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or International Women's Day should be celebrated every month.

FAIR PLAY: When women rule, they do not only get flowers but also new BMWs

Karolína Lišková
08.Mar 2020
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Mezinárodní den žen a květiny patří dohromady.

International Women's Day or IWD is the holiday of all women on the planet. Men should bring their women a little thing or a flower, and in fact pay her homage. Everyone knows it but not everyone does it, but somehow, we Czechs celebrate this holiday in a way... The devil knows why. Nevertheless, I think a woman as such should be celebrated by men, if not every day then every month at least. Where would those dudes be without us?

Čokoládou nemůžete nikdy nikoho urazit, pokud obdarovaný není diabetik.
Za vším hledej ženu.
Karafiáty jsou u nás už raritou.
Když dostane ženská kytku, rozplývá se blahem.

It is not said in vain – there is a woman in every case. A woman is really behind everything that happens on this earth.


However, let us recall how and why this holiday actually originated. You certainly don't know that. The annual holiday, celebrated on March 8, is an internationally recognized holiday set by the United Nations as the anniversary of the New York seamstress strike that was taking place in 1908. Here in Czechia this holiday has been celebrated since 2004. We were just years behind the times, oh dear.

Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2
Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2, Okolí Prahy

In any case, women in New York just got mad that they didn't have the same rights as men. They wanted to vote. Women all over the world got involved and that started to be pretty scary for the boys in charge because they got hit by their wives at home by their rolling pin and had to do something about it, right.

A flower or a car

So this beautiful Sunday is commemorated as a day of international solidarity of women for equality, justice, peace and development. Thanks girls, because there is nothing more pleasant than when your husband, a friend, a lover or just a colleague from work brings you a flower. Although in the Czech Republic there were always given carnations, which are somehow related to communism... never mind. A flower will always please a woman.

However, my friend got this way a new BMW for IWD. And that is another joy. Sure, she got it mainly to keep her daughter in comfort and safety, but somehow the car keys look better than a bouquet... especially when there is a mega bow on that mega car...

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Taky pěkný dárek, že?
Taky pěkný dárek, že?Source: Facebook BMW

Well, this can't just happen to all women. Only some chosen ones. Maybe I'll be one of them one day, or maybe it will be you...

So, dear ladies, I wish you a happy festive day today, to get at least a flower from your beloved ones or some good snacks...

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