he was Southern Moravian, eventually winning the highest British industry honours of Master of Architecture.

The Famous Brno Villa Stiassni by architect Wiesner also Served Castro

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11.Mar 2019
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Villa Stiassni in Brno

His most striking work was created in the interwar period and was significantly influenced by A. Loos. Similarly to him, he saw the beauty of clean and efficient lines. He admired the strength of geometric shapes and his way of expression was classicist harmony and monumentality. His buildings are notably luxurious, yet they are constructed in the spirit of purist simplicity, without ornamental decorations.

Significant personality of Brno architectural scene

Brno boasts several of his architectural masterpieces. The most famous is the exemplary, luxury villa Stiassny, which was commissioned by Alfred Stiassni from Wiesner in 1927. During the occupation it was confiscated by the Gestapo; after the war it remained in the property of the state, inter alia also providing accommodation to Cuban President Fidel Castro. Now it is serves as Brno government residential villa and is as notable as the Tugendhat Villa.

Other Wiesner´s Brno works include villa of Haas´ family, Münze´s Villa, Vila Neumark, Stein´s family residence, villa block of apartments of Wilhelm Gutmann, Palace Moravia, Brno crematory or family semi-detached house in the New House (Nový dům) colony.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice, Praha 10

Life of this famous architectural star

Ernst Wiesner was born on 21. 1. 1890 and died at 81 years of age in Liverpool. He left behind a great deal of work; not only designs and carried out constructions, projects or teaching activities, but also a demonstration of patience and enthusiasm for the work he loved. His works are of lasting value and even though he was forced due to his Jewish origin to emigrate to England, he has never forgotten his roots.

He also left his architectural impression abroad. In England it is for example a school complex of St. Nicholas in the neighbourhood of the Liverpool cathedral; according to his plans, buildings were also constructed in Poland, Croatia or Austria. 

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