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Quarantine and face masks are a necessity

FAIR AND SQUARE: World War III broke out

Karolína Lišková
20.Mar 2020
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Wear masks and stay home.

It's hard to believe how fast this nasty germ called coronavirus or COVID-19 managed to turn our lives upside down. How fast it wrapped us around its finger. A few days ago, no one would have even dreamt what we, free people, would be forced to go through, and how quickly our hard-won freedom could disappear. We had no idea we would ever be so scared. Scared of something invisible to the naked eye, but capable of putting our very lives at stake.

At the beginning, it was no biggie. Just some kind of virus that mainly attacks old people. After all, more people die of ordinary influenza, and this is nothing but a bad flu. Many of these claims are no longer valid.

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Thorough personal hygiene is essential.
Thorough personal hygiene is essential.Source: Pixabay

Prodej bytu 2+kk (3+kk), Praha 3 Žižkov - 69m2
Prodej bytu 2+kk (3+kk), Praha 3 Žižkov - 69m2, Praha 3

Persecution for protection

Those who've raided grocery stores are happily sitting on their couch now, binging on snacks. Or, actually – if only they were sitting on their couch! Once the government closed the pubs and other places where we used to gather, people started throwing house parties or meeting outside at the windows through which wine bars and pubs sell takeways. Without face masks. Without protection. No sir, we won't let the government order us around!

If anyone chose to wear a face mask in a shop or anywhere else, he/she was regarded as fool, a total weirdo, a creep. There are stories going around on social networks about those responsible individuals almost getting lynched. How awful! When someone tries to be responsible and protect himself as well the people around him, he only gets bullied. I've heard that someone who was wearing a face mask in a shop was asked to show some solidarity and take it off, since nobody else had one. Seriously? If somebody did that to me, I'd totally chew them out.

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The whole world is gripped by fear of the virus.
The whole world is gripped by fear of the virus.Source: Pixabay

The worst thing is that the most vulnerable group of people, the elderly, aren't wearing face masks and they probably don't even own any. It feels like they're completely oblivious to the seriousness of the situation. A friend told me that her grandmother, who lives in Olomouc, organized a worship service for "only" forty people, when public events were already banned, thinking the virus couldn't possibly appear in her neighbourhood. Many people think that way... It's horrible. But talking old people out of their way of thinking is pretty challenging.


Boom - suddenly there are too many infected people, the government tightens the rules. Everyone has to wear a face mask. Despite there not being any on the market. The entire Czech Republic starts sewing. Not a single person owns a face mask or a respirator, although these aids have sold out at the end of January. Cities turn into ghost towns. The streets are completely empty. And if a random passerby appears, he's covered from head to toes. People begin to spin theories about when the pillaging and raping starts - I really hope it doesn't. There's enough of food and the shops are open.

But the government needs to control the misbehaved people. They're threatening with fines and I think they should be giving them left and right.

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Koronavirus moves the world.
Koronavirus moves the world.Source: Pixabay

Guys, we really need to stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus! And when we have to go out, we need to protect ourselves. I know it's horrible, unnatural, we're not used to it, but we have to endure it. The whole world has to endure it. You know, I love traveling and I don't want to be stuck here forever. But if we don't comply with the regulations, it will only take longer. So why don't we think about it and stay at home? I wish you all best of luck and strong nerves in isolation, and above all, good health. Think of it as a positive thing, you finally have time for all the cleaning, baking, cooking, home redesigning... and most importantly, you have time for your family, your loved ones. What would we do without them? Enjoy the time together. And love each other - I look forward to the increased birth rate, which will definitely occur in December and January...

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