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Famous women who break the myths about aging.

Famous 50-somethings who prove age is only a number!

Šárka Peková
23.Jan 2021
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3 minutes
Lucie Bílá

It's generally said that men mature like wine and women age. This rule definitely doesn't apply to these famous women, who certainly do not lose their appeal with increasing age. Some don't seem to age and at fifty they look better than ever. Which Czech and foreign women from show business are we talking about?

Jennifer Aniston (51): Genes are to blame

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Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer AnistonSource:

American actress Jennifer Aniston, unforgettable as Rachel from Friends, beams in all directions and doesn’t seem to change at all with increasing age. Her tip against aging is quite simple - water, sleep and sun-lotion. The actress herself admits that she has good genes. Her grandma, who died at 95, reportedly had almost no wrinkles at her age. One of Jennifer´s advantages is her naturally beautiful and healthy hair. No wonder many experts consider her a symbol of natural beauty.

Jennifer Lopez (51): Plenty of olive oil and no coffee.

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Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer LopezSource:

American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, known as JLo, believes that beauty has no expiration date. According to her, a person can be beautiful at any age and no botox is needed - Jennifer herself still denies having had any.. At the same time she doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink alcohol and coffee. She also doesn't go to tanning salons and exercises every morning, to which she owes her perfect curves. And what is the secret of her unaging skin? Olive oil! Last year she created her own brand JLo beauty, which offers cosmetic care (including anti-age products) as well as decorative cosmetics. In addition, she has several perfumes to her credit.

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 1
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 1, Praha 1

Julia Roberts (53): I say NO to cosmetic surgery

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Julia Roberts
Julia RobertsSource:

Popular actress Julia Roberts, famous for her smile, doesn’t seem to age either. The famous Pretty Woman has always been rejecting cosmetic surgery and, on the contrary, she bets on a healthy lifestyle, harmony and balance. She never goes to bed with her make-up on and uses moisturizing creams and oils. And what's her recipe for a perfect figure? Regular exercise and a protein diet. Among other things, she practices yoga 4 times a week, and this reflects on her body, but also on her whole mental harmony.

Kristin Davis (55): To bed before 11 PM

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Kristin Davis
Kristin DavisSource:

The protagonist of Charlotte from the succesful series Sex in the City, Kristin Davis, looks 20 years younger and according to her the most important thing is that a woman has to love herself as she is. At the same time, she doesn’t visit tanning salons, never goes to sleep later than 11 PM and doesn’t smoke. For her perfect figure, she has a speciality - a mexican soup, which is easy to make and low caloric. We are curious how great Kristin will look in the new ten episodes.


Sandra Bullock (56): Hemorrhoid cream

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Sandra Bullock
Sandra BullockSource:

Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock looks really great for her age and is proof that your skin doesn’t need to be full of wrinkles even after the age of fifty. The well-known Miss Congeniality fights with wrinkles in a really untraditional way - with a cream against hemorrhoids, which she applies mainly around her eyes. And what are her tricks for a perfect figure? Green smoothie and exercise 5 times a week. Last but not least, the Oscar holder and owner of producers company Fortis Films is a happy mom of two too.

Mahulena Bočanová (53): She treats her mane with mesotherapy

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Mahulena Bočanová
Mahulena BočanováSource:

In her fifties, actress Mahulena Bočanová can be proud not only of her perfect feminine figure, but also of a stunning visage. The protagonist of Darina in the series Ordinace v růžové zahradě 2 is really very busy and in addition, she takes care of her daughter Márinka. Therefore, she goes for procedures that brighten her tired skin while keeping its natural look. Plastic surgery is something she avoids. Mahulena boasts with the beautiful thick mane of black hair that she pampers with the help of hair mesotherapy, which nourishes the hair with the necessary substances.

Lucie Bílá (54): Happiness and love as elixir of young

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Lucie Bílá
Lucie BíláSource: Archiv Lucie Bílé

The popular singer Lucie Bílá shines next to her partner Radek Filipi like never before and love and happiness are evidently the biggest elixir of youth for her. The Golden Nightingale admits that she has not been drinking alcohol for several years because her partner is an abstinent and prefers clean water. The long-term face of the aesthetic clinic Yes Visage is not against rejuvenation with organic hyaluronic acid, but at the same time she rejects aesthetic intervention.

Yvetta Blanarovičová (57): Massages and lemon face masks

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Yvetta Blanarovičová
Yvetta BlanarovičováSource: Archiv Yvetty Blanarovičové

Well-known actress Yvetta Blanarovičová is trying to keep her image of a naturally beautiful woman at all costs, even though some experts have different opinions, especially on her lush cleavage. The only improvement that the protagonist of the deceased Zdena Čistá from the neverending series Ulice openly admits is volumized hair. Among other things, Yvetta maintains her figure through regular exercise with a fitness trainer and indulges her skin with massages and lemon face masks.

Which of the 50-something ladies we’ve mentioned do you think has the biggest flair?

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