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Doctors expect a wave of "coronavirus" children

FAIR AND SQUARE: Will the quarantine cause a baby boom or an increase in divorce rates?

Anděla Vostrá
08.Apr 2020
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Generace COVID-19.

Quarantine has changed our lives. For some of us, these changes have been immense. Take me as an example. Being locked up in my apartment pretty much 24/7, because my employer allows me to work from home, is a whole new experience. Not only do I learn to know myself, but also my partner. We keep thinking of ways how to kill time in the space of our home, since we can't even go to the cinema, restaurant or sauna. And we've found out that there are two things that can keep us entertained - sex and quarrels.

Díky karanténě vyjdou na povrch rozdílnosti.

Yep. That's right. I've always wondered what it would be like to be locked up in a villa with a group of strangers like it the reality show Big Brother or VyVolení. Now I know. It's impossible to get away from the person who's locked up with you. And they can't get away from you either.

Whether I want him to or not, he's always around. I can always see, hear and sense him. Our moral standards have deteriorated; farting used to be taboo, today it's a reason to laugh. Or cry, in my case.

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

On the one hand, it's great, we've never enjoyed so much intimacy before as we have now during the time of government measures; on the other hand, we're often just a step away from a break up. And we're not alone. All my friends are in the same situation.

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Máte taky někdy chuť v posledních dnech partnera zmlátit?
Máte taky někdy chuť v posledních dnech partnera zmlátit?Source: Pixabay

Are we going to lose the illusions of our perfection?

It is therefore no wonder that obstetricians expect a huge babyboom in nine to ten months. Babies born in December 2020 or January and February 2021 have already earned the name "coronavirus children". I'm toying with this idea myself. After all, we wanted to start working on the baby in the nearby future anyway...

On the other hand, I sometimes ask myself: do I actually want to be with this person? The isolation revealed to me a lot of his character flaws, which I'd had no idea about, and now I really don't know if I can and want to live with him at all. I wonder how he feels about me, but I'm kind of afraid to ask, because I could find out a lot of nasty things about myself in turn, and that could ruin my idea of ​​my own perfection. It's no coincidence that I sometimes call myself "We". I'm simply a queen. And not even the coronavirus can change that.

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Některé karanténa sblíží.
Některé karanténa sblíží. Source: Pixabay

Single life will remain single

I feel sincerely sorry for single people; while Tinder and other platforms are seeing an increase in activity due to everyone being stuck at home watching TV, unfortunately, you can't meet up with the chosen individual. Or... you could, but who'd be willing to risk contracting gonorrhea with the coronavirus as a bonus?

When the outbreak began in China, where even more brutal rules were introduced, divorce lawyers saw a huge increase in applications for divorce. Over here, only the psychologists who've begun seeing people online and the White Circle of Security are beating the alarm, because the victims of domestic violence are in a much more difficult situation than before.

One of my friends is a lawyer, and when I asked him about this issue, he told me that just like hairdressers or masseurs won't be able to catch a break once the restrictions have been lifted, they're also looking forward to lining their pockets. And he killed me by saying that the first divorce he was going too see through would be his own one.

I don't want to be a nitpicker, but his relationship was going downhill fast already before the quarantine, so he can actually be glad that isolation helped accelerate the inevitable reality.

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Mnoho párů skončí u rozvodového právníka.
Mnoho párů skončí u rozvodového právníka. Source: Pixabay

In conclusion - thanks to or due to quarantine, many things will happen in the lives of many people. Some will gain weight, some will become wiser, some will get pregnant and some will get divorced. One way or another, we should try to look for the positive things.

None of us will be the same after the coronavirus. The pandemic will change us all, whether we realize it or not. I keep my fingers crossed for myself and you all, that we take away only the best from this isolation.

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