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Even in this age of internet and audio-visual technologies, a book is an irreplaceable medium. It retains its artistic values across centuries, bears aesthetic standards and provides unforgettable experiences from reading. Books have accompanied people since time remembered, and people will hopefully continue to realise their irreplaceable position.

Family Bible: Valuable investment for the future

Mgr. Jana Höger
09.Sep 2016
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One book, which is “immortal” and offers values, experiences and stories all in one, is the Bible. It is undeniable one of the most read books in the world.

A book that never dies

The Bible is the most translated and published book in the world. Gutenberg's first edition of 1452 was the first printed book in the West. The first Czech translation of the entire Bible was compiled around 1360. Inspired by the idea that family is untouchable, the Euromedia publishing house came up with the idea of a Family Bible. The Family Bible is exceptional in every regard. It is a rare publication, based on the traditional of the “beautiful book” and in contrast with the mechanised procedures of modern book production, it returns to the original bookbinding craft. Each of the 500 books issued is hand sewn and bound in leather decorated with embossing, relief printing, metal features and is a work of art in its own right.

Family luxury

The book was issued simultaneously in German, Czech and Slovak versions. Its concept and choice of illuminations from preserved historical manuscripts was handled by the German publishing house Müller und Schindler which specialises in facsimile and rare prints. Experts had in particular to devote a lot of time to selection and procurement of illustrations, as the book contains illuminations, miniatures and initials from 154 different manuscripts from more than forty libraries, museums and private collections. Probably the oldest illustrations in the book come from the so-called Bible of San Paolo dating back to 875.

With a view to the fact that this is a rare print using the finest of materials, it was also necessary to plan and check production very carefully, from drafting of the graphic design, setting and printing, right through to binding of the books by hand. Work on preparation of the book lasted almost a year.

Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m
Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m, Praha 8

For an entire generation

The magnificence and exclusivity of this edition of the Family Bible is enhanced not only by the above-mentioned attributes, but it is also worth mentioning the gold edging work, which is stamped using technology which only one book binder in the world holds a patent for – the German book binding workshop of Richard Mayer in Esslingen. The proud owner will receive their book in a luxury gift box with gold embossing and I would venture to say that they will not let this unusual and unique book out of their hands from then on.

This edition is also a unique and unprecedented opportunity not only for experts and collectors, but also for those who like investing into art or who are looking for a luxury gift.

The Family Bible has been available since 16 June 2016 and costs just under CZK 50,000.00. For the sake of comparison, the most expensive Bible to date was Bible with Dalí paintings . This is a limited edition collector’s item and its price was set at CZK 76,000.00.

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